Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lots of things to write about!

Hey all! I've got a lot of things to write about, since i didn't have the time to write earlier.

As you can see, the picture above says how much page views do i have in past MONTH! Look at those numbers! In just 8 days i got 606 views! That's so amazing for me! Thank you a lot for that guys! For that I shall make a Fortix 2 giveaway, and few more Faerie Solitaire giveaways :D
I've seen that some people said that I should post screenies of gameplays and stuff. So I shall do that!

I'll start with Minecraft! TLS started playing Minecraft almost whole day long! We have TWO clan servers! We have one placed in EU and one in Panama (close to US.) To be able to join to our Minecraft server, you need to go on our forum and either apply to TLS clan (if you are accepted you can instantly go to the server :) ) or you can post on the forum, get to know our community and then ask for server address :D Just to tell you in advance, you need to use Hamachi to be able to connect.

We are playing so much, that we had to re-make servers twice! Well, first time because I f***** something up, and second because i spawned 100 creepers! But now in thirds server im playing nice and without any OP rights :P
The picture on right side is a first creation that my June and i did. She's very new to minecraft (this was on her first day) and we made it in Survival mode. I turned on creation  mode just to take few screenshots :D
I will take a lot of screenshots from our new creations (when i say our, i mean TLS's and when i play only with June). And as I said earlier, Minecraft is very awesome game and you should all try it!

I got The Indie Gala 2 (epic one) on  web! I got 14 games all together and 7 albums. I don't care about the songs to much but I used (or gave away) most of the games :P I played the games for a very short amount of time (for about 30 minutes each) so I won't about them just yet. I'll write when i get at least 1-2 hours at each game :D Thank you Fluiq for the giveaway!

I play APB: Reloaded like A LOT! I used up my 10 day premium (I used it so well!) and then i used 10 more days on June's account :D
Thought, I removed TLS from the game since no one played but me (and rarely June). Since i removed TLS from APB, I got invited into one AWESOME clan! It's called P.I.T. - Police Investigate Terminate. It's led by two guys and it currently has three members (including me.) Yea yea, the clan is very new but very fun! Its true copy of TLS :P I don't have any screenshots of APB yet, because i don't use Steam to play the game (it uses way to much memory :( ). But I'll be sure to take some soon!

June and I played just few hours of Saints Row 2 and we had lots of fun in it! Now, while watching the screenshot, you can see my character! As you see, I got stuck in some kind of random bug, and i kept on jumping up and down the boat while June kept on laughing her ass off. It lasted about one or two minutes and there was no way for me to stop it. It was absolutely hilarious! I enjoy playing Saints Row 2 with my June <3

I played Dota 2 with p4m again and we OWNED! We won almost every single round. Please, don't judge me for my score, I didn't play in a month so i had to re-enter into my pro-ness :P Even thought I'm not even close on beeign a pro, but hey i can always daydream XD
D3n1eD was owning while i was usually a support character. Also, I was playing Sven, not Dark Seer.

We've got few good new members to TLS! And one of them is a girl!
Member names: Groovyboobs (thats the girl :P), CoolJon31 and our newest crack-gaming player FrankieDoparoma
I gotta say, all three of them are awesome! Groovy is funny, Jon is crazy and Frankie got used to the clan as soon as he entered! I'm so glad to get so awesome members :D

Im doing another giveaway of Faerie Solitaire!
This time, what I want from you is to to put your steam profile url into the comment. BUT I also want you to give my blog address away, because I'll say when will the givaway end after i get 150 blog views in a day, for 7 days in one go! So guys and girls, if you want free Faerie Solitaire and Fortix 2, you better start reffering some friends to my blog right here :D
Good luck to everyone!!

See you in the next post!



  2. Try Terraria if you like Minecraft :3 It's 2D but there's lot to do :]

    1. TLS moved onto Terraria as well :D I'll write about it in my next post!