Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So, Mabinogi has won!

Hello readers! It's pretty late here (12 minutes past midnight) and i'm very tired so this time I'll only write about Mabinogi, since its very clear that Mabinogi won your hearts! I will write about other games tomorrow!

The picture on the left side is the first day of my Mabinogi NA life! As you can see, i instantly found a friend and had to ride on his dragon! Why? Because Nexon EU is so mean to European servers, that they didn't give us events / updates / new stuff for over a year! And now they are closing the server down. I used up over 80€ for all my pets, and now they just gave me 10$ back to be able to "start off" with something <.< I'll never buy anything from nexon again, and neither should you. June and I both got those 10 000 NX and used them up on our horses :D I got white horse with black "hair", while she got black horse with white "hair". I'm just glad that we got them this fast, because we got them just as pet dungeon event started! In that event, people can get crazy, rare items :D Cute ones too! For example, you can get a small tiger which you wear as a hat! I also made a video on youtube about how June and I own the dungeon boss in two and a half hits!
On this picture you can clearly see hers and mine horse. I also completed G1 thanks to my new guild leader, and her boyfriend. Guild leader's name is Zel and her boyfriend Beam (i'll edit this and re-write their full names tomorrow when i'll be less tired). And Zel's friend, who's name i do not know anymore D: With them I've beat G1 in 5 hours. That's 2 hours faster then when i was doing it on Mabinogi EU. It would be even 2 more hours faster if Beam didn't need to go afk every 2 minutes, and if I didn't need to go and i eat and so on and on :P

Another very awesome thing about Mabinogi which I've forgot to mention is the fact that you can get married and have your own family! June and I got married on Mabinogi EU and i think we are one of only couples who didn't separate! So, of course, I wanted to marry my beloved June on Mabinogi NA as well! So i proposed and she said yes! :D
We got married on Saturday, 28.th April 2012 at our 10:00 PM, which was actually about noon to our other NA friends. Also, since Zel was helping me to finish my G1 within  my morning, she didn't sleep at all so she fell asleep right before the wedding. Sadly she couldn't come, but Zel, i hope that you will at least like this video! And I promise, June and I will not get married without you being there with us, with our elf characters, Zel :)

I wish there is a kiss scene in Mabinogi, but ah well we gotta be happy with what we get :P
Since I've finished my G1 (and i say it again, with the help of Zel and her boyfriend Beam) i am currently doing G2. Upon finishing G2 i will finally be able to transform into Paladin, and that's currently my main goal within Mabinogi. After finishing G2 and becoming Paladin, i want to start doing G9 (yes, you don't need to do G's by the exact number :P), then G10, G11 and G12 so i could become Demigod and be overpowered Paladin-God! :D
It would be overpowered if only few people could have it, but since every single person in the game can own such strainght, it's not overpowered. But ah well, it still looks badass!

(The picture on left shows my Mabinogi EU character, which now rests in peace)

Since June and I aren't satisfied with only horses as pets, we decided to get on gold hunt in mabinogi and then buy NX with it! Apparently you can buy 10k NX for 5 mil mabi cash! So June and I work our butts out by farming, merchanting and doing pet dungeon over and over again, just so we would get all the money we need to finally get all the cash.

(I'm out of pictures so excuse me if this next part looks a little bit empty!)
So, June and I joined Zel's guild which is called "thedollars". It's very small guild but hey, Since Zel's leader it must be good!
If you happen to play Mabinogi NA on Ruari server, please come to  Dunbarton and search for a seller called TanakiKyo :P It's my premium (free premium) account which i use to sell all my equipment with, so we (June and I) could finally get more pets :P

If you think that MMO's are to easy games, and that you hate them for it, well, then you're a complete noob. Try playing Mabinogi and tell me if you still think the same after hitting total level 200. Mabinogi's unique combat system makes this most fun, and yet hardest MMO out there! PVP in Mabi is nothing as PVP in games such as World of Warcraft or Perfect Word International. Don't judge the game just because its a MMO. Give it a fair try! FAIR try! And if you do plan on trying it, join Ruari server and add Juneswolf. It's my main character and I'll gladly help anyone who needs any help at all :)

Well that's it for today! Sweet dreams and thank you all for reading!

<3 I Love You June <3


  1. why chu used the bad vid? XD i lag there as hell meanie xDDDD also lasko i have feeling that saturday was 21th ;) miluji te - June

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