Monday, April 28, 2014

Made a video in EvE Online!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

As most of you know, I have been playing EvE Online ever since May of last year. I am currently flying with a PvP Corporation called 4S. We are a member of GoonSwarm Alliance. Well, you see, GoonSwarm has a small "Event" they are doing for the past three years.
On this event Goon members go into high traffic solar system called Jita. There are many people who fly huge ships which cost a massive fortune there. Well, What Goons do is find people in that system who are flying those ships, and them murder them within 10 seconds (literally!).
That event is called Burn Jita. This was my very first Burn Jita event. And I loved it! I even made a video about it, and I'd be very happy if you take a look at it. I really hope you'll enjoy, and if you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask!

In case you are a new EvE Online player, please use this link to register for a 21 day FREE trial!

If you are a returning EvE Online player who was absent from EvE for a while, but would like to return, please feel free to use this FREE 7 days of game time :) 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Game Review: Sanctum 2

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
Today I will write a review about a first person tower defense game called Sanctum 2.

A bit about the game and developers.
Sanctum 2 is a sequel to a quite famous first person tower defense game called Sanctum. Both games have been developed and published by a well known company called Coffee Stain Studios. They stand behind many well known titles. The most recent one is Goat Simulator. Yes, they made Goat Simulator.

About Gameplay.
Sanctum 2 is a first person shooter game in which the player has the ability to make a tower maze that will help him defend the core from a lot of numerous enemies. There are a lot of different weapons, towers and enemies in Sanctum 2, every one of them having different strengths and weaknesses. And to be able to experience the game fully, the player should have full party of people with each of them having a different character. I feel the question "why?" coming up next, so I'll just answer it to you now. Each character has his / her own weapon. One has shotgun, one has sniper, one has rocket launcher, one riffle and the newest character has a crossbow. Shotgun character is good against bigger enemies that come running at him. Rocket launcher is good versus swarms of enemies since his damage does not only go on one enemy. Sniper and Crossbow characters are best versus game bosses, since they deal largest amount of damage in one hit. And riffle is good versus pretty much anything, but of course it has smallest damage rate.

Each character can have a secondary weapon. There are many various secondary weapons so the player can fit exactly what they want to fit. There are also different perks in this game, so even those help out. So you could even turn slow, but powerful weapons into very fast, even more powerful weapons. Of course, there are many towers that help you in your victory. There are those towers that are fast, but deal small amount of damage, and then there are those that are slow and yet deal massive amount of damage. Each tower is good for something, and it's up to player to find out what is the best way to make the towers fit in with their game style. There are also a lot of different types of enemies. Some are small, numerous and fast, while others are big, slow and hard to kill.

Unlike the first game, Sanctum 2 feels a bit more open. It feels like you have more space to move, more space to build and more possibilities. On the other hand, this game also introduced leveling system. Each level unlocks different weapons, perks or towers to the player. Leveling is quite easy at start, but that changes later on. And the leveling system actually gives a replay value to the game, since you can always come back to old maps and redo them with your newly unlocked weapons, towers and perks.

Unlike in many other games, DLC's in this game are actually quite good. I am not a fan of DLC's in general so I still think that they are overpriced, but for the amount of money you put into them you get quite a few things back. With the DLC's you get tones of new maps, new characters and quite a few weapons. So the Complete Collection is a pure go from my end.

Graphic and Audio.
Honestly, I was a bit disappointed by the graphic. It does look prettier and there are more details than in the first one, but I just feel like there's many more things that the developers could do to make the game prettier. Audio on the other hand is amazing, and I just enjoyed listening to every song or background sound that the developers put into the game.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Many different maps.
- Characters to chose from.
- DLC's that give an actual new content.
- Various different unlockables.

- No ability to change primary weapon until final level.
- Sometimes towers feel useless.

Final Grade: 7.5/10

Extra info: If you are a fan of first person shooters, or maybe tower defense games, then this game is for you. You just can't go wrong with Sanctum 2. You can buy Sanctum 2 over Steam.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter everyone!

Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen!

I really hope that everyone is having a wonderful Easter! I hope you spent the day with people you love and care about, and that you enjoyed every second of it (or will enjoy it, if your day just started!).

Other than that, I'm really sorry for not writing a review yet. I got a game for review quite late and I just wasn't ready to do it yet. I will write the review tomorrow, and then another review around Friday.
Thank you all for following me!
Have a wonderful day,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Game Review: Saints Row IV

Hello Ladies and Gentleman!
Today I'm writing a review of a third person, extremely fun shooter called Saints Row IV!

A bit about the game and developers.
Saints Row 4 has been developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. Both the developer and publisher are known for a lot of different games but probably the most known games from Volition are Saints Row franchise and Red Faction franchise. Saints Row IV is Deep Silver's first Saints Row game, but their previous well known titles are Dead Island franchise, X franchise, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and so on and on. They are publishing many great games.

About Gameplay.
Saints Row IV is a very easy game to master. The controls are pretty much the same as in almost any other third person shooter game. But there is a small plot twist. Even though you can enter vehicles, customize them and so on and on, there is really no need for it. Because in Saints Row IV you have super powers. That's right, super powers.You can sprint faster than any car can drive, you can get into a maximum high faster than any airplane or helicopter can and you can even use your telepathy power to rise enemies and throw them onto others.

Saints Row IV kind of continues the story where the previous games have stopped. But just kind of. The story is drastically changed. Luckily, as you play the game you find out one amazing surprise. Something that just has to make every Saints Row fan smile. I can't write what it is because it is a MASSIVE spoiler, but I can tell you that if you love Saints Row franchise you will love the surprise. In Saints Row IV the Earth is being attacked by aliens. They look very cuddly and nice, but in fact they are true killers. And Saints Row are the only people who can save the humanity from them. Since the aliens actually want to torture you before killing you, they place you inside of a virtual reality. Through the virtual reality you collect some sort of "hacks" which give you special powers. At first you start out with just sprint and high jump, but as you progress you also get some special attack powers like a fire bolt, ice bolt, telepathy, stomp and a strength buff which also sets everyone on fire when you run past them. You can also upgrade every power and make it even more powerful. I have only been upgrading my sprint and telepathy. The sprint has one special ability which allows you to a act like a tornado. You push everything away from you when you run past them. It's very fun!

The developer also put a handful of new weapons into the game. New alien guns. And with the guns being added, the developer also added some new alien vehicles such as cars and jets. Even a power suit! Something like a Mech. And it's very fun to drive it around and destroy stuff. But, you know, since you have all those super powers it's also useless to grab an alien car and bother customizing it since you will almost never use it anyway. Same goes with the jet.

On the side note.. Sometimes the super powers just get in the way of stuff. You are almost unable to do any customization because you keep being hunted by virtual police since you killed someone while sprinting. Also the guns sometimes seem just too weak. Even after upgrading them they still didn't do enough damage to kill aliens with the first hit.

Graphic and Audio.
Graphically the game has disappointed me. I mean the graphic looks exactly the same like Saints Row The Third. When you enter the game everything is so the same like Saints Row The Third that it feels as if you are just playing another too expensive DLC with a lot of extra DLC's that come with it. Audio on the other hand was pretty good. A bit too much of Dubstep and too little rock for my taste, but who likes Dubstep will like the audio in the game.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Saints Row game.
- Very funny.
- Awesome surprise.
- Alien jets.
- Mech!!
- Co op is extremely fun.

- All type of vehicles are useless.
- Weapons seem to be a bit too weak.
- The story length is way too short.

Final grade: 8/10

Extra info: I am a huge Saints Row fan. I'd chose Saints Row over any GTA game or any game of that type, because Saints Row games are here to be fun and funny. So if you want something realistic or serious like GTA, look away. Saints Row is a game where you run around with a giant tentacle and hit people with it. The game can be bought here.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Game review: Tales of Maj'Eyal

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
Today I'm writing a review about a rogue like RPG called Tales of Maj'Eyal!

A bit about the game and developers.
Tales of Maj'Eyal is a free open source roguelike RPG, made by just DarkGod. DarkGod is actually just one person! Well, two if we want to count the designer. So, ToME is made by a team of two people, and this game is absolutely free!

About Gameplay.
Tales of Maj'Eyal is a turn based roguelike RPG. In it you have option to chose one of many different races and classes. But at first you are very limited. You start off with just handful of races and classes. You then do main mission, side quests and explore so that you could find the other races and classes. Each class starts off in a different area, and I really like that. Makes every start a bit more unique.

This is a type of game which fits anyone's play style. You can either play it on easy and have unlimited number of lives, or you could play it on normal difficulty where you have five lives, and anything else that you pick up during your gameplay. And of course there's hardcore mode in which you lose as soon as you die once. In my opinion that's very awesome and challenging!

There are few maps in this game but I sadly managed to try just one. And that one is very big. On the map you can encounter a lot of different cities, dungeons and NPC's. Some NPC's will give you side quest and some will try to kill you. You can also see the other adventurer NPC's. They are friendly and don't have anything to do with you but it's fun to watch them run around. You can also visit every city and dungeon in this game. In fact it's very smart to do so, because it's much bigger chance to find other classes that way. This game really rewards you for exploring around and helping people, which I like a lot.

Combat system is turn based. Any long ranged attack such as fireballs or arrows need couple of turns to reach their target. If the target is fast enough they can actually move away from the danger which will cause it to miss. The player can, of course, do the same thing. I really have to say once again that this is a fully free to play, open source game. But you can always donate to the developers and get access to some classes and races that were only available to the donors. If you buy the game over steam you instantly get all the bonuses of the donors.

Graphic and Audio.
Graphically speaking the game looks like something old, but I actually didn't mind it. In fact, I liked it. It shows that gameplay should still be most important part of this game. Audio of this game is absolutely amazing, and I just loved listening to songs over and over again. In fact I even felt opening the game and then just listen the music in the background while I do other stuff.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- A lot of different races and classes.
- Turn based game so it allows to think over your strategy before acting.
- Big map.
- Three life difficulties.
- A lot of different game difficulties.

- Leveling sometimes takes a while.
- Sometimes it gets quite hard to kill enemies that are three to five levels higher than you.
- No co op or multiplayer.

Final grade: 8/10

Extra info: If you have never played a rogue like game before, I think this should be the first one! It's amazing and I loved every second of it. Absolutely amazing Free to play game.