Sunday, February 24, 2013

Make easy gold in Guild Wars 2!

Hello my readers!
I have received a fan mail couple of days ago from a very good gold maker in Guild Wars 2. He thought of sharing few of his ways of how to make gold in GW2 easy and I decided to listen to him and add it all to my blog! So here it is, a guest post by Markco!

10 Ways to Make Gold in Guild Wars 2

In Guild Wars 2, there are many common misconceptions that prevent intelligent gamers like yourself from making gold on the Trading Post. In the following collection of posts from my blog, you will find a combination of methods for making gold as well as debunked misconceptions you may be subscribing to already.

Please comment with what you think of these posts here, as well as let me know if they help you to make gold in the future.

Strategies that Will Make You Gold

1. Unidentified Dyes and Gamblers -

It’s easy to overlook one of the simplest and straightforward ways to make gold in this game: selling unidentified dyes instead of identifying them. This will teach you very early on to compare the different ways you can sell an item on the Trading Post.

2. Flipping Guide Basics -

Learn the basics to picking markets, determining profit, buying properly, and selling for maximum return vs time.

3. High Volume Flipping -

Once you have the basics down and a nice pile of gold, you’re probably going to get a little bored of the tedious nature of flipping. This helps take the edge off and earn you more gold in far less time.

4. Crafting for Crafters -

People ask me what to craft and I tell them to look at what every other crafter needs when they want to create finished products. Instead of competing at that level, you can be the middle man who saves them time with crafting materials such as planks, wool, and embroideries.

5. Mystic Forge Runes -

A lot of conspiracy theories surround the Mystic Forge which leads to apprehension towards using it. Never fear, I will showcase a marvelous strategy that can make you big money with the Forge.

6. Flipping Exotics Video -

Watch me deliver a speech with my fancy white board on how to sell Exotics. Hopefully you end up less confused than when you initially began watching!

Misconceptions and Answers

7. You Failing Bro? -

Many of you will see only failure when items are left unsold. I recommend waiting one week before cancelling any auctions and taking that nasty 5% fee. You can learn from your failures, as this post suggests.

8. Phil’s Breakthrough: What to Sell -

Phil wrote a great comment which I had to answer with a post. Here’s what I said in response! I think that lots of players can relate to the situation.

9. How to Undercut Properly -

It’s a question I get constantly, so I made a post on how to undercut and why you do it. Whenever you have a huge profit margin and want to make gold faster, use a larger undercut as long as you still make a profit.

10. Secret to Making Gold (+30 Markets) -

I’m currently working on 30 markets and as of this writing I believe I have 16 listed. They should help you find new places to play the flipping or crafting game in.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Game Review: Guild Wars 2

Hello ladies and gents!
Tonight I'll be reviewing Guild Wars 2!

A bit about the game and developers.
Guild Wars 2 has been developed by Arena Net, but has been published by NCsoft. Both of them are rather famous. NCSoft are the guys behind Aion, Guild Wars, Lineage and so on.

About Gameplay. 
To start off, I'll say that Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG. But a bit different MMORPG than any other. Remember how usually MMORPGs have few seconds before making normal attacks or it needs a bit of time to cast some skills? Well in GW2 it's instant! And there is no delay in your basic attack. Everyone attacks like 1 attack per second.  All skills are instant. Sweet and very unique thing about GW2 is that each class has its own set of skills for different types of weapons. For example, when warrior uses greatsword his attacks are Greatsword Swing, Hundred Blades, Whirlwind Attack,  Bladetrail and Rush, while rangers greatsword skills are Slash, Maul, Swoop, Counterattack Hilt and  Bash which include some "spirit animals" appear above you when you use certain skills.

GW2 has four different races and eight different classes, or so called "professions" in this game. GW2 is all about storyline so all the races are friendly to each other. There is no open PvP in this game. Even dueling doesn't exist in this game. The only way to PvP is to either go to PvP island, or to World vs World, which i'll be talking about a bit later.

Questing in GW2 is also a bit different than in any other MMORPG. Your storyline is based on the story that you've developed in your character creation while choosing background. Humans, for example, can chose if they were from a farmer family, royal family or they were raised on streets. If you chose to be raised on the streets, your first part of the storyline is to kill other gang because they want to kill half of the town, queen and so on and on. While if you chose royal family you start off by going to a royal party, where bandits come and ruin everything. Every race, every choice of your background gives you a different story and that makes this game re-playable over and over again. I love that!

Another very interesting thing about GW2 is leveling and XP system. To start with I'll say that everyone in GW2 has their own Loot and xp! Therefore, there is no ninja-ing as in other MMORPGs. Nobody can even see what did you get from loots unless you write it in chat. I think that's awesome! And also, XP is not shared. So if you party up with 5 other people, you will still get the same amount of XP as you would while soloing. In fact, you could even get more XP because you're working in a group! So while in other MMORPG's you pray to God that nobody comes to you and steals your kill,  in this game you will pray to God to get more friends to play with, just so you could level up much faster and have loads of fun while doing so.

In Guild Wars 2, leveling is, in my opinion, hard. Who ever plays GW2 says that leveling is easy, but I don't think so. There is a story quest that you need to follow and there are few side quests which you can do to gain levels. Story quest is, kind of, level restricted so it would be wise to do all side quests. Side quests are marked as hearts on the map and almost all of them are different. Some of them make you kill creatures, others make you feed their animals, while third ones make you drink ale and tell the maker if it's good or not. Very cool thing is Event system. Events, in GW2, are just "events" that happen from time to time. Some may be triggered while the others are just random. Events help you do your side missions, as well as give you bonus XP and money for doing the event! Also, a small thing that I forgot to add: Guild Wars 2 has a level lock system. Which means, If a level 80 comes to a level 5 area, his level will instantly be locked to highest level of that area. 5 in this example. His HP will also lower to the level 5's HP.

Sometimes even side quests and event can't level you up enough to be able to advance your story mission, so the next option is to explore, craft and gather materials. Yep, that's right, you get a lot of XP from exploring, crafting your own equipment and gathering any materials you can find. There are various caves, views and points of interest to discover in GW2, and doing so gives you a very nice amount of XP. Choosing a profession (or a "job" in this game) is also very useful. Not only that it gives you very nice amount of XP for every single object you make, but it also allows you to make better equipment for your character. Or if you are a Cook, you get a lot of useful boosts such as +2 power (on low levels) and a 10% xp boost!

There are two types of PvP in GW2. PvP arena and World vs World (WvW for short). PvP is also separated into two modes: Free tournaments and paid tournaments. In Free tournaments the only thing you need to do to join is to apply. You don't need a pre-set team to join a free tournament, but you can do so. I have tried to set up a free tournament group once but we didn't know how to enter the game together, so we all had to manually join the server. In Paid tournaments you need a team of 5 men (or women). You battle your way up with other teams for a chance to win some nice goodies. If you win it, you get 180 gems which you can use in Black market (official real-money store.) to buy new skins (which are just cool clothing) or more bank slots, bag slots, or you can even upgrade your game to digital deluxe version. Also, in PvP everyone is instantly level 80, and has a good PvP gear. You start as a rank 1 (rank is like a pvp level) and you advance to 80, but rank 1 and rank 80 are totally the same in everything. Equipment is is same in damages and defenses, only the look changes.

WvW is different. In WvW you battle for your server against two other servers. You get into WvW with everything that your character has. In WvW your level does not change, so level 80 will kill level 34 pretty easily. You can also gain levels in WvW. Your goal is to capture some points so your server has bonuses and boosts. Very fun, but extremely hard until you hit 80.

Graphic and Audio
Okay, so, graphically speaking, I got a little bit disappointed. Graphic is awesome but it has a bit too much flashing. That's why I don't like to run the game on full graphic. Sights, on the other hand, are amazing. The land is wonderful, cities, details, everything is just beautiful. The sky is indescribably beautiful. If I could live in a fantasy world, it would definitely look like that. Absolutely amazing.
Audio is very good too! Not even once have i thought about muting the game. Its very enjoyable and calm. And it ain't repeatable. Honestly, I think that the game wouldn't be as fun without the audio in the background.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Amazing and beautiful land.
- Ability to go to other races leveling area.
- Gems can be purchased via in-game money.
- Each storyline is separated.
- You lose no XP for being in a group.
- Community is pretty good.
- Character customization is nothing special but it's nice.
- Almost everything you do gives you XP.
- No monthly fee!

- Money is very hard to acquire in early stages of the game.
- Finding dungeon groups is very hard because there is no dungeon finder option in game.

Final Grade: 10/10

Extra info: If you are new to MMORPG's then Guild Wars 2 is not a choice for you. In Guild Wars 2 you already need to have some experience from other MMORPG's to be able to understand things easier. If you are an old MMORPG player and you're just looking for something fresh, then this game is for you!
P.S. I didn't make too many screenshots just yet, so I'll add them today.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Game review: Terraria

Ladies and Gentleman of the interwebz, today I will be talking a bit about Terraria!

A bit about the game and developers.
Terraria is a "building" 2D platformer game developed by Re-Logic.They don't have any other game than Terraria but they are very friendly to all their fans!

About Gameplay. 
Terraria is something a bit different than other games nowadays. Terraria gives you the choice to do nothing else but build stuff and explore the underworld! Before starting anything, I'll tell you that I actually ain't a fan of platformer games. But Terraria is an exception! Terraria is very fun in single player, And I bet It's even more fun when you play with friends. Sadly I decided to do this review as fast as I got my hands on the game, and therefore I wasn't able to enjoy the multiplayer just yet. But I do know that my clan members are very dedicated to this game and have high gears and stuff.

This game, just as Minecraft, has no goal at all. The only goal: Have fun and spend your time well. You can explore rather big world from the very bottom of all the way to the stars. Though there is one pretty big problem. This game has no tutorial and it's very hard to start off without some guidance. There's a "help" NPC nearby, but he's kind of useless. Once you get your things ready, and you think that you're ready to go underground, do so! Take your pickaxe and just keep digging down until you find a tunnel. Once you find it, make sure to brake anything that looks breakable, such as vases or chests. You can brake the chests with hammers once you make sure that everything is out of it.

Finding chests can be quite exiting! I know that I got very thrilled once I found my spear in it! I also got some kind of accessory that gives me some defense. Very nice loot indeed. Keep in mind though, you are not alone! You have enemies over day and night. Over day, your most feared enemy is a small slime. There are three shapes that i've seen so far, red, blue and green. Green is weakest, then red and then blue. They also come in different sizes. Underneath the ground you can find blue glowing squids. They never managed to hit me so I don't know how big damage do they have, but they are rather annoying!

While, on the other hand, more creatures come out at night! Creatures such as flying eyes, some kind of "soul eaters" and zombies. And a lot of them! Dieing in this game is not so big of a problem though. You respawn with everything you had on yourself, but you lose some money. In my opinion you don't need any money, you just need luck in "dungeons". I'm sure that there are more dangerous monsters somewhere in this game, but I still never came across them. I do know that there is a chance for you to find a portal that will lead you to some other world!

Graphic and Audio
Graphic is.. Very pixelish. But that does not make this game anyhow bad! In fact, it makes the game rather interesting. It's something new. Old school but new. Colors are very bright and some animations are very nice, therefore, I really like the graphic of this game. I only heard two different songs in this game, but they are both so catchy that I love both of them! I can't help it but to "sing" along with them.

 Pros, cons and final grade.
- Nice big world to explore.
- Something different and rather unique.
- Very small requirements for something so fun and catchy!
- You can host your own personal server and have as many people on it as you want!
- A lot of different equipment and weapons which you can forge, buy, or find!
- Finding wings will allow you to fly!
- Shooting stars fall on the ground and if you find them, you can use them as a throwing weapon.

- Very hard to start off the game due to lack of tutorial.
- People might rage if they keep dieing in their first night.

Overall grade: 7/10

Extra Info: If you're looking for something that you will be playing for a very long time, and you really want to play it with your best friends, then Terraria is definitely for you! I can't wait for my clan mates to finally finish their exams so we can play together! If you're looking for cheaper version of Minecraft then look no more! Terraria is just the game for you! I can't get enough of it!
Deeply recomended!

P.S. I'm making a gameplay video of Terraria which should be up in couple of days!


Thanks to wonderful Developers, here are few copies of the game for giveaways!

Terraria giveaway (Group only)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Game Review: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Hello everybody!
Here I am with one of worlds most popular games again, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!

A bit about the game and developers.
Skyrim was made by one of those top known companies on Earth, called Bethesda Softworks. They are the same guys behind all other The Elder Scrolls games, as well as the upcoming hit MMORPG which i will only buy if it will not have monthly fee: Elder Scrolls Online!

About Gameplay. 
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, or Skyrim for short, is a role playing game which puts all those WoW and any other MMORPG elements into one beautiful single player game. There are hundreds, probably even thousands of quests which you can complete in Skyrim. Some give you money, some give you items, some give you fame. They also sometimes give you all three of those. There are various missions such as: Protect a guy while he is going from one city to the other, or find the lost treasure which might or might not be in a cave, kill a dragon in a nearby village, slaughter bandit camp, hunt down vampires or some other very fun missions.

Great thing about Skyrim is that there are no classes. You can be anything that you desire. You can be a mage with heavy armor. Or a gladiator with robes so you could move faster. Literally anything you want! There are also a lot of professions that you can chose from like Blacksmithing and alchemy. Blacksmithing allows you to build some weapons which can not be built in game, while alchemy allows you to make various potions and enchants on your weapon, allowing you to make the most powerful equipment in the whole game.

There is one main quest and tones of other quests. You can also join a guild that will give you some benefits such as cheaper items in shops, they will also allow you to buy some items which can't be bought by normal merchants and so on and on. There are various guilds such as Thief guild, The Comapnions, mercenary guild, mages guild, The Dark Brotherhood (assassins) and so on and on.

There are various armors, robes and leather equipment for you to use. There are also various weapons such as bow and arrow (with a lot of different types of bows and arrows), swords, warhammers, maces, staffs... There are also combinations such as dual wielding swords, or sword in one hand and an axe in the other. Enchants also make your equipment much stronger, giving you some boosts as 15 more protection from heavy armors, or "Upon hit you deal shock damage" or something else. Since you can enchant your own equipment, there are also various combinations you can use as well.

Character customization is pretty amazing but nothing that would go into the depth of a character as some other F2P games such as Tera or APB: Reloaded. There are also various of different races to chose from. All races give you some boosts. Also, choosing a race is also important for some quests because some NPC's might like you more if you're a Nord, while other would like you more if you were an imperial.

Combat system in this game is pretty sweet. You need to aim above the target with bow and arrow because arrows fall after a while. Some magic skills require some time to get casted, others are instant. Melee weapons allow you to do few different attacks, depending on how you do them. If you move your mouse to the right or left while holding the attack button, your character will do a slash attack, while if you move your mouse up, your character will do a slice attack which also does massive damage to all enemies right in front of you.

Graphic and Audio
Graphic in Skyrim is amazing. There are wonderful sights to see, wonderful mountains, flowers, trees. All the NPCs look stunning, and so do animals. Well wolves are kind of disappointment to me but everything else is just wonderful. And the sky takes my breath away, no mater if it's day or night.
And songs are amazing. But then again, all Elder scrolls songs are amazing. Once you hear them, you can't stop listening and humming them all 
 day long. Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin!


There are a lot of different quests in this game, and the story is pretty amazing so i will not say anything about it. This is one of those games which should never be spoiled!

 Pros, cons and final grade.
- Nice customization.
-Wonderful graphic and audio
- Massive sandbox world, full of various creatures and places.
- Saving a village from a dragon, the village people will remember your fame.

- A lot of bugs which are not important.

Overall grade: 10/10