Monday, April 16, 2012

New post so fast!

Yes, it's me again! After less then 24 hours! How come? I wanted to write a lot more yesterday, but I was very tired so i just finished and went off to bed :P   So today I'll write all the things I wanted to write about yesterday :D

Few members of TLS (CoolJon31, Groovy and Syphio) and I wanned to play a little of Left 4 Dead 2 again! First we tried to get on offical server but we couldn't. I guess Valve is removing more and more servers just so they could hold TF2 and Dota 2. So, we had to move onto dedicated server. It seemed okay.. I repeat, it SEEMED. Untill we found out we can jump twice as high (so can zombies) there is at least three or four more times zombies then on expert, and Tank had 60k HP (as you can see in the picture XD)
We managed to do only one mission thought, because I had to write that blog post which you all saw yesterday and because I really wanned to go to bed. Had school on Saturday morning, and  I barely slept from Saturday to Sunday.
The picture on right is very old, but I still wanted to put it on. It shows how Louis plays Left 4 Dead inside of Left 4 Dead 2 :P

TLS also started playing Terraria! Few days ago, Syphio said "hey.. Choco, Groovy, Jon, Merk and I all have original Terraria. LETS PLAY TERRARIA!" and so we moved onto it. Merkava is, once again, holding our clan's Terraria server. If you wanna join it, feel free to apply on our clan forum. I can't tell you anything much about Terraria because we didn't play it to long (we did only about 1 hour) so I don't even have any screenshots, but i must admit that game is fun to play :D If you like Minecraft, but are also a fan of 2D games, give Terraria a try. It's not as fun as Minecraft because its mostly based on combat, but its still very fun to play when you've got great group of people such as I do :D

In the pack of 14 games (Indie gala 2 which i won like two weeks ago) I got this game called Greed Corp. Before installing it I thought about going online and searching for peoples opinions about the game. Everyone has negative opinion about it, but i really donno why! This game is very fun to play. It's like strategy game, but your main priority is to crush your opponent in as little moves as you can. Because you need to "drill" your "blocks" to gain money with which you buy your "army". When you drill your block enough, it falls appart. So after 10 minutes of gameplay, you could lose whole map to play on :P I played only one online mach so far, and I won! It was pure luck thought. I got another copy of the game, and gave it to my beloved June, so I can't wait to play that game against her. That might be fun :P

Now this game is over rated. Online opinions of random people turned out to be very good, but the game itself is boring. You are one robot and your mission is to make bandits leave your ship. The game is fun first 30-ish minutes, but after it it gets very boring. I wouldn't pay 10 euro for it if I were you, so if you really have big urge to play it, at least get it when its on discount :)

ArmA2 is pay to play game which is made to be as most realistic combat simulation game as it could possibly be. You can drive helicopters, airplanes, motorcycles, various amount of cars and armored vehicles, and even bikes! Yes you can ride a bike! Imagine driving a bike into enemy's base, haha. I sadly don't have full version of this game, but i do have free to play one. Free to play ArmA 2 lets you enjoy full Multiplayer game but on lower graphic, while payed version allows you to play campaign and on HD graphic. Oh and if you do wanna play this game but don't wanna pay it, get free to play one. Trust me, even low graphic on this game is still very amazing!
I made a custom mission for my clan via mission editor for this game. We start on one island, and our mission is to go on another island with helicopter, land, get a car / motorbike / any vehicle, and drive about five to ten minutes to enemy base. I can't wait for them to download the game so we can try it out. I will get pictures soon!

I was never a huge fan of Team Fortress games, but i wanted to try it out. Team Fortress 2 is Free to Play first person shooter made by Valve (the same guys behind Half life series and Left 4 Dead series. And we mustn't forget Dota 2!). This game is very hard to play, since a lot of players who play it are actually professionals at it already. That's why this game is even terribly hard when you only play it versus bots! Game has three game modes. Capture the area, hold the hill and push something. Game modes aren't called as I just called them, but honestly, i'm to lazy to turn the game on and check it out :P This is also one of world's top playing games!
"Where is profit to Valve if they have so popular F2P game???" you ask? Well, in Team Fortress 2 you have some kind of hats and different weapons. Some of these cost real money, while you can obtain others by buying some other games. And people who love Team Fortress 2, will do everything to get their hands on a new set of hats, weapons or badges.

Bunch of Heroes is third person shooter which makes you chose one of four playable characters (much like Left 4 Dead). Your main goal is to complete missions (like in Left 4 Dead) while tones of zombie hordes attack you from all directions (like Left 4 Dead). I would write more about this game, but its not fun to play it single player, and for some reason I can never find even a single server to play it on :(

And finally! Sugar at the end! Mabinogi! People you better prepare because this will be one long long article about Mabinogi. I'll start of by saying that Mabinogi is MMORPG which places you into Ireland's past! In this game you will learn a lot about Ireland and it's past, such as few Ireland's gods / goddesses, their old town names and so on! You start off by spawning in front of a girl called Nao (She's very special due to her to big boobies). She sends you into one small town called Tir Chonaill, which is now called Tyrconnell in real life! Pretty awesome, right? One more awesome thing about Mabinogi is it's special combat style. It's not usual point and click MMO. Your character actually hits how you make him hit! For example, if you have a sword which can do 3 fast attacks, you can click three times on your enemy for your character to hit him once, twice and then knock him down third time! But keep in mind, if you click to slow (for example, if you click once, twice, and then have a short stop of 3-4 seconds) your enemy can start hitting you and knock you down as well! Skills in Mabinogi are somewhat different then any other game, because you don't need to pay to learn them. You either need to do a quest, or ask NPC to teach you a new skill and so on and on. You, thought, need to level your skills by using them in combat. To level your skill up you need to fill it's xp up (which is really not hard) and then pay few AP (Ability Points) to rank it up. You gain Ability Points by leveling, doing some quests and rebirthing. Another special thing about Mabinogi is, as I've mentioned it a second ago, ability to rebirth!
Your character in Mabinogi grows old every Saturday at 12 PM server time. When your character reaches 20 years you can rebirth him /her! When you rebirth, all your lever and XP go back to 1, and your age is set to how much you chose it (from 10-17). But your skills, armor, pets, money and all other stuff remain unintacted, and that's why rebirthing is awesome. So, a guy who's total level is 3000 but current level 1 (because he just rebirthed) can kill a guy who's total and current level are 200 in one single hit. How? Because guy who is currently on level 200 (and that's his total lvl because he never rebirthed) has way weaker skills
then the one who's total level is 3000. And another very awesome thing about Mabinogi is it's main story quests! You see, Mabinogi has a lot of ingame quests, but has even more Main story quests. It has a total number of 15 main quests, and 16th is about to come out. Those main quests are called Generations in game (G1, G2, G3 and so on and on) and are very fun to do! And trust me, stories are amazing! Well, except Shakespeare quests. I find these very boring and i need to force myself to do those, lol :P AND you're guessing, ONE MORE awesome thing about Mabinogi is transformation ability!
Humans can become Paladins at first, and then Dark Knights upon beating G3 if they want to. (Paladins are white people and dark knights are black people on picture. as you can see, a lot of them are different! there are 4 different Paladins and 4 different Dark Knight looks!)
Elves can become Falcons and Giants can become Wild Beasts.
Well, that pretty much explains whole Mabinogi, haha! Now there is just one small extra thing I want to add!
Nexon is very very bad gaming company, and thus they closed Mabinogi EU. I lost my high level character with a lot of expensive items, and with a lot of pets which i bought with real money. When my June and I moved onto Mabinogi NA we thought it's gonna be bad and hard.. But we were wrong. People on NA are way better then in EU and they made Mabinogi way more enjoyable then it was before! These people gave my June and me a lot of money and very expensive items, and great friendship to start our new characters with. Thank you all so much, and you all deserve to be on hall of fame! (note! This people DO NOT GO by order
any order! I've write them down how i saw them in my friend list!)
Ryuske2 (also known as Miro)

You all have been great help to my June and me, and thus i want to thank you all with my whole heart! Thank you!

Well, that's it for today! I hope i didn't warn you out D: I hope you will all still return to my blog! >.<
Thanks a lot for reading so long long post!
I love you all <3



  1. You forgot the fan service! Also, its Ryuske2.

  2. Team Fortress too hard for newbies? Lol, but this is game for fun, no one plays TF really good, especially with friends. I am not "10/0 pro top player" there but how it can be hard?

  3. Tf2 is very easy to play :3

    You kinda interested me with Mabinogi, but I just hate MMORPGs, I got bored with Atlantica Online (this one was actually fun, it has awesome combat system) and Sword of the New World, played few other mmos, but got bored in a day or two.

    Also have fun playing Terraria you will love seeking minerals to get better armor and exploring caves.

  4. Really try it :) - June

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