Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fourth and last March post!

Hello guys! Today i have prepared somethings new for all of you!
I will give away few copies of Faerie Solitaire! More info at the end of the post :D

APB: Reloaded... That's the best game in great team! But without good team, you get very frustrated! I had free 10 day premium and in those 10 days, i got further then where i was with my old, Closed Beta character. I was playing so much, haha :D
Yesterday I was playing with my dear June. Honestly, she would be great at game if she wouldn't be angry at herself for not beeing good in game. She did some awesome kills thought, and im very very proud of her! Keep up the great work baby :D I love you!
We lost the mission due to our enemies. They were gold threath (in bronze district), rank 195 (max) AND they had a ghost. Never saw such noobs in my life... Their clan name is "Task Force 121" so if you see them, spit on them ;)

MINECRAFT! Who doesn't like Minecraft?!?! I used to play cracked version (but then i took a creeper to the knee) of the game, but I got tired of it so i bought a real account of some guy :D
This game is a MUST play! And from now on, TLS will play Minecraft as well! And if everything goes good, I'll make Minecraft server :)

I started playing WoW Wrath of the Lich King again. On my own private server, which you can see in the link bar on the right, or you can click it right here ---> WoW-Sanctum
WoW Sanctum is 1x XP rates, as close to retail WoW as it can be. So if you have nothing else to do, please come and join on the server :D
Also, I know that our website is a bit shitty, but its because I have no friends who do web designing, so I need to do / learn everything by myself (or ask dad, but i don't wanna be pain in the ass), AND that takes ages XD
I currently have only one GM (maybe two, but probably just one) so there is tiny chance for everyone to become a GM. To be able to apply for a GM, you need to become level 80 in the game :) Good luck to everyone!

My June and I are still playing Saints Row 2, and we still didn't beat it, haha :D
We did about 40% of the game. We defeated Ronins and Sons of Samedi, and we've got Brotherhood and Ultor to go :D
The game is very fun and I can't wait to beat it, so we re-play it but with cheats! This game, just as GTA, is even better with cheats ;)

Brick Force is game which connects fast paced FPS like Call of Duty series with Minecraft. Its just in Stress Test at the moment (That means not even beta. Its like alpha :D ) and I tried it out! It's very fun, but way to easy. I always had over 20 kills and about 5 deaths max. I need stronger enemies :P
Hope to see ya there!
Also, in this game you can make your own maps, so you can practictly play free Minecraft ;)

Faerie Solitaire is a card based game which you play over steam. You are some guy (i don't really follow the story to much D:) and your mission is to save Faeries from someone or something. This game is way better then real Faerie Solitaire and i really need to recommend it to everyone!
To get free copie of Faerie Solitaire, you need to post a comment of what do you like on the blog, what should i change and what should i add! If you are posting as someone without gmail / google account, please  give me your email (or steam account address) where i can send you key if you win. If you follow my blog, you have double chance to win! I'm gonna use to chose a winner. I will pick 2 lucky winners who will get free copie of Faerie Solitaire!
Good luck to everyone!


Small edit: One guy (Lucky the Gamer) reminded me that I've forgot to put info about the end of give away. The giveaway will end on friday, 6th of April 2012. I wanted to give more time so more people could see and join the giveaway. Good luck to everyone!
Also, you can give put your steam link in stead of email :)



  1. Mhhhh u know i am slow x333 But i do my best for u in APB. I am ur badass wifey after all :D Love u baby! - June

  2. hi nice blog :D

    p.s. i would like to enter the faerie solitaire contest

  3. Yep, im gonna start reading this blog... I really like how you give us information about so many games and stuff. I don't think you should change something, it is good the way it is ^^. i don't have a gmail account, so this is my email.

  4. I like that you don't review games, just a quick look at the games you played and how was it. You might think about covering some indie games, this may attract people who can't find info they're looking for on other sites.

    Also playing games with girls is funny especially when using voice chat. ;3

    Hope I will be choosen to get Faerie Solitaire :3

    my mail I started to follow your blog (Mizerykordia)but there were some problems and had to post as annonymous.

  5. kewl background~ though finding this commenting spot was odd. This looks nice.
    -steam name codalafin

  6. June with APB sounds like me with S4. I just get in there to have fun though and then I do pretty well after about an hour. I'm checking out APB now xD

  7. But I dont get any better XD well after some while i at least stop killing wolfie in accidents 8D hate friendly fire >-> and being in voice chat with me aint fun since i am either quiet or yell NO NO NO when i spoil smtg again 8D But i love to say Picaaaachuuuuuuuu x3 hehe hope u get it wolfie ;P - June

    1. LOL. all you would hear from me in voice chat would be me complaining to some npc about it being in my way or some wall that didn't move or some other inanimate object. :P

    2. Let me add, now that I've played around with the useless tutorial. You'd also here me complaining about how I got the car stuck really good. :P

  8. Hello! Great idea to use Faerie Solitaire to get people looking at your blog!

    I'm very impressed with the look of your blog. Particularly the background. The colorful game pics really jump out, too. Very sharp looking.

    I like that you cover a lot of things in short posts...anime, games, TV shows, personal stuff, etc. Keep up the blogging, I'll be back :)

  9. Something I've learned with most Shootems. Friendly Fire "ISN'T". There was a guy I worked with who's wife would play L4D2 with him and his buddies and 30 seconds into the scene, she would end up getting them all killed. LOL

  10. Blog looks good, I like it.

    Also I like APB too, but I agree, without the right team it is super annoying. I haven't played in awhile thought, but now I might start again. :P

    Anyways all in all, good read, keep it up.

    ps. for Faerie Solitaire, here's my steam id,

  11. Okay Wolf. Remove my name from the drawing. I went ahead and got the friend pack. :P

  12. Nice Post. I like your reviews and the fact that you aren't closed minded like other reviewers

  13. Hi! Interesting blog you have here.
    I also posted on steam forums for a key (see link). Same guy :)

    tips: try and center your page. It's aligned to the left now, and it would look better if centered in my opinion ;)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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