Friday, October 25, 2013

Game Review: Hitman: Absolution

Hello Ladies and Gentleman! Today I'll be doing a review of Hitman: Absolution!
 A bit about the game and developers.
Hitman: Absolution has been developed by a Danish video game developing company, and their games are published by Square Enix. Hitman: Absolution is a stealth based action game!

About Gameplay.
Hitman: Absolution is a stealth based action game in which you play as an modern life assassin under
the code name Agent 47. All Hitman  series are connected, so the story keeps on building up after each Hitman game. In this particular game, your objective is to keep one girl safe.
During that job you will face various different enemies. You, though, don't need to kill almost anyone! Your main mission is to kill just one person, and if you can manage to pass the mission by killing only your main target. Or, pass the mission without killing anyone, if your mission is not to kill anyone. So yea, as you may already guess, this game requires you to have A LOT of patience! And concentration!

This game is, in my opinion, quite hard so the developers made it slightly easier than the rest of the series. In this game you have a thing called "Agent 47's sense" which you can use as often as you'd like. What it does is allow you to predict where certain people will move so you could avoid them or kill them as you wish. It also highlights all of the usable items that are close to you and that you can use for what ever you need them. And it also highlights doors that you can open and secret passages that you can use to move from one to the other one unseen (such as vents).

During your mission you will encounter many different weapons and collectables. You can also unlock every single clothing that you see in game. All you need is kill the person and exchange clothing. Or go into a locker room (if there is any!) and change it there. As much as I have been playing the game, I haven't seen why would you need the clothing for. On the beginning of a mission you can't chose what you're gonna wear, so I see it rather pointless. Of course, i may be wrong and I just haven't found it out, but for now, it's useless. It, of course, helps you to bypass guards or someone! Do bear in mind, though, that if you dress up as a guard everyone will  think you are real guard except guards. Guards will see you as a suspicious person and they will attempt to arrest you.

This game has a ranking system in each mission with which you can always compare your results with your friends. You can see how much points did you get on the end of the mission, and how much did your friends get. Every single kill in the game gives you negative points. If you get discovered you also get negative points. So always make sure to be very stealthy in this game! Unless you lose all of your nerves as I have, and just get out like a real man and kill every single living creature that you come across with.

Graphic and Audio
Graphically speaking the game is quite good looking. It has a lot of small details that the developers have worked on, and I really like that. Audio did seem a little bit poor though. I would add couple of background songs because it did become a bit lonely after a while.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Amazing stealth based game.
- The game requires you to think like a real assassin.
- A lot of different collectable items which most of the people will enjoy collecting.
- A big variety of weapons and clothing which can be acquired in game.

- The game does not allow you to chose your own starting items on each mission.

Final grade: 7/10.

Extra info: I think this game is exactly what a stealth looking players should look at! I though I would like to play a stealth based game.. This game prove me wrong! I would be a terrible assassin. All in all, this game is extremely fun to play and I recommend it only to the people that really like this type of stuff.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I've got an impostor..

I have found out (Thanks to Zukuruneno! ) that I have an impostor who copies my reviews and posts it on his post without my knowledge.
The Site is called "Game on india" and it is found on THIS address.
I want EVERYONE to know that those posts are all stolen, and are all MY reviews. The ones before July!

So for developers that the impostor contacted - I am very sorry about this! It's even obvious that the impostor takes MY screenshots. The ones with MY logo on them...
Sadly, there is nothing I can do about it except let everyone here know about it...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Game Review: Mass Effect 3

Hello Ladies and Gentleman! Today I'll bring you a long awaited (well not really, but I'm excited!) review of Mass Effect 3!

A bit about the game and developers.
Mass Effect was developed by BioWare, and published by ElectronicArts (EA Games). Mass Effect 3 is a final game of it's series, Which was, in my opinion, put up very well!

About Gameplay.
Just as any other Mass Effect game, your game is being developed by what you chose to do or not to do. Everything that you do or not do matters. For example, if a military camp is asking for your assistance and you ignore them, they might die a bit later, and therefore you will lose a bit of the army that you need to require to save the universe.

Player's main mission in Mass Effect 3 is to build up a big army so you could fight the Reapers and send them back to.. Well where ever they came from!  To find army you need to be helping outlaws, academy students, humans, aliens.. Even chose which races you want to left alive to help you, while watching other ones burn. On that long journey you come across all of your old friends that were alive in your previous games. Now, I made a stupid mistake. I've deleted Mass Effect 2 from my game a long time ago, and with that I lost my saved data. Because of that I didn't see 90% of my crew, and the other 10% either died because I "didn't play previous games" or they didn't even want to talk to me. So before playing ME3, make sure to have your ME and ME2 save files!

As your character progresses in the game by leveling up, you get skill points which then you can use on different skills. Skills such as extra bombs, shield, stronger melee attacks and so on and on. There are also various types of weapons which you can unlock by finding them through your gameplay. You can then "mod" your weapon with what ever you've found, giving it stronger attacks. On the other hand, you can also find many different armors which give you different boosts.

Awesome thing about Mass Effect 3 that really makes the game amazing is that Mass Effect 3 has a multiplayer. Sadly only 4 people can in the same time. And I wouldn't really call it a multiplayer. I'd rather call it co-op. All you have to do is survive 10 waves of enemy units. It sounds easy but it's quite hard. There are a lot of different classes in multiplayer (all classes that you see in single player) and it's a very good idea to combine them to beat the co-op.

In multiplayer there isn't much customization. You can customize how does your armor look like, but that's it. There are no different armors to unlock. You can, though, unlock different races and weapons. And you unlock them by gathering credits as you play (you earn them by playing multiplayer) and then spending the credits in ingame shop. Sadly, everything you buy is random. So you can't chose what you want. You have to pay a box and then pray that you get something good.

Graphic and Audio
Honestly, graphic did disappoint me a bit. It looks almost same as Mass Effect 2, even though it's a "brand new game". And characters run quite funny. But other than that, the graphic is very good. Music on the other hand is amazing. There are two songs that I just can't stop listening non-stop.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Multiplayer!
- Amazing storyline!
- Amazing ending!
- Choices of who lives and who dies.

- All the randomness in multiplayer.
- Characters run funny.

Final Grade: 8/10

Extra info: Even though I'm a big fan of Mass Effect series and Mass Effect 3 is one of my favorite games, i couldn't not notice the character's run and the stupid randomness in multiplayer. This game is definitely a must have for anyone who likes Mass Effect!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Game Review: Brütal Legend

Hello Ladies and Gentleman! Today I'll be doing a review of an indie game called Brütal Legend!

A bit about the game and developers.
Brütal Legend is an action game developed by Double Fine studios. They are the same studio that
made The Cave (amazing game!), Iron Brigade, Stacking, Costume Quest, Psychonauts and couple of more others. I should mention that Brütal Legend also has couple of very good rock artists. Jack Black and Ozzy Osbourn. Honestly, I love to listen to rock-metal, but I ain't fan of Ozzy's music, and I've heard a lot of better artists than Jack, but Jack is definitely one of my favorite actors. I mean, that guy is funny! And he's an amazing voice actor in this game!

About Gameplay.
Brütal Legend is an action game in which all you do is hit, slash, run over and burn your enemies. Now, a lot of people find this type of game very amusing, but to me that's just too simple. Luckily, this game comes with another approach, that suits me a bit better! A strategy one! You are able to take the game into a semi-top down view, build your units and send them to where ever you'd like them to go. But I'll talk more about that later!

So, in Brütal Legend you play as a roadie (sorry if I misspelled it!) who died on a stage. The roadie, Eddie, gets brought back to life by the power of Ormagöden. But he got back into a Heavy Metal world, not the normal one. In that world, your job is to fight demons, and goths, using nothing but the power of true rock!

When it comes to fighting, controls are quite easy to master. Managing an army is a bit harder, but still quite easy to remember and use in combat. And remember, 10 is always better than 1. So use those units wisely! In the game there are various relics that you can find. Some give you special powers, and others lets you resurrect a "metal shop". Inside of it you find Guardian of Metal (Ozzy!), who can then upgrade your car, change your character's look, give you different weapons and so on and on. The only sad thing about the game is that Eddie can't jump. He can do a lot of things, but jumping ain't one of them.

The story of this game is very good, and very fun to follow. Jack's humor is a huge extra to the game! There's also a lot of swearing and bad language in the game which aren't really appropriate for children. But you can always just disable that and turn on that "BEEEEEEP" sound if someone swears, and that will definitely make the game A LOT more funny!

Now, let's head over to the multiplayer view of this game. I haven't tried out the online multiplayer, because I was sure I'd get my ass kicked instantly. So I did a test run with AI's, and it's AMAZING! You can chose one of three factions (demons, goths or metal heads) and fight the others. This is a full strategy game, where you spawn units, send them to battle and so on and on. Now, earlier i said "semi top down". I said that because you can only see where your character currently is. So if you want to see more of the "map", you have to fly (yes, FLY!) to the different location. I really had a lot of fun playing against the AI!

Graphic and Audio
Graphically speaking, the game looks pretty good. It looks like a cartoon, with the characters so realistic, that you are instantly able to recognize them. Songs are also pretty good, there's a lot of metal and rock. Though, you have to unlock them, so first 3-5 hours of gameplay are quite repeatable, and annoying..

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Metal oriented game!
- Lots of famous people are inside of it.
- Very funny!
- Nice customization.

- On beginning the music is repeatable.
- Map works quite weird with mouse.

Final grade: 7/10

Extra info: The game is very fun and enjoyable, but songs should have been much easier to acquire. I really recommend this game to anyone who enjoys easy games where you do nothing else except just kill creatures with two different buttons (like Darksiders, but this is better!)