Friday, April 6, 2012

We entered April!

Hello readers! We have finally entered April :D I've got a lot of stuff to write about, since i got few more games, and we got few more TLS members! But for now i will only announce winners of the give away!

  1. Mizerykordia
  2. D13th
  3. Mizerykordia
  4. emelgee
  5. xord
  6. Sjeng
  7. Alex
  8. Lucky the gamer
  9. codalafin

I'v sent the keys to them Mizerykordia and D13th :D Congratulations to you two!

But you other people, don't give up just yet! I'm gonna give away 2 more Faerie Solitaires!!!
So, the question is totally the same and i want you all to participate again :D What do you like about the blog and what should i change about it? :D good luck to everyone!


  1. Can I be in the draw for the Faerie Solitaire because I missed the 25000 and 50000 key giveaway

  2. Maybe u should create blog on wordpress on outsite virtual server? You can choose free hosting and you'll be have more capabilities, options.. :)

  3. Wow, thanks, the game is awesome so far :D

    I'll drop by from time to time :3

    1. You're welcome and you're welcome to come as often as you want :D