Monday, February 20, 2012

And Wolfie writes again!

Hello readers!

Well, as you can see we went on airsoft! I'm the guy on left. Guy in middle is TLS leader, 007. Guy on right is my very good friend (brother-like :D) Sam. If he gets L4D2, he will definitely join TLS!
It was so fun! Since we are all still new at this adn we don't really have enough guns (We just have 1 MP-SD5, two snipers and one bolt handgun) we were just playing Cat and mouse. 1 sniper hiding while other two (MP-SD5 and sniper) try to find him in Forrest and shoot him. I never had so huge adrenaline rush as i have those two days as we played. Airsoft is definitely an sport that everyone should at least try one in their life! I assure you, If you have a good team, you will love it and never regret buying your weapon :D We need to buy at least two more automatic weapons because playing with just one automatic weapon and two snipers is very unfair to sniper people. Why? Because i can shoot five straight bullets in one spot, while a sniper can shoot just once at that same spot. Thought, sniper is much better at greater distances. So, after our few rounds, my aunt joined us :D She used handgun at first, but we all changed weapons after each round. And, obviously, my rifle is the funnest one, haha :D

After 007 went home on sunday afternoon, I got online on my laptop and just waited my beloved girlfriend, June, to get online, while Sam was playing Dead Island on my pc. It took June quite some time to come.. 4 hours to be exact, haha. And whats worst, 2 hours later after she came, she had to go on her volleyball training :(

As i have said earlier, I wanted to try America's Army 3 once again. AND I SUCK AT IT! I haven't played so long that I'm terrible! Well, once i was very very great. But then my lappy died (i got out of battery D:) and i think that my score wasn't saved.. Then I played it a bit with Sam. He sucks at beeing a team. He always loves to be leader and to go in front of me. He always chose worst places to go. He's way worse then me at playing America's army, haha :D If TLS was in America's Army, we would own the world ;)

I got into the beta for Mass Effect 3.. I tried out the multiplexer.. AND IT SUCKS SO BADLY! There is no even slightest chance that i will ever buy this game, even if it costs just about 2 euros. There is no chance! I don't know when was i playing so bad game the last time.. Listen to my advice and stay way from that game. 

Well that's it for now :D
Have fun and thank you for reading!!


~I love you June!~

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

June is back!

Hey fellas! :D

As the title says, my June has returned from London :D I was scared as f*** that something will happen to airplane, because there is a blizzard, but she got home safe and sound :) I'm so happy! Now i finally have less time to get bored XD

But also! I got an M5-SD5 airsoft gun! Dad saw that i got a bit "into airsofting" so he traded his helicopter for M5-SD5 :D It's epic! And on Saturday, 2 of my friends and i will go to Forrest beside my house, and we will have a small war ;) Can't wait. I hope to have some pictures :D

Sadly, our clan leader on L4D2 (dablOseven 007) has pissed his dad off, so his dad deleted both L4D2 and Steam. So, we sadly can't play anymore. For a little while at least. After his dad chills off, 007 will install L4D2 again and we will play again. As a clan :D

Also, I have huge wish to play America's Army again. So tonight ill download America's Army 3 even thought I know that it's not nearly as good as 2 is, and I'll see for how long will i like to play it :D Also, I should mention that America's Army is a first online game that i have ever played. I started playing it when I was 9 years old. I was in one of best croatian Clans :D

Well that's it for now! Ill see you all next time!

<3 Love you June  <3 Happy Valentines day baby!!!! <3


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bad network day :(

Hello dere!

Today I have horrible network day. I can't do anything. Play games, watch online vides.. I can barely post on facebook or write this post. I hate horrible network day.. And whats best, I HAVE THEM VERY OFTEN! Worst days ever :(

So first of all i wanted to make a "Lets play" from Dead Island. After one hour of recording, I noticed that i didn't set my microphone into "record" mode... Now I need to do it all over. Ah god damn it

After that, clan member of Dota 2 said "Hey! Lets play Dota!" and i was like "finally i can play dota with someone!" And so we started..... And idiotic me, TOTALLY forgot that my network is in total shit.. I lagged so hard that in our whole one hour game, i probably played about 10-15 minutes. 25 minutes tops. So we lost a round due to my terrible network. Ah well...

That's it everyone! I hope you have good day and that your network will not suck as mine does :D


Saturday, February 11, 2012

And so on...

Hey there :)

So, yesterday p4m (my Dota / Dota 2 clan) had first clan war. As expected, we lost. In 20 minutes. After that we went into battle with another clan, but we lost that too since I had to go. I hope that soon we will start winning, and that I will be able to make guys play Dota 2 more then 1. Dota sucks comparing to Dota 2. Trust me on that.

June has sent me 2 sms's from London. Yea, i know, she's crazy! But I love her, and i'm very happy that she texted me :D At least i know that she's okay :D I keep on missing her a lot, and still donno what to do without her. I even played 6 hours of Dota2 yesterday! I would today as well, but i was at my friend's house so I couldn't. But at his house, we talked about Zombie apocalypse (we call it "Zombpocalipse" from now :P) and how big are the chances of it becomeing real this year. And of course, our methods of surviving, where we would go and so on. I told him whole plan that i made with my TLS clan members (007 and my beloved June) where we will go, how will we survive and so on. He thinks it's a very good idea :D

I would probably play Dota 2 now, but my network is an asshole at the moment, and I just lost since Spectra player was a total noob. I played as Windrunner, and I lowered Vipers hp to 3%. Spectra had to use ultimate attack and just finish the job, but he said "no, I'm scared to get ganked"... What's worst of all, is that all other 4 enemies (all except Spectra) were pushing mid!!!! God damn noob <.<

I still haven't uploaded my "Garry's mod gameplay / review" video, since it will take 16 hours to upload. I know, it's insane.. But ah well, that's what happens when you have very slow network. It's killing ma brainz!

That's it for now. Wow this post is long, hehe :D Hope to read you next time!


Edit: Added lots of pictures :D

Thursday, February 9, 2012

June went to London and I've got a whole week.

Hello Readers!
As you can see in title, my girlfriend went to London. yesterday. at 5 pm. I miss her so terribly much. I have a whole week free for myself and i have no idea what to do. I wish she was still here. But ah well. Since I'm so free, i keep playing Dota 2 whole time. I even made a review of Garry's mod for my youtube channel, and i should upload it by tomorrow. I think.

So anyway. While June is gone, i will try to make a lot of videos and I'll try to become a pro at Dota 2. Yea i know, a week to become a pro? Seems impossible, but with enough of work, everything is possible :)

Well that's it. Hope to see you on my blog later again!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Post dedicated to Syphio

Hey readers :D
This is just one post that is dedicated to my dear clan member, Syphio. He's very kind, sweet, fast talking funny guy :D If you ever want an epic friend, or just someone to talk to, you should definitely add him on steam! His name is: [TLS]Syphio
Trust me, you will not regret it. He's very epic! And pro at any game he plays :P

Have fun! Hope you are happy Syphio <3


Game reviewing

Hey readers :) I wanted to tell you that I'm a game reviewer! :D I don't know if i mentioned it earlier. Currently I made just few gameplays of Skyrim. I would keep recording but my microphone and headphones got fucked up :(
So, I'll take my dad's headphones and microphone and make few more gameplays. I will make gameplay of Dead Island, Skyrim, Left 4 Dead 2 (with my clan :) ) and Dota 2. I'm thinking about Alien vs Predator, Garry's mod, and Star Trek Online. Got any ideas? Share them with me please! :D

Well if you wanna see my gameplays or subscribe, please visit this page:

Well that's it for now. Hope to write more later on!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Zombie lover >83

Hey guys!
In my last post i wrote how much I like mech's. Well now im gonna share something else with you. I LOVE ZOMBIES!
Like.. A LOT!!!!

If Zombie apocalypse comes to earth, it will be dream come true \m/

As you have probably guessed, yes, i do have Left 4 Dead 2 (i used to have L4D but then i took an arrow to the knee. Just kidding :3)

and Dead Island

And i love both of those games insanely much :D I play L4D2 very often with my clan. They don't have Dead Island so i don't play that to often. even thought the game is painfully epic :D
I should start making Dead Island gameplay videos :D Yes, i definitely should. and Left 4 Dead 2, as well with my clan.

Well, have fun and thank you for reading guys!


Small info about my clan: 
Clan name: The Legendary Survivors
Clan tag: [TLS]
Clan Region: Most of us are from EU but one is from US.
We are very good L4D2 clan. We started as L4D clan but after we bought L4D2 we totally forgot L4d XD I'm leader of our clan with my best friend, my girlfriend is co-founder and our fourth best member is a badass co-founder as well.
you can find us all by this names on steam:

Our forum address: