Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Real Life Updates

Hello readers!

I'm sorry about my short old post, I really didn't have the time to write. I was just about to go somewhere when i remembered "Awh fu**, i still didn't write anything on mah blog!"...
So yush, here's long one!

So yea, TLS didn't win on the Guns of Icarus Online tournament but we did have LOADS of fun! Our second ship in team had members of a clan called N7. They are awesome guys from USA who love to joke around. They all go to collage (i think) and they are gonna be game developers. Who knows, maybe they will be more famous then Valve in few years ;)
Anyway, on the tournament TLS had Pyramidion while N7 had a Squid, so we were very good setup. While Squid was fast enough to maneuver around targets, sting them every now and then, our Pyramidion was slow but very powerful. We were very good at the beginning of tournament, but then we went against Saint Rocket and Ergonomic Cog. They, you see, won the whole tournament. We actually had a chance. We were pretty good. I think they won 5:3 but I don't remember anymore. Maybe it was 5:4.

But yea, we were very sad over it. So now we had to push on the "Loser list" to win the whole tournament. It took like an hour for us to get in the match, and as soon as we got in we got a free win. Why? Enemy did not even come. they probably didn't know about "Loser list". So as happy as we were, we had to wait another hour to get into a new match. We thought we'll win, but we had a lot of errors and a lot of bugs so it was very obvious to us that we will lose.

After we lost, I told devs about all the errors. They didn't respond until it was too late thought, so we didn't have a rematch. But never mind! We had loads of fun and we do not regret any of it!
TLS and N7 will continue to make a good Guns of Icarus team, and we will win on the next tournament for sure!

Apart from this, our new clan member, Manatic, wanted to play LoL. I forbid him of it and i gave him an invite for Dota 2. Now he wants to play Dota 2 non stop. He, honestly, sucked more then anyone i have ever seen. But now, about 20 games later, he's pretty decent. He is still terrible and very unreliable but he will make it some day. Some day soon. I hope very soon thought, or i'll look like i'm a noob D:

So yea, that's it for now. You should all expect Magicka, Saints Row The Third, and Mount & Blade: Fire and Sword reviews coming up soon :)


Monday, September 17, 2012

Short post for now

Hello all!

I just want to say that giveaway ended. out of 10 keys, i gave away only 4.
I currently have no time to write, so this is it, hehe.
I'll update you all about the tournoment and what will i do with the rest of keys the next time i write.

Have fun all and thank you for reading!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Game review: Guns of Icarus Online

Hello people!
Today I am going to review a game which is currently in closed beta, and it is called Guns of Icarus Online!

Guns of Icarus is an MMO First person, flying ship shooter! Yes, that's right, its not an FPS, its a FSS! In this game, you are a pilot (or a crew member) of a ship in an apocalyptic steampunk future and your task is, currently, to kill the guys on the other side. There is "team red" and "team blue". Thing i like is that you can't really notice the difference between zeppelins, because they all look the same. You must either get really close to see a small, colored part on the baloon, or you must take your chances and shoot at the guy, hoping that he is not friendly.

There are three playable classes in the game. Captain, Gunner and Engineer. Captain, apparently, flies the ship. Gunner, apparently, shoots at other ships and has some boosts for guns (ship guns). Engineer, apparently (once again :P ) just runs over the whole ship and fixes any damage that they have taken during the fight. On one ship there is a crew of 3 men (or women) + the pilot.

Since the game is still in beta, It has very little people and very many bugs or glitches. From what I have been playing so far, these are prons and cons of the game.

Coordination is very important in this game. Teamwork is a must!
Very nice graphic and effects.
Lots of different weapons and ships-to come.

Since its still in beta, there are a lot of bugs.
Sometimes you get kicked out of the game and end up in the lobby.
Playing with random people might be very chalenging because you don't know if you can count on them.
For now, player base is very small so you might end up playing with the same people over and over again.

There is even a tournament already! It's called Thunderdunes, and the winners will receive collector's edition of the game, plus few outfits for your character!
Of course, I have bugged TLS members about it, so we decided to apply for it!
In the team, there will be Syphio as a pilot, and Merk, Tea and I will be engineers since we really don't need any gunner boosts. We are good as we are :D

I really hope that we will be at least good enough to end up between first three places, since I will write a big post about tournament as well. Also, sadly, Tournament is very late for Tea and me so it might be a small problem, but we will still do our best!

And last but not least, I have few Guns of Icarus beta keys left so i want to give everyone a chance of obtaining it! You have a chance to win one of 10, yes that's right, one of TEN keys for Guns of Icarus beta Online! If you want the key, comment why do you think that YOU should win the key, and tell me what do you think about my new reviewing way.
Remember, just like last time, you may post only once (include your email!) but if you subscribe you will get even bigger chance of winning! I will chose a winner randomly by

Good luck to everyone and I hope that you enjoyed this review!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Real life updates

Hey all!

When you see a title saying "Real life updates" It means that i won't review any game, I will just tell you some things that don't go into the game review.

As you all see, I have taken this job very seriously. My views jumped from 70 to 200+ within a week! I actually advanced so much, that I decided NOT to make a review of ANY GAME without the developer's permission! Yes, I know, that is going to be hard and I will have to wait a lot of time for a reply, BUT HEY! It will pay out!

For example, I got into War of the Roses beta and i contacted Paradox if i can review their game. They said that I mustn't since it's still in beta. But the woman who I was talking to was very, very nice to me and she asked me which games do I like so she can see if she can get it for me. And I got two new games! Magicka and Mout & Blade: With fire and sword!
And with them, she also allowed me to review both of them. So you should be expecting Magicka and Mount & Blade review within two to three weeks.

I have also contacted Valve if i can review Left 4 Dead 2 and Dota 2. I completely forgot about Team Fortress 2, so I will ask them about it as soon as they reply. And after i finish writing this post, I will ask Creative Assembly if I may review Total War: Shogun 2 and Rise of the Samurai DLC. As soon as I write to them, I will write to THQ If i may review Saints Row 2 and Saints Row The Third :) And, of course, I will contact Bohemia Interactive about Arma 2 and Arma 2 : Operation Arrowhead. I have a lot more games in my mind, I'm just telling you a short description of what I will be writting about within this month or two!

So you all better hold on tight, because Wolfie is taking this thing seriously now! The last thing i need is a logo which will be made by my beautiful girlfriend / unofficial (yet) fiancee.

Oh and also, I finally made my friend listen to me to quit PS3 and to upgrade his PC. He used about 700$ and he made great PC. Much better in CPU and Ram's then me, but still slightly worse graphic card, hehe. He joined Steam, downloaded TF2 and now he is an official TLS member! Welcome Manatic!

Well that's It for today, and thank you all for reading and staying loyal! Now If all you could even start commenting and not just reading.. :P I'm just kidding. Thank you a lot!


P.S. Message for Killapig- HEY MAN! I miss you too! You should really get Steam and add me, or come on MSN more often. I'll try to catch you on, we have a lot of catching up to do! And we still have to play APB:Reloaded again!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Game Review: EVE Online

Hello Ladies and Gents! Today I will make a review of a game which i am playing almost day and night! It's called EVE Online!

 EVE Online is a space MMO in which you can literally be (or become) who ever you want to be.  You can be a miner, going around the universe, mining ores and then selling them. You can be a builder, buying ores and then making ships for other players. If you want more PVP, then you could be a fighter for your corporation! Or maybe you are a stealth killer, lurking your pray slowly until he makes a bad turn so you can pop him and take all his or her loot!

Awesome thing about EVE is the number of ships. It's just enormous!  Every faction has a lot of ships. Great thing about EVE is that no meter which faction you are, with good training you can drive every single one of them :D

In EVE, your boundaries are almost limitless :D You start off with a small ship, and after few months of playing, training your skills, making money, making friends and getting fame, you can end up driving Titan ships.
Of course, not even single ships in EVE is "Badass" without a team.

Every ship in EVE has weakness and straights. Big ships are great for having big amount of heavy artillery, large damage dealing lasers and a lot of drones which help them in fights, while smaller ships are here to either defend the big ones, or to  fly over enemy big ships and damage them from all corners.
One ship in EVE, no meter how good the pilot or the ship is, can't survive an attack of 20 other players (we are talking about getting surrounded) for longer then 3-5 seconds.

The most unique thing about EVE is that massive PvP. PvP is actually (in my opinion) main feature of EVE.There are literally 100 vs 1000 men fights over solar systems, bases or just a mining space.
Not even one other game has PVP so good and so beautiful as EVE. You need to be very coordinated as well. Team who has worse ships but better tactics will win for sure in such a big battle.

I would show you some pictures of my gameplay and ships, but sadly for some reason my steam doesn't take picture when i press F12. I gotta check that problem out fast.

And now, a very short story of my EVE gameplay. I started out as a fighter pilot. Flying around, killing pirate NPC's and so on. It's insanely fun and i would love to keep doing it. But sadly, my real life budget is kinda low right now so I have only 1 month to enjoy EVE. And that's when i decided to check how rich can a miner get.  I heard that with a lot of work a miner can get 500 million ISK within a month. So now I'm a miner. And for now its terrible. In two days of mining, I only lost ISK and barely got anything. I had 2.5 mil on saturday, and now i have 1.6 mil. For now it's going terrible and my time is running out. I will still keep on mining and doing my work. Maybe in few weeks i will start getting few millions a day. After all, I just started now and I have no idea what to do just yet. I am a noob XP

Wolfie's rating;
Graphic:     10/10
Gameplay:  10/10
Story:          1/10  (there is no story. Only short missions to get you going. You are on your own after that.)
Overall:      8/10.

Small info: No meter if there is no story in this game, The game itself is so good that you don't even  need one. If you find a good corporation, you will have insanely much fun and you won't be able to stop playing. This game is totally worth to try!

 P.S. If you want to try out a 21 (extended) day trial feel free to contact me over comment or  my email. MAKE SURE to give me your email, because i can only invite you over email. Thank you!