Sunday, April 15, 2012

New post, new info

Heya all! I decided to write a bit more often from now on. There is no need to write one post a week, if i can write two to three posts if I did something special :P I also got an idea to let you guys and girls decide what games should i write about the most. You can pick between Mabinogi, Minecraft, Terraria, APB: Reloaded, Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Island, Dota 2, or Saints Row 2. When your votes are recorded and the pool is closed, I'll start playing the game that has the most votes the most, and I'll write about her the most. I'll write about it A LOT! So chose which game do you wanna follow wisely :D

I'll start this post with APB: Reloaded. I've been playing a lot of APB lately, and its all due to my clan PIT. They make APB so fun and enjoyable! They are so awesoem clan that i didn't even mind taking my TLS clothes off, and getting "rid" (i've actually just put it into inventory :P) of my car so i could proudly wear clothes with PIT pictures all over it, and drive PIT car which was made just for me! We win almost every round, but its mostly just because

we play to have fun, and not only to own everyone around ourselves. Of course, we are serious in every mission, but if anything bad happens, or if someone dies, we tend to turn it into real fun :D In this two pictures you can see my new car :D Its unique (my only) PIT Bishida. And no, this character is not me. It's KillaPig. My character name is JunesWolf

Next game I'll write about is, you're probably guessing it right, MINECRAFT! TLS started to play Minecraft almost non-stop, and our server is always up and running. Its survival based server and no one uses OP powers. We get all material by gathering it. So yea, we do everything the hard way. But hey, its fun! Very fun! We've built almost whole city. It would be a city if we put all houses on the same place :P

On the left picture you can see a small castle under "Fairy Tail" sign, and on right from it you can see a small hotel. Behind the picture there is a big clan house, and behind clan house there is Frankie's house. On left of the picture there is glass ball which Frankie made out of boredom :P I'll ad more pictures later.
On the above picture there's a small family house which June and I made on our personal server :D

(House on right side is TLS clan house on our server).
So, if you guys wanna join our server, feel free to apply for it on our forum (you can find link in right side of my blog under "useful links" box). I hope that at least someone wants to try to join our server :P

Next game I'm gonna talk about is Mabinogi. I won't talk much about it in this post because i didn't make any pictures, so i see it kinda useless. Mabinogi is a MMO where you practicably live a perfect life. It has great 15 stories (Generations) which everyone should read detailed! Trust me, you will not regret it.
I would have a lot of pictures about the game, but Nexon EU closed European servers so my June and i had to start over on NA (american) servers. I will add photos in next post :D

Well those three are actually the only games I was truly playing this week. I also played couple of rounds of Dota 2, and I got Arma 2 today, but I didn't see anything to interesting what is worth to mention. Also, i have Arma 2 Free version. I would buy normal one, but since TLS doesn't want to join me in it, i don't really see the point of it :P
That's it for today! Oh, and don't forget that I still have Faerie Solitaire giveaway ongoing! But i guess i will never get 150 views per day, so i want at least 150 views in a week. Then i'll tell you when the giveaway is about to end. Don't forget to link me up with your steam account in comment!

Until the next time!


  1. Mabinogi rocks! X3 Also PIT is really good team lasko, i support u! And I hope ppl will vote for mabi so u can play with me nonstop 8D Love you, June

  2. MMO is bad choise man =/. Think a little about what you will do after a few weeks there. If you think: "When I will reach 80lvl it will be very cool game, but now I just need killing monsters" you wrong. On 80lvl you will be ... killing monsters!