Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Real Life Update

Hello everyone.
I just wanted to tell you that i might be slightly late with my next review, because my granny died and I really don't feel like reviewing games in the next few days.

Thank you for waiting!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Game Review and Giveaway: Ignite

Hello Ladies and Gents!

Today I'll be talking about an arcade racing game called Ignite!

Ignite is a racing arcade game published by Nemesys Games, and Indie studio with only three games so far. In this game there are three playable options: Campaing, Free Race and Multiplayer. Sadly there wasn't even one single multiplayer race when I was playing, so i didn't get the feel of that. But i did read in tips that you can only drive the cars that you unlock in Campaing mode. And I think that's pretty good too. It's a great way to make people play their game's campaing before jumping against real players!

Main and big bonus of this game is the stunning graphic. If you ask me, this small indie game company made better looking game than for example Need For Speed series. Sadly the damages on cars aren't really seen (you can only see few scratches ) but the sky, cars, tracks and objects are absolutely beautiful. Sound effects are pretty decent too, even thought almost all cars sound the same.
Music does get kind of boring and it feels rather old, but never gets annoying enough to make you stop playing and switch it off.

There is also a score system in this game. But this score system is very different then any other. In this game, your score can decide if you won or lost! For example if you were last but you finished 5 seconds
before the first guy, and you have 10 000 points more then he does, you will win. Because the points reduce your in game drive time. Not much, but it does. So you don't finish at 4:36:28, you finish at 4:30:94 minutes.

You also use the score points to use your nitro. As soon as you reach 1 000 points you are able to use nitro. As you use the nitro, your points drop very fast. And you don't need to worry about not having enough points either! You gather points by drafting behind an enemy, drifting, or ramming into any movable object in the game, such as some boxes that were left outside of a truck! The more you destroy, the more points you get.
There is, however, a drawback as well. If you crash into a wall or any non-movable object, you instantly stop gaining your points and you start getting minus points. Which means that from gaining points, you will lose as much as you crash!

Sadly there is no any customization in this game. You can only drive the cars that you unlock in game by beating some tracks. Each car, thought, gives you an unique bonus. The black car with red lines that you see in almost all of my screenshots is my favorite, because it grants you 10% extra points when you drift. And since this game is rather hard to play, I drift almost all the time. By accident. Yes, indeed i suck.

- Beautiful, stunning graphic.
- Rather small game to download, and cheap!
- Unique score system.
- Very fast gameplay. Not even one of my races lasted more then three minutes.

- There is no 1440x900 screen resolution, and thus my game did not look as beautiful as it does on my screenshots.
- There is no goal nor any kind of story.
- No customization of anything at all.
- No one plays multiplayer.

All in all, Ignite is a very good game for its price! If you are looking for a driving simulation with loads of explosion, lots of customizations and a lot of badass sounding cars, this game is not for you. But if you like to relax and just drive for the sake of it, or if you are terrible at driving games but you like them, this game is for you! Because ruining every object in this game is a good thing, and not a bad thing!
Thank you Nemesys Studios for handing this game to me for review and giveaway!

I have made a giveaway of Ignite! Anyone who is in my private giveaway group can join over this address:
Still not invited to my group? Leave many comments (not spams!) and you might have a chance to join! Want to join for sure? Then subscribe! :3
Also, the giveaway will last a week so everyone has a chance to enter! Good luck to everyone!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Game Review: Total War: Shogun 2

Hello there dear readers! On last post i asked what do you want me to review. And majority chose Total War: Shogun 2! So let me make you happy and write everything i know about it!

**Note: Please know that this IS NOT about Fall of The Samurai DLC**

Total War: Shogun 2 is a Turn based strategy game based on 16th century in Japan. Time that most people call the "Edo Period". Period with mainly only wars, destruction, pain and sorrow. A time when almost every bigger clan was battling to gain their place on the "throne". Every clan wanted their Daimyo to become a Shogunate.

In Total War: Shogun 2 (I'll just say Shogun 2 from now on) your objective is to rise your fame by conquering other clans and province, make alliances with other clans and to get big and strong enough army to face the Shogunate himself. In case that you do not know, Shogunate was like a "king" in Japan. "The ruler of them all".
In Shogun 2 you can chose almost any of the strongest clans that existed in the Edo Period.  And if you ask me, Shogun 2 is a great way to learn what was happening in Japan in 16th century. Maybe you even start to like one clan so much that you'll know almost everything about them! For example, I'm a huge fan of Date clan because they were masters of the sword ( Katana ). My dear June is a big fan of Takeda clan because they were best cavalry in that time. She likes horses. She even has two horses at home!

Each clan in Shogun 2 has their own boost at the things that they were good at. As i stated before, Date has boost in sword fights and Takeda has strongest cavalry. Clan named Chosokabe has a boost in bow damage and so on and on. You chose your clan by how you want to play, and what kinds of tactics do you want to use in battles.
You start off on the part of land which was owned by your clan from the very beginning. Then you need to start making armies and start conquering.

Shogun 2 is not like any other turn based strategy games. In this game you do not have many buildings to build. There are, but you can't chose where you want to put them. And you can't really even see them in battle (unless you battle on the terrain where that building is). You can only build the amount of building as your owned area allows you to. For example if your "fortress" (sorry, i don't know how were those buildings called in that time) is on level 3, you can only build 2-4 more buildings on the area. As you upgrade the "fortress" to level 4, you get another more building spot for some other building such as stables, archery school or any other combat or non-combat oriented building.

In Shogun 2 your goal is to become a Shogunate. You have few years (i think that 25 is on easiest) to do so. 1 Year has 4 turns - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. One great thing about Shogun is that if your army is on enemy territory during the winter (or enemy's army is on your territory) your army (or enemy's ) will get slightly smaller in numbers due to deaths because of colds or lack of food or something. Very realistic indeed!

Unlocking new, stronger units is easy in this game. Just build few new buildings and you get samurai units such as "Katana Samurai" or "Yarri Samurai". But even those stronger, Samurai units can fall easily if your opponent uses a good tactic against you. That's why Shogun 2's multiplayer is very hard and tricky.
You can't just plan your attack two days before you have a battle and then just do it. You need to plan it within the fight! Because there is always something that goes wrong.

There are also three different game types in Shogun 2. Naval battle, Land battle and Siege mode. I am terrible in Naval battle and thus, I really can't tell you anything about it. Land battle is a battle where your only objective is to eliminate your enemy, with any units that you have. You can put your Bow Samurai on the top of a hill and Katana Samurai at the bottom of it so nobody else could kill your Samurai and BAM! Your victory is almost granted. Unless your enemy has cavalry which means that your Katana Samruai  might die very fast. In Siege mode you can either be an attacker or defender. Defender needs to kill the attacker and hold the fort for as long as they can, while attacker's mission is to get into the fort any way they can (either with bombs that destroy gates, or climbing over the wall) and either kill all the defender or grab all the spots in the fortress. Sounds easy but it's actually very hard. People usually tend to use Ninjas a lot on this kind of missions since they think that Ninjas are better in stealth or better climbers then samurais. Sure, they are, but Samurais are bigger in number, and in my opinion Samurais are better fighters.   I only say that because I like Samurais more :P

In Avatar battles you make your own clan, which is awesome if you ask me. There are various ingame signs that you put on your flag, you put your own custom colors and chose which weapon will they be the best with. I didn't play too much of Avatar combat because people that usually play it are all higher rank than me and thus, they have much better and more trained units then me. That doesn't mean i can't win thought. In fact, i won quite a few games! And all were versus people on 8 + higher level! You can even do more then 1 versus 1. You can get into group battles. So call your friends, ready your horses, swords, bows or spears and go into battles together!

One commentator asked me to write some battle tactics. Honestly i'm not good at deciding tactics. I do tactic while i play. But in single player, i usually put all my army into the forest and i put my katana users in front of bow users. So in case that enemy gets closer, i pause the game, grab each unit ant point each onto their own enemy. I do the same with bow users. So the enemy can't come near my bows who actually kill everyone and everything. That's my normal, very easy to learn and master tactic.

- Wonderful fraphic.
- Massive battles with over 20 units per player.
- Various terrains to chose from.
- Make your own clan in multiplayer.
- Unit customization in multiplayer.
- Make your own story and become the next Shogunate!

- Requires a very strong computer.
- Has way too many DLC's which only means more cost.
- Loading on beginning of the game lasts very, very long.
- Character's mouth don't move when they talk (yea, very unneeded detail.... But it's a detail!)

Now when you rode this whole review, its up to you to decide if Total War: Shogun 2 is a game for you or not! To be honest, it's currently one of my favorite games. I was playing it a lot with June over summer (we sat together, one beside another. She would build armies, conquer lands, and I'd be her war general. I'd win all the battles) so it's kinda boring now when i play it alone.
But if we forget that, I love this game! It's absolutely great! If you're as big Samurai fan as I am, and a strategy fan, this game is a MUST GET!

Thank you for reading!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Short update

All subscribers please check your email. If you did not get anything, email me in stead!
Also expect another review within few next days which will either be Battlefield: Bad Company 2, or Total War: Shogun 2. You pick and tell me in comments what you want to see!
Also, I'll be making giveaways as soon as i review the games that i plan to give away.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Game Review: Saints Row The Third!

Hello men and women! How are you today???

Today I'll be writing a review of a very, very popular game called Saints Row The Third!

Saints Row game series are series of games that are very much alike Grand Theft Auto But in my opinion its much more fun.

Saints Row series are designed to be played in Co-Op, which makes the game instantly much better than GTA or any other sandbox game like it. In Saints Row games you can drive cars, pimp them up, drive boats and with some mods you can pimp them up as well, and you can also drive airplanes and pimp those up as well. With all that, another large plus that i love about Saints Row series is that it's all connected, and not like GTA. In Saints Row, you are a new member of the gang. By the end you become the leader of it. In Saint Row 2, you wake up in prison and then need to restore your gang's old reputation. And in Saints Row The Third you're stuck in a new city and you need to get rid of other gangs there. It's all connected and thus, the storyline is absolutely wonderful!

Another great feature is that there is a very rich customization in both characters and cars. You start off by some default clothes that you get when you chose your character's highness, and as soon as you do the first mission it shows you how to go to the shop to change your clothes into something better. And there are four different kinds of shop, so the fun is almost endless. Fun part is also that even thought you're a man you can still wear women clothing. I don't do that and I will never do that thought.

There is a large amount of various cars in Saints Row The Third, ranging from a golf cart all the way to cars that look like Lamborghini or any other modern very expensive car. The guy who drives this cart on the picture is ChocolateFace. Yea i didn't talk about him in a while, but we didn't really have the chance to play. My main character is on the picture above this text. The women behind him is my June. Yea, I know, she's hot.

In Saints Row The Third you're able to buy various shops, town buildings and houses to make profit of them. You pay them about 5 000$ on beginning and they give you about 500$ every in game day (which is every 30 minutes maybe, I'm not sure.)
If you buy gun store or dressing up store you even get a discount on all the items in that shop. If you buy airport you're even able to store your own airplanes and any other flying vehicles. The same thing goes with the boats.

Great thing about Saints Row The Third is that there is always a lot of things to do! Always! You can do main quest to see the great, wonderful storyline or you can do side quests to earn extra fame (level) and money. The side quests are also very fun! For example, destroy 250 000$ worth of  property with a tank or a helicopter. Who wouldn't love that kind of missions?
Or you can maybe drive around in cars, smash and kill other gangs, take their territory, steal cars and pimp them up!

Or maybe just explore stuff with your Co-Op partner! For example, June and I got an idea to steal an airplane, fly it to highest building, jump off the airplane, land on the building, look at Stillport and then jump off the building! It was very fun the first time we tried it, but I forgot to take screenshots.
So we decided to go again. And you can see what happened next on the screenshot beside this text!
Another thing that I almost forgot to mention are weapons. In Saints Row The Third there are a lot of different weapons that you get by either buying or grabbing off the floor from a dead person.

They also added a great melee weapon to this game. It's called the "The Penetrator". It is a long dildo that you use to kill everyone around yourself. It's very powerful indeed!
I would tell you some stuff about Saints Row The Third's story, but that would be spoiling and I really don't want to do that. But trust me, the story is great!

- Beautiful graphic.
- Wonderful and very funny storyline.
- Very rich character customization.
- Very rich car customization.
- Has very fun Co-Op.
- A lot of different weapons.
- Whole Saints Row The Third series are connected!

- A lot of lag in co-op mode while driving.
- Too many useless DLC's which should actually be in the game for free.
- Sometimes the game is too easy even if you play it on hard.

Well That's it about Saints Row The Third! I really enjoy this game and I really hope that i explained almost all the things that someone would wonder about it. Saints Row The Third is a Must get if you have a little bit bigger budget to spend!

~Wolfie out~

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Small update about the giveaways

Hello everyone!
I was thinking a lot about the giveaways and I decided to make them on steamgifts. Only the people who will keep visiting and commenting on my blog will be invited to the group, so there is much bigger chance for them to win.

I also decided that I'll do the giveaways once I review the games that i have giveaways of.

So yea.. Comment and come often!

Good luck to everyone!

Also, Thank you a lot Junie for making me a sign! Love you! :)

Small edit: ALL subscribers will instantly be invited to enter the group!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Game Review: Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword

Hello guys and girls! Today I will talk about a sandbox game called Mount & Blade.

Mount & Blade is a good sandbox, medieval time oriented game. In this awesome game, you are able to chose from various types of weapons and equipment that you will use to fight your enemy, loot cities, raid fortresses and kill other players!

You start off as an adventurer that, by accident, came across some trouble. You helped the french and thus you gained a gun and a horse. With it, you start your epic journey into the unknown!

I, of course, wanted to be a general of a big army that loots cities and villages. And of course, I did so! I started with 2 men from a mission, and as I kept getting money I kept on recruiting new mercenaries! And so, after a while i had over 40 men. But as i attacked a city I noticed that my 40 men are almost useless against the 120+ enemy units, hehe.

There are a lot of different types of weapons in this game, such as axes, swords, guns or arrows. It all depends on what kind of style of game do you want. Do you want to be in heavy armor, moving slow but dealing moderate damage with your sword, while being able to absorb a lot of damage with your armor, or you want to ride a horse around the mountain, wearing very easy armor and having a long, big damage dealing gun. Of course that everyone would chose the gun! But there's a drawback. Gun can have only up to 25 bullets per game, and thus, after 25 bullets you are almost useless.

As i stated before there are also a lot of various armors in this game. From old rags, all the way up to royal guard golden armor.
Money is rather easy to gain, but you spend it very fast as well. You need to pay your soldiers once a month for following you and aiding you in battles. They do not need much (my 40+ men wanted only 250 gold a month) but when you combine that, plus new recruits and then plus the new equipment you need and some food, you realize that you need more money then what you thought you need.

Multi-player is very, very fun as well! One server can hold a lot of people that battle against each other. There are various game modes available too. Two of my favorites are  Team Deathmatch and Siege mode. In Team Deathmatch you have a score number that you need to gain by killing other players to win, while in siege mode you need to kill everyone in the castle and take it over. The other side has an amount of time that they need to survive to be able to win.

Even thought this game's graphic is a bit outdated for the release dates time it's still very fun to play. I enjoy it a lot!
If you can't afford War of the Roses, this is definitely the great game that will make you satisfied!

- NPC's move and battle by themselves.
- A lot of campaign options to make your fame and name grow.
- NPC's loot villages and cities around you. Even the villages that you gained quests from can be destroyed before you complete the quest.
- A lot of weapons and armors to chose from.
- Large multi-player battles.
- A lot of active multi-player servers and players.
- Great maps and game modes for multi-player.

- A bit outdated graphic.
- Very hard aiming while on a horse.
- A lot of multi-player servers have made the game much easier then it should be.

With all that said, I really hope that you will look into it if you want to play a great medieval fighting game that doesn't require a lot of time, and is still very fun to play and is very enjoyable.
If you want, you can contact me over Steam to play a round or a few of them with me! I would love to, hehe.

Thank you, once again Paradox Interactive, for giving me a chance to play this awesome and very fun game!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Very quick update!

Hi again!
Since i saw that my views really went up into the sky, i decided to ask Muse if i could give away Guns of Icarus Online that i won a while ago as well!
All you have to do is keep track with my blog!


P.S. Don't forget to read the post right under this one. Its very important!

Real life update

Hello readers!
I have GREAT news!

Few days ago I contacted Nemesys Games about reviewing Fortix 2. And guess what! They gave me permission AND they gave me 3 copies of Fortix 2 and 3 copies of Ignite to give away to people!
Since i do not have Ignite yet, i have taken one so i will give away 2 copies. Two Ignites, three Fortix 2's.

I will do the giveaways in a day or two, but I want you to tell me do you want the giveaway to be on Steamgifts or do you want me to use
You, my dear readers, decide!
And let me know via comments.

Thank you Nemesys Games!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Game Review: Magicka

Hello ladies and gents! Today I will review a new game, called Magicka!

Magicka is one very interesting and hard game. Before i started to play this game, I had very negative thoughts, because all screenshots look bad. And when i saw a gameplay on youtube, character's voices annoyed me. But as time passed, more and more of my clan members got this weird looking game. So I got interested into it!
So after talking to the game's dev after a while, she decided to give (Donate) Magicka to me for review! Thank you Ms Veronica!

As I said in the beginning of my post, this is one very hard but yet interesting game. Hard part is that you have 8 elements which you use and combine into special attacks. For example if you combine Fire and Lightning, you get a lightning that sets enemies on fire after they are done shaking. In case that you put fire on yourself by accident, you need to put water on yourself. If you, for example, get watered and you want to use lightning element, you will hurt yourself in stead of enemies. And thus, you need to set yourself on fire to dry off. Yea, I know, its very complicated but that makes this game so fun!

When i played single player, I barely managed to beat first three levels. And now, after over five hours of single player mode, I still didn't manage to pass fourth level. It is very hard. A lot of enemies come at me, and since i'm still new and don't know what combinations are the best, I die over and over again. And thus, i rage quit. I played this game with Syphio once and it was much easier and much more fun! It's always fun to kill your friends by accident, then revive them and kill them again on purpose! Or you can use "crash to desktop" spell on them. Sadly, this spell does not do what you think it does. In stead of crashing to desktop, it just simply kills them. Still very fun thought! But be careful, you can always crash yourself in stead of your friend!

Another great thing about this game is that you can combine spells and then, in stead of using them, you can put them into your sword / mace / wand / staff or which ever weapon is that you use! There are also combinations of spells that you can use to make shield of some element around yourself. For example, since I always use Cyber skin, I'm immune to lightning. In fact, it heals me in stead of harms! And thus, i like to make a lightning circle around myself, which hurts enemies a lot, while it heals me in case that I need to go back and hide!

Of course, in case that any of your friends that are not immune to lightning come close to the ring, they will instantly get burnt and thus, probably die. So be careful!

In Magicka player can chose between a lot of playable skins. Each skin having its own prons and cons. You can also buy game DLC's which add even more skins! I like skin "Cyber" since it makes me feel at home xP
Syphio on the other hand likes to use some ninja-looking one. Cyber skin makes you immune to lightning but it means that you can't get healed by natural "heal" skill. While ninja one makes you run fast, and teleport in case of danger. Very fun little skin.

- Doesn't require strong PC to be played on full graphic.
- A lot of different skins and weapons.
- You are able to kill your friends and then revive them. They don't lose anything except the weapons, which they can still pick up from the place where they died.
- You can kill all the NPC's in game, even quest givers.

- Lack of tutorial. (I would never know about spells on weapons without Syphio.)
- Very hard on single player.

Final Grade:    8 / 10.

All in all, I loved this simple looking yet very, very fun game to play. I guarantee that if you have friends to play with, you will play this game non-stop and you will laugh the whole time while playing. Definitely worth the money!

Thank you, once again, Paradox Interactive for giving me the chance to play this awesome game!