Wednesday, February 11, 2015

No new reviews for a short while.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
I have got sad news to share with you. I won't be able to do reviews for a short time. A week or two. Sadly my mother board died and I need to get it replaced. It started about a week and a half ago when my first memory slot died. The PC didn't want to boot up and it took me three days to figure the issue out. I had to take out the memory from the non-working slot, and after that the PC (kind of) worked like a charm. Sadly though, yesterday it died again. And in my attempt to fix it, I burnt my motherboard.
So I won't get the new motherboard until Saturday or Monday, I am not sure when yet. And maybe, just maybe my Power Supply Unit died as well, so I would need to replace that as well. Let us hope that isn't the issue though.
Anyway, thank you all for being patient! And I am really sorry to keep you all waiting!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Game Review: Fight The Dragon

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, today I'll be reviewing a community generated Hack'n'Slash RPG Fight The Dragon.

A bit about the game and developers.
Fight The Dragon has been developed and published by 3 Sprockets. Fight the dragon is a Hack'n'Slash RPG in which everyone can create their own dungeons. The game is all about going on an adventure by yourself or with your friends. There are few maps that were designed by the developers of the game, but all other content has been made by the community itself.

About Gameplay.
In Fight The Dragon you are given the choice to be one out of four playable classes. You can chose between Fighter, Fire Mage, Ice Mage and a Rogue. Fighter is a tank or a damage dealer, depending on your equipment and play style. Fire Mage is an Area of Effect damage deal, which is great to take down multiple enemies. Ice Mage is mainly a stunner, who focuses on freezing the enemies in place so the others can take them down fast and easy. Rogue is a damage dealer and a trap finder. He focuses on poisoning the enemies to deal extra damage, setting up traps and dismantling traps in game.

The game futures many different weapons and armors. All the classes can wear all the armors, but they are limited with the weapons. Sword, axe, club and a shield may be wielded by any class. Fighter specific weapons are greatswords, spears, greathammers and a throwing hatchet. Wizard specific weapons are crystal, staffs, wands and a magic tome. And finally, rogue's specific class weapons are daggers, shortswords, crossbow and shurikens. Inside of an adventure the loot is separated, meaning that everyone gets their own loot. That's a great thing because no one needs to fight about what belongs to who. Sadly there is no trade system in the game, but a player can just drop the icons he or she does not want on the ground, and someone else can pick them up in stead.

As I said earlier, most of the dungeons in this game are made by players. Fight The Dragon has an amazing and very mature community, and most of the people are creating their own maps. Some people make arena maps, some of them just build nice little towns, while others, more serious people, make their own little campaign. I think that's very amazing since those people just keep making the game expand more and more. It kind of feels as if it's just filled up with  free DLC's everywhere!

The game also supports Steam Workshop, which allows you to have an even bigger character customization. Imagine running around in a Batman costume! Yes, of course I did that. Who wouldn't? There are new items inside of the workshop quite often, but not as often as the new maps.

Fight The Dragon also has a specific type of loot called "Dragon Scrolls". The player can use that scrolls in single player to fight a dragon. Sadly, the dragon is so hard to kill that I did not even manage to get close to it yet. He's got a million HP and deals too much damage. He also drops specific items which a player can obtain from a dragon and dragon alone, the dragon rings. I have tried to find out what happens once the player kills the dragon by browsing the internet a little bit, but I didn't find anything related to it, except that "it's not worth the hassle".

Graphic and Audio.
The game is pretty blocky, but the developers still made it look quite pretty. Awesome thing about that is that the game runs on quite old and weak computers. Songs in the game are very nice, and I really enjoyed having them as my background music, but the weapon sounds could use a bit of a tun up. Shurikens, throwing hatchets and the crossbow all have the same sound, and I have found that very annoying.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Community based dungeons / campaigns.
- Steam Workshop support.
- Many different weapons and armors.
- Ability to create your own dungeons and campaigns with a very simple in game creation tool.

- Very slow character progression.
- The dragon can't be fought with friends.
- No ability to make custom weapons and armors.

Final grade: 7.5/10

Game Trailer.

Extra information: If you are interested in a very cool co-op experience in which you can rank up your character and make your own dungeons, this game is definitely for you. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trying to move to video reviewing.

Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen!
As you have seen, even though I have returned I still didn't post more than just one review. Main reason to that is simply because I have no time to play too many games. I want to review Fight The Dragon, but I feel like I just didn't learn enough of things about it yet. And therefore I stopped writing it multiple times.
But what I have been doing is, I have started making more video gameplays. Most of the people prefer to watch a video in stead of read a review, so I want to try and reach to that audience as well. Don't get me wrong, I will still write all the reviews, but I'm just trying to reach out to more people.

Very soon there will be a giveaway of EvE Online coming up, so make sure to stick around!
Also feel free to leave any type of feedback to the blog. I love hearing what other people think I should change, improve or leave out.
Thank you all for reading!

P.S. A new review is definitely going to happen within the next four to five days! Definitely!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Game Review: Planetary Annihilation

Hello Ladies and Gentleman! To start off, I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! I hope that everyone will have better year than any previous one and that you will be able to accomplish everything that you wanted to accomplish thus far.  With that said, I decided that as of 2015 I will stop being lazy! And the best way to do that is to start writing reviews again. And for my first review I chose Planetary Annihilation. I have played quite a few hours of this game and I feel more than confident of reviewing it. So here we go!

A bit about the game and developers.
Planetary Annihilation has been developed and published by Uber Entertainment. They are quite a new company, but they have a very experienced team. Their only other PC game is Super Monday Night Combat, which is a completely different game from Planetary Annihilation.  Planetary Annihilation is a Real Time Strategy with just one simple game. Complete annihilation of your enemy!

About Gameplay.
Planetary Annihilation is a very fast paced RTS. As said before, your only goal in this game is to kill the enemy commander, pretty which is pretty much the same thing like in Supreme Commander series. And once again, just like in Supreme Commander series, you start off with a big commander who starts building up a colony. But this game comes with a fantastic twist! You can get off from the planet on which you are currently, and actually move to different asteroids or planets if there are any. So the map in this game can be quite large, and even though the game is very fast paced few hours can pass before you finish the round. And since you can populate many planets, you can also control them. You can smash one planet into another and take the enemy down by surprise. That happened to me twice already.

Until recently this game was only playable in multi player. But recently Uber Entertainment has added single player. Single player has two game types. Galactic war or Skirmish against AI. In skirmish you battle only one round. You can set up how many planets will there be, resources and players (AI's.). Galactic war is something like a campaign. You start off on one solar system, and your goal is to conquer the entire galaxy. So you jump from one system to another. Some of them have enemies, others do not. Each solar system has an "upgrade" which you use. At first you start off with just three upgrade slots, but as you move through the game you manage to unlock more of them. They aren't exactly upgrades since they actually allow you to build more units. So, without the unlocks you are forced to only use tanks. As you progress (and get lucky!) you unlock air vehicles, orbital vehicles, naval and so on and on. Maybe you even manage to get a NPC commander to help you out! I was lucky enough to get another commander Silva, and he helped me a lot. In fact, I won most of my games thanks to him!

Multiplayer is much different than the singleplayer experience, but that is to be expected. Unlike in single player where bots do their best to get higher tier bots, tanks and aircraft, in multiplayer people use many different strategies and even kill each other within the first two to five minutes of the game! Playing a game with 8 players is very fun but can also get slow and boring once you get rid of most commanders since you can't find the rest of them on so large map. Multiplayer also lets you chose if you want to have shared armies or not. If they are shared you can control each other's units, including the commander. But of course, just like any other game sometimes you encounter bugs. For example in my previous game my teammate's commander couldn't build anything. But that's a minor bug which was fixed as soon as we remade the round.

Graphic and Audio.
Graphic of this game is filled up with pixels and tiny boxes. But that's mainly how this game is supposed to be. This game is voxel based strategy, and I have to tell you that the developers did an amazing job. Even though the game looks quite simple, it's still beautiful. The universe, the planets, the water, trees and vehicles, everything looks very beautiful. The audio in this game is exactly what it should be. Background music. You don't even realize it's there unless you actually focus on it, and it just fits in perfectly as you play. So great job on the music choice!

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Large maps.
- Beautiful graphic.
- Fun single player.
- Extremely fun multiplayer.
- A lot of different units.

- Hard learning curve. No tutorial.
- Multiplayer games can get long and boring since the map is too big.
- Starting your first Galactic war campaign feels harsh and unfair.

Final grade: 8.5 / 10

Game Trailer

Extra information: If you are a fan of Supreme Commander, or Total Annihilation games, you will love this game. It's large, fast paced and almost no experience is the same. Great game indeed!

You can buy the game over Steam by clicking this link!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen!

I know that I am not too active lately, but I do know that I will fix that soon!
I got my PC back and I have got quite a few games on my list waiting to be reviewed! But before all that begins again, I would just like to tell everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I hope that all of you will have a wonderful time with your family and friends, and I hope you will enjoy your gifts.

Have a great vacation,

Thursday, September 25, 2014

An update of all the recent events.

Hello there readers!

I haven't been writing for a long, long while, but I have a good excuse for it! On my last post I said that I can't play anymore, due to June being over at my place. Well, about a month later we went into her country, Czech Republic. Luckily things were better than I have hoped for. I managed to get a job, and I have managed to stay in Czech. I am currently living with June. I couldn't be happier!
But there's one slightly bad thing about that. I do not have my gaming PC here. Therefore, I can't do almost any gaming. I do have my laptop here but he's way too outdated for any new games. I even have slight lag issues in Hammerwatch!

I think I'll be mailing my PC from Croatia to Czech within few months. And once I do that, I'll start writing again!
I'm really sorry for letting you know so late, but I rarely have any free time. And when I do, i tend to spend it with June in stead of just being on PC all the time.
Thank you all for being faithful readers!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I'm sorry for the inactivity.

Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen!
I just wanted to apologize for not writing anything in the past month. It's that time of the year again when June and I are together, therefore I do not have much time for gaming. Or when I do, we usually play the games which we've played for a long while.

I might, though, write a review of Landmark Beta, Battlefield Hardline beta, Slender: The Arrival and what ever else we play together. Though, do not have too big hopes.
Thank you all for following me through my reviews!

I also started making a lot more videos. June gave me an early birthday present and it was a new hard disk. Exactly a thing that I needed to be able to start recording. So my two videos are already up, and I am still preparing some of them for you!

Once again, thank you all for following me and I hope that you will be awaiting for my return!
Have a great summer vacations!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Game Review: Dead Island: Riptide

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, today I will be writing a review of a zombie game called Dead Island Riptide.

A bit about the game and developers.
Dead Island: Riptide has been published by Techland, and Published by Deep Silver. Both Techland and Deep Silver are quite big companies with many known titles. Techland are developers of Call of Juarez franchise, Dead Island franchise, Nail'd and so on and on. Deep Silvers are also publishers Nail'd, Dead Island franchise, Risen franchise, Metro franchise and so on and on.

About Gameplay.
Dead Island: Riptide is an action role-playing survival horror video game. The RPG element of the game are levels, weapon upgrades and character choosing. Survival horror element is the fact that there are millions of zombies all around you, and, well, you want to survive. Now, on the other hand, Dead Island Riptide is all about the story. A very big, fun and engaging story. Story which makes you feel big and strong, but at then end it completely twists everything. If you loved the story of the original Dead Island like I did, you will love the sequel just as much or possibly even more!

Dead Island: Riptide can be played as a single player game, but is actually best enjoyed in a co-op. Unlike the first game, Riptide allows you to play with four friends. So five players all together. The game also implements a new character Sargent John Morgan who specializes in hand to hand combat. If he is skilled correctly he could kill zombies in one hit using nothing more than his bare hands. The way that real men fight zombies. Riptide also adds few new weapons into the game such as Chinese  war sword, new knives, new guns.

 There are various different mods in Dead Island Riptide that can turn the game in your favor if used correctly, or could make things hard for you if used the wrong way. There are single target mods and Area of Effect  (AoE) mods. Both of those types are awesome due to the extra damage that you make to the enemies, but you also need to watch your step since you can hurt yourself too. Friendly fire is disabled in Dead Island Riptide, but fire, venom and electricity damage from your mods can also damage friendlies. That has no sense but it is how it is.

Riptide also shows us few new vehicles. Well, only two to be more exact. Players can now drive a five seat vehicle which looks quite nice, and can also drive a small boat. Car controls feel a bit slow, but after a while the player gets used to them. Boat on the other hand feels much better, but the player is in constant danger of being attacked, therefore boat rides feel much more unconformable than anything else.

Graphic and Audio.
Graphic of Dead Island Riptide was a little bit disappointing to me. Only because I barely saw any difference from the first game. Don't get me wrong, the graphic is amazing and beautiful, it just looks the same like the first game. Audio is quite quiet and empty most of the time. That's sometimes good since you can expect zombies and make a plan, but when you're playing alone it feels rather empty and sad.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Awesome story.
- Nice graphic.
- Nice variety of weapons.
- Five player co-op experience.
- Quite a long story.

- Friendly fire is not implemented into the game, and yet Modification's damages can hurt your friends and the player.
- Ammo is easy to come by, guns are not.

Final grade: 8.5 / 10

Extra Info: I'm a big zombie games fan. I've liked zombies ever since I was a little boy. Dead Island was one of the first actual Zombie games (that was not a flash game) and it was a wonderful sight on the market. I really enjoyed playing Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide, and I think that anyone who likes a good story in a zombie apocalypse setting should play them. I would also like to say a big thank you to my aunt Tea, to my best friend Knoxi and to my beloved June for playing and beating the game with me! The game can be bought right here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Space Corp Tycoon

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Today I'll be writing about Space Corp Tycoon.

Before I start I'd like to say that this is not a review. I was contacted by the developer of this game who asked me to promote the game on my blog. Which I gladly did.
Space Corp Tycoon is still in Early Alpha. In a VERY early alpha. The current build looks as if It was just here to show the artwork. But the lone developer of this game has a very nice ideas for it in the future. He wants to build a lot of different planets, he wants to add space battles as well as ground battles, player owned stations and so on and on. The game has quite a few nice ideas so far.
The game was already Greenlight, so expect to see it on Steam almost as soon as it gets out.

The developer of the game also gave me two giveaway copies of Space Corp Tycoon. Joining the giveaway is quite easy. The only thing I want from you is to follow me on Facebook, Possibly on Google + if you use one. Those who follow me on Google + and Facebook will get an extra chance to win! I also want you to comment on this post and tell me why should YOU be the one to win this.

The giveaway will end when this countdown goes down. Few hours after that I will pronounce the winners!

Thank you very much and good luck to everyone!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My review will be late. But there will also be a giveaway!

Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen.
I'm sorry to tell you, but I have caught a cold. And It's making me miserable for the past few days. Therefore, I am really in no mood to write a review just yet.
The review should be here within the next few days, and with it I will make a giveaway for Space Corp Tycoon.
Thank you all for reading!