Wednesday, February 11, 2015

No new reviews for a short while.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
I have got sad news to share with you. I won't be able to do reviews for a short time. A week or two. Sadly my mother board died and I need to get it replaced. It started about a week and a half ago when my first memory slot died. The PC didn't want to boot up and it took me three days to figure the issue out. I had to take out the memory from the non-working slot, and after that the PC (kind of) worked like a charm. Sadly though, yesterday it died again. And in my attempt to fix it, I burnt my motherboard.
So I won't get the new motherboard until Saturday or Monday, I am not sure when yet. And maybe, just maybe my Power Supply Unit died as well, so I would need to replace that as well. Let us hope that isn't the issue though.
Anyway, thank you all for being patient! And I am really sorry to keep you all waiting!