Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter everyone!

Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen!

I really hope that everyone is having a wonderful Easter! I hope you spent the day with people you love and care about, and that you enjoyed every second of it (or will enjoy it, if your day just started!).

Other than that, I'm really sorry for not writing a review yet. I got a game for review quite late and I just wasn't ready to do it yet. I will write the review tomorrow, and then another review around Friday.
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Game Review: Saints Row IV

Hello Ladies and Gentleman!
Today I'm writing a review of a third person, extremely fun shooter called Saints Row IV!

A bit about the game and developers.
Saints Row 4 has been developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. Both the developer and publisher are known for a lot of different games but probably the most known games from Volition are Saints Row franchise and Red Faction franchise. Saints Row IV is Deep Silver's first Saints Row game, but their previous well known titles are Dead Island franchise, X franchise, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and so on and on. They are publishing many great games.

About Gameplay.
Saints Row IV is a very easy game to master. The controls are pretty much the same as in almost any other third person shooter game. But there is a small plot twist. Even though you can enter vehicles, customize them and so on and on, there is really no need for it. Because in Saints Row IV you have super powers. That's right, super powers.You can sprint faster than any car can drive, you can get into a maximum high faster than any airplane or helicopter can and you can even use your telepathy power to rise enemies and throw them onto others.

Saints Row IV kind of continues the story where the previous games have stopped. But just kind of. The story is drastically changed. Luckily, as you play the game you find out one amazing surprise. Something that just has to make every Saints Row fan smile. I can't write what it is because it is a MASSIVE spoiler, but I can tell you that if you love Saints Row franchise you will love the surprise. In Saints Row IV the Earth is being attacked by aliens. They look very cuddly and nice, but in fact they are true killers. And Saints Row are the only people who can save the humanity from them. Since the aliens actually want to torture you before killing you, they place you inside of a virtual reality. Through the virtual reality you collect some sort of "hacks" which give you special powers. At first you start out with just sprint and high jump, but as you progress you also get some special attack powers like a fire bolt, ice bolt, telepathy, stomp and a strength buff which also sets everyone on fire when you run past them. You can also upgrade every power and make it even more powerful. I have only been upgrading my sprint and telepathy. The sprint has one special ability which allows you to a act like a tornado. You push everything away from you when you run past them. It's very fun!

The developer also put a handful of new weapons into the game. New alien guns. And with the guns being added, the developer also added some new alien vehicles such as cars and jets. Even a power suit! Something like a Mech. And it's very fun to drive it around and destroy stuff. But, you know, since you have all those super powers it's also useless to grab an alien car and bother customizing it since you will almost never use it anyway. Same goes with the jet.

On the side note.. Sometimes the super powers just get in the way of stuff. You are almost unable to do any customization because you keep being hunted by virtual police since you killed someone while sprinting. Also the guns sometimes seem just too weak. Even after upgrading them they still didn't do enough damage to kill aliens with the first hit.

Graphic and Audio.
Graphically the game has disappointed me. I mean the graphic looks exactly the same like Saints Row The Third. When you enter the game everything is so the same like Saints Row The Third that it feels as if you are just playing another too expensive DLC with a lot of extra DLC's that come with it. Audio on the other hand was pretty good. A bit too much of Dubstep and too little rock for my taste, but who likes Dubstep will like the audio in the game.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Saints Row game.
- Very funny.
- Awesome surprise.
- Alien jets.
- Mech!!
- Co op is extremely fun.

- All type of vehicles are useless.
- Weapons seem to be a bit too weak.
- The story length is way too short.

Final grade: 8/10

Extra info: I am a huge Saints Row fan. I'd chose Saints Row over any GTA game or any game of that type, because Saints Row games are here to be fun and funny. So if you want something realistic or serious like GTA, look away. Saints Row is a game where you run around with a giant tentacle and hit people with it. The game can be bought here.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Game review: Tales of Maj'Eyal

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
Today I'm writing a review about a rogue like RPG called Tales of Maj'Eyal!

A bit about the game and developers.
Tales of Maj'Eyal is a free open source roguelike RPG, made by just DarkGod. DarkGod is actually just one person! Well, two if we want to count the designer. So, ToME is made by a team of two people, and this game is absolutely free!

About Gameplay.
Tales of Maj'Eyal is a turn based roguelike RPG. In it you have option to chose one of many different races and classes. But at first you are very limited. You start off with just handful of races and classes. You then do main mission, side quests and explore so that you could find the other races and classes. Each class starts off in a different area, and I really like that. Makes every start a bit more unique.

This is a type of game which fits anyone's play style. You can either play it on easy and have unlimited number of lives, or you could play it on normal difficulty where you have five lives, and anything else that you pick up during your gameplay. And of course there's hardcore mode in which you lose as soon as you die once. In my opinion that's very awesome and challenging!

There are few maps in this game but I sadly managed to try just one. And that one is very big. On the map you can encounter a lot of different cities, dungeons and NPC's. Some NPC's will give you side quest and some will try to kill you. You can also see the other adventurer NPC's. They are friendly and don't have anything to do with you but it's fun to watch them run around. You can also visit every city and dungeon in this game. In fact it's very smart to do so, because it's much bigger chance to find other classes that way. This game really rewards you for exploring around and helping people, which I like a lot.

Combat system is turn based. Any long ranged attack such as fireballs or arrows need couple of turns to reach their target. If the target is fast enough they can actually move away from the danger which will cause it to miss. The player can, of course, do the same thing. I really have to say once again that this is a fully free to play, open source game. But you can always donate to the developers and get access to some classes and races that were only available to the donors. If you buy the game over steam you instantly get all the bonuses of the donors.

Graphic and Audio.
Graphically speaking the game looks like something old, but I actually didn't mind it. In fact, I liked it. It shows that gameplay should still be most important part of this game. Audio of this game is absolutely amazing, and I just loved listening to songs over and over again. In fact I even felt opening the game and then just listen the music in the background while I do other stuff.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- A lot of different races and classes.
- Turn based game so it allows to think over your strategy before acting.
- Big map.
- Three life difficulties.
- A lot of different game difficulties.

- Leveling sometimes takes a while.
- Sometimes it gets quite hard to kill enemies that are three to five levels higher than you.
- No co op or multiplayer.

Final grade: 8/10

Extra info: If you have never played a rogue like game before, I think this should be the first one! It's amazing and I loved every second of it. Absolutely amazing Free to play game.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Game Preview: Planets³

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
Today I will bring you a preview of one game that is currently on Kickstarter. I say preview because I can't review something that still didn't get out yet. So I can just preview the information about it, and then say my own opinion of it. The game I'm talking about is Planets³. And you read that as Planet Cube, not Planet Three.

Planets³ is a RolePlaying Voxel game. That makes the game unique! In this Multi-player voxel game you have the ability to advance by levels, discover new locations, build what ever you wish to, design your own weapons and even discover other Cubical planets! I mean, how cool is that?? Flying around the solar system from a planet to planet, finding people on it, building cities and maybe even making some Planet versus Planet wars! I have to say, for now I love the sound of that.

Players in this game have quests. Those quests allow them to level up, and to reveal the secrets of Planets Cube.There are also plenty of side quests which give you the opportunity to find rare items which can only be acquired over missions, more in depth story of the game and new locations which you maybe wouldn't have discovered on your own.

Crafting in Planets Cube is massive! You can literally build what ever you want, which even means you can
craft the weapons to look exactly how you want them to look. Do you want it to look like dragon tooth? Sure, no problem, do it! The same thing also goes with crafting vehicles for your journey over the vast universe. You can shape your vehicles to look exactly how you want them to look like. And I love that freedom.

This game really gives you the true form of freedom. IF you want to be a farmer, be a farmer. If you want to be a warrior, be a warrior. Make cities with other players or live on your own. Pact alliances with the kings or lords of other cities, while going into wars with other alliances. And if you put enough effort into it, who knows, maybe you'll even get to use guns and, who knows, spaceship battles!

The future of Planets Cube looks extremely promising. I mean, this is exactly the game that I have been
awaiting for years. I've seen many of them announced, but most of them got shut down. Or some are just much slower in progress. So Planets Cube is really giving me very high hopes. I think that Planets Cube is a perfect game to invest money into! And you can do so over their KickStarter page which can be found right here.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Game Review: Gnomoria

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
First of all I want to say that I'm sorry for skipping one week of reviewing. I was very busy, and when I had time I just didn't feel like reviewing. So today I'm bringing you a review of a strategy game called Gnomoria!!

A bit about the game and developers.
Gnomoria has been developed and published by Robotronic Games. Most people who try Gnomoria out say that it's a simplified version of Dwarf Fortress. The last time I played Dwarf Fortress was about five years ago, and that did not end well, So I can't tell! What I can say is that Gnomoria is something much different from everything you've seen before!

About Gameplay.
Gnomoria is a strategy based sandbox game. But unlike other games, you don't make things happen instantly. In fact, you decide what you want to do and you place that object on the ground and then watch little gnomes ignore your orders and wishes, just because they think they don't need it for now. Everything in this game is done by the wish of your gnomes, and you have almost no influence over it. Now, this game is for those who have a lot of patience. I do consider myself to be a man with a lot of patience, but I also like to plan ahead. So I give my gnome 100 tasks before they manage to finish even the first one, and then I do nothing except stare at the screen for hours.

But don't think this game is boring! No, totally the opposite! While you are watching your Gnomes ignore your commands, you also have to make sure that they have food, water, that they don't get killed by goblins, or some other creatures. You also need to make sure that their animals are taken care of nicely, and that ambassadors from other cities feel nice and happy in your city when they come to visit you. After all, why would one town trade with your town if you got their ambassador killed?

The game has a lot of different things that you can do. There are a lot of items to make, a lot of different machines, work spaces, beds, and so on and on. The game even allows you to make your own houses! As in, it allows you to design a whole village how you see it fit. But the problem is that the game offers you so many different things to do, but it doesn't tell you what you need to make it. Luckily people are working very hard on the Wiki, so it's quite easy to find the needed information there.

Graphic and Audio.
Let's start off with audio this time! This game futures two different types of audios: 8 bit and Orchestral. Of course, Orchestral sounds much more beautiful, calm and makes you feel warm at heart, but the original, old 8 bit sounds just make you smile and make you feel happy. The songs are exactly the same in both 8 bit and Orchestral, so it's really down to personal preference. I liked 8 bit one more though! Now, graphically the game doesn't look like anything new. But I like it! It's small voxels with small 2D characters running around over your map. I found it interesting, and once you get used to it it actually becomes quite amazing!

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Beautiful voxel based strategy game.
- Something very unique.
- Sandbox.

- Not enough guides.
- Way too slow.

Final grade: 8.5/10

Extra info: I have to say I really enjoyed playing Gnomoria! If you are interested into games where gnomes do everything except listen to you, please don't hesitate to go buy it right here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Game Review: The Walking Dead Season 2

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
Today I will be making a review of a story based game called The Walking Dead Season 2. As much as you could have realized, this game is a sequel to the original game called The Walking Dead.

A bit about the game and developers.
As I said at the start of this post, this game is a sequel to The Walking Dead. Just as the previous game, this is a point and click game in which you move around just a little bit, click on a thing or two and just watch the show. This game, just as previous one, was developed and published by Telltale Games. They are the same guys who made the previous game, and many other very well known games such as The Wolf Among Us.

About Gameplay.
Just like in the previous game, you don't do much in The Walking Dead Season 2. You walk around every now and then, click a button or two when the timing is crucial and search for hidden objects that you need to find. Also you have an option to talk to anyone from your group that is currently in your playable area. Telltale has changed the look of the game a little bit, and that makes me glad. Choices of your sentences are now spread in four boxes, in stead of being one under the other. This makes the game look much better, but it also makes it a bit harder to read through your choices. Luckily Telltale have thought of that too! They made the game give you a little bit more time to read through all of your choices and select what you would want to say if you were in that situation.

When you want to interact with certain objects or people a small circle will appear around it in which you can chose what you want to do. This makes the game look cleaner and, in my opinion, much better. They also added a new thing to the game which I don't remember in last one. They added button spamming and directions of your actions into the game. With that I mean that the game makes you hit Q rapidly during some scenes, or it makes you move to left, right, up or down in some scenes. If you fail to do that, or you press the wrong button, you die which is quite frustrating. Just like in the previous game, if you die you get set back quite a bit. You have to watch long scenes, long talks and maybe even re-make your choices from before. And if you die just before a new save, and the previous save was 20 minutes ago.. Well, you are going to have a very bad day.

The Walking Dead Season 2 is a game that focuses on Story more than gameplay. The game does it's best to connect you to the characters in it. The developers actually want you to live through the story, and that's what makes this game amazing. They are doing a great job about it! But I have to say, I have connected to the characters from the previous game more then with the new ones. Mainly because new characters are more selfish.. They are a small group of people who probably got betrayed before, and therefore they are judging you too much. Therefore I got quite happy once I was able to reconnect to a member of my previous group.

The game is still in early parts of the story, so there's only two out of five episodes out yet. There's a lot more story to be revealed, and I have to say that I can't wait to play through it.

Graphic and Audio.
The graphic is quite outdated, but they are doing that on purpose. This game focuses on being as close to comic books as possible, and that's what makes it different and awesome. Audio is very nice and never gets annoying. I really enjoyed both graphic and audio of the game.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Amazing story.
- Ability to chose your own "future".
- Surprising outcomes.

- Sometimes your choice is a negative one, even thought you thought it would be positive.
- The game is still not full out and waiting for next episode is just too hard and too long, since the game is just too good.

Final Grade: 9/10

Extra Info: If you love games with very deep, amusing and easy to follow story then this game is for you. You will not go wrong with purchasing it!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I made a Facebook Page!

Hello Ladies and Gentleman!

I just wanted to let you know that I have made a Facebook Page for my reviews!
On that Facebook Page I will mainly ask what would people want me to review, I will be making some giveaways especially for Facebook followers, and I will post on Facebook as soon as I write a the next review.

So yea, if You are using Facebook and You would like to see some updates from me between reviews, please don't hesitate to go and like the page over here.
Thank you very much for supporting me so far!

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Game Review: Assassins Creed III

Hello Ladies and Gentleman!
First of all I'd like to apologize to you for a long delay in my review. I didn't have any game for review at first, and I was being quite busy. I bought Assassins Creed III so now I'm able to do a review.
So as said before, today I'll bring you a review of Assassin's Creed III!

A bit about the game and developers.
Assassin's Creed III is fifth game in the Assassins Creed series, developed and published by Ubisoft. I say that it's fifth game because there were two games before this one that were just explaining the story a bit more.

About Gameplay.
Assassin's Creed III is the first game I've played from the Assassin's Creed franchise. But as much as I know each of the Assassin's Creed games has two stories. One set in the present while the other one is set in the past, where you play as one of the Assassins who is in battle against Templars. In the present story you play as a young man called Desmond who is trying to reveal the past so that he could save the future, while the Templars are trying to stop you. And I'll be honest, that story was so uninteresting to me that I just wanted to quit the game when ever it forced me to play as Desmond. Desmond uses one machine to make his mind fly into the past so that he could re-live what his ancestors did before. Before starting to talk about the ancestor story, I'd like to say that I do like what Ubisoft did. When ever you play as Desmond there is never HUD. There is no health bar, there are no warnings when enemy is about to attack, no bullet counts, you can't see when someone is onto you, no map, etc etc. They made it kind of realistic, and I really like that.

Now, about the real game. In Assassin's Creed III you play as an native American who joined the Assassin's brotherhood so that he could protect his tribe. As an Assassin he has a couple of different weapons which he can use and replace. He's got his original Assassin hidden blades, he's got a pistol that can hold only 8 bullets, a bow which he knows how to use since he's a native american, a sword and a tomahawk. In most cases you kill your enemies rather quickly with your tomahawk and hidden blades, so there is really not enough reasons to keep changing tactics and weapons. Pistol is usually a one-hit-kill weapon, but it takes up to five seconds to reload. Five seconds don't seem as much but in the middle of a battle when you're greatly outnumbered, five seconds are already five seconds which you do not have. Bow's strength depends on the target, but it usually takes one to three arrows to kill someone. You can also buy different clothing, but that really does not matter in this game. In case someone sees you as a threat you can just pay a street-shouter, or rip off the Wanted poster off the wall, and you will instantly become incognito

Lets go to movement next. In Assassin's Creed you move pretty much like in every other game, but you hold your right mouse button non-stop. Right mouse button gives you ability to run, jump on things and climb on things. So it really isn't that hard. On the other side, moving through the environment is very hard. You will find yourself running up a wall or a tree while trying to run past it, just because the game thought you would want to climb it. Horse has huge issues with jumping off a tiny rock, so I found myself losing lots of time just getting off the rock and then running by it. Some times your character doesn't react to the environment and doesn't listen to where you make him go. Therefore, you have to find a different route. That, luckily, doesn't happen too often.

In the game there's also an ability to recruit more assassins, and make your homestead grow. You can also make your own equipment or house furniture and then sell it, but in my opinion it was totally worthless. You are just wasting your time when you could just walk into a town, kill five guards and get more money than while making furniture.

Story wise the game is very good. I really liked it and enjoyed it. It wasn't repeatable and it actually felt as if you accomplish something once the game is done. Also the story was quite long, but they managed to keep it interesting. And it's always fun to re-play history happenings, even if they are changed a bit then what they were in the past.

Graphic and Audio.
Game's graphic seemed great at first, but then I went to check when did that game actually come out, and now I think the graphic was greatly outdated. The graphic looked like they just transported game from PS3 or Xbox360 onto PC and really didn't put any effort into making it look better. Audio is very good and I didn't mind re-listening to it all the time. In fact, I actually wanted to listen to it as often as I could.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Awesome story line (the past one.)
- Very good looking clothing.
- Fun combat.
- Big map.
- Missions aren't repeatable.

- The game forces you to play as Desmond, and doesn't let you enjoy the Assassin's life.
- Quite bugged.
- Feels a little bit too easy.
- Doing side quests doesn't feel rewarding. In fact it feels like a time loss.

Final Grade: 7/10

Extra info: I really enjoyed this game, but I have really been awaiting much more from it. It felt as if I am playing a game that was meant to be played by kids who just started playing games. All you do is click two different buttons during the whole game.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review: Rust.

Hello Ladies and Gentleman!
Today I'll be doing a review of a survival game called Rust

A bit about the game and developers.
Rust is being developed and published by Facepunch Studios. They are the creators of a very popular indie game called Garry's Mod. Rust is still in Early Alpha, so there might be many changes by the time the game goes out.

About Gameplay.
So, as I said, Rust is a survival game. Sandbox Survival game. In rust you spawn on a random location on a very large map. You start off with two med kits, a rock and a torch. The torch is only good at night. It allows you to see once the night falls, but it doesn't let you do anything else. Med kit is good in case you get attacked by wolves or a bear. If they manage to hurt you, just use the Med kit to patch yourself up and stop the bleeding. And the rock.. The rock is your main tool! But you do want to switch it as fast as possible. With rock you can hit trees and other rocks to get materials. With those materials you can make weapons or other tools, such as stone hatchet or even a house! That is pretty much the point of this game. Build a house and survive.

Once you managed to get your stone hatchet you would want to run around and hunt animals for food. Funny thing about that is that every single animal in the game gives you Chicken breasts as food. I'm sure they will change that later but for now it's quite funny! Just like in DayZ, the hardest part of this game is trusting strangers. You never know who is really friendly, and who just wants to kill you to steal all of your stuff. During my gameplay of Rust, the only friendlies that I actually managed to get across of were the ones who I knew from my clan. Everyone else just tried to kill me. So be careful!

Building in this game is large! You can't customize anything, but they do allow you to create the house as large as you want it to be. All you need is a lot of materials. Now, gathering materials is easy and fast. All you need to do is hit stuff like trees or stones. But building stuff takes time. A lot of time. So the best thing to do would get a group of four or more people, and decide who builds what. Because some items take over a minute or longer to build up, which is bad. When you are crafting stuff, you can't move at all. So if enemy is about to kill you, you couldn't do anything about it. If you have a group of four people who separate crafting jobs between themselves you could build stuff much faster.

Next thing to talk about is in game houses that weren't made by players, and radiation. During your gameplay there might be a chance that you hear a weird ticking sound, which could either become faster and faster or slower until it disappears. If the speed is growing that means that the player is inside of a radiation area. For a short while, it won't affect him, but after about a minute or two the player will start loosing his health very fast. That radiation area is usually only around the houses which weren't player made. Now it makes you think  - why would anyone even go there. Mainly because those houses are the houses with best items in the game. You can find suits there, armors, clothing, weapons, mods for weapons and blueprints.

Blueprints are the only thing that your character does not lose once he dies. So make sure to always study the blueprint as soon as you get one. The final thing that I can talk about Rust is the saving system. In this game your character always stays in the game, even when you log out and close the game. That's why you need to build a house and a bed. Bed allows you to re spawn close to the area where bed is, once you die. And house protects you from the enemies. Unless they have C4 and manage to destroy your house..

Graphic and Audio
Graphic in this game is very good. There's a lot of grass, and everything looks to be pretty nice. On the other hand, coalition doesn't work too good, so you might find yourself going into a tree when you're trying to get wood from it. I'm sure that that will be fixed once the game goes fully out. There are not too many sounds in the game just yet, and I kinda doubt that there will be too many so I don't think I should review that. But for what it is in the game, it's pretty good.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Nice survival game.
- Cheap.
- Clean UI.
- No crosshair.
- Big map.
- A lot of building parts.

- There is no map inside of the game.
- Health bar, food bar and radiation bars are too small.
- It is sometimes quite hard to meet up with friendlies.

Final grade:  8/10

Extra info: For the game that is still in early alpha, Facepunch studios did an amazing job! I really like the game and support it. If you'd like to buy it, please go ahead and go here.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Game Review: Insurgency.

Today I'll write a review of a new tactical FPS called Insurgency.

A bit about the game and developers.
Insurgency is a tactical FPS game developed and published by New World Interactive. It's actually a game that started out as a mod for Half-Life 2. Since the players really enjoyed it, the developers took a step further and made a standalone game.

About Gameplay.
Insurgency is a non-stop online game. There are two sides, terrorists and anti-terrorists. When someone says "I want to try out something new.. Something different.." they usually expect something like Insurgency. This game is completely different from other FPS games such as CoD or Battlefield. As I said, Insurgency is a very tactical game. If you die you can't re-spawn until the round ends, or until your team or enemy team manage to capture the opponent's objective. And let me tell you, people die very very fast! Usually it takes you one or maximum two bullets in chest if you don't wear any armor. If you wear light armor it takes a few extra. If heavy armor, even more bullets are needed. 

In Insurgency there is no currency as in different games. There is a special thing called "supply". Now, each soldier has a number of supplies that he can use, let's say that the number is 10. That person can then chose his own weapons, weapon mods, side weapon, explosives and armor that he / she sees fit. For example a basic assault weapon costs 1 supply point. A laser sight on it costs 3 points, and a red dot costs 2 more points. That person already used 6 points on his primary weapon. He uses 2 more points on light armor, and the last 2 on one frag grenade. Since that person is now on 0 supply, he can't carry anything else. No pistol, no extra ammo nothing. Also, I have to say that in this game there are two teams per side. Each team has their own type of "jobs" for soldiers. So let's say that each team has 1 leader, 2 assaults, 1 engineer, 2 bombers and 1 sniper. Sniper can't use any weapon but sniper-like weapons, while the support can only use close combat weapons. So you won't see 16 people running around with snipers, trying to impress everyone with their "360 turn skills".

Insurgency has five different game modes. Main ones are Skirmish, VIP and Search and Destroy. In Search and Destroy one side has to hold two explosives, while the other side has to find those two explosives and destroy them. In VIP one side has a player who is "VIP". Everyone from VIP's side has to protect him while he makes his run to the safe area, while the opposite side has to find him, identify and kill him. Skirmish is different. Skirmish is something like capture and hold, except that this game offers you two ways to win. Either eliminate all of the enemies, or capture and hold all three objectives. Once your team mates die, the only way for them to re-spawn is if someone from their team captures the neutral or enemy objective. If either your team mate or an enemy captures a point, everyone in the game instantly re-spawns. 

The game also offers Co-op game versus bots, but I think that developers have to work more on the bots. I tried two rounds but the AI was, at the moment of my testing at least, quite bad. They would either just stand their ground, not moving, or they would pick a target and just shoot at them without even trying to hide. Since this game is quite realistic and even a single bullet can kill you it still makes the Co-op experience quite hard, but I'm sure that the bots could be programmed better. But, for the game that is in early access it was an amazing experience!

Since the game is quite realistic, the UI is very clear. There are no marks on your screen that show you friendlies or enemies, there is no mini-map, no bullet counter and no compass. There are tiny squares around your squad members, but they are so small that they are barely recognizable. I have actually found myself shooting at my friends couple of times before realizing that they were friendlies! 

Graphic and Audio
The graphic of this game does look slightly out dated since it was programmed in Source engine, but I do have to admit that it is still rather impressive! I really loved all the details that I have seen, and all of the effects from the game. Audio is very good too and I don't know if they could add anything else to it.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Very tactical game.
- Extremely cheap.
- Clean UI.
- Big maps.
- Quite a few game modes.

- Sometimes it feels as if there are just a few too little supply points available.

Final Grade: 9/10

Extra Info: I was thinking very hard about the grade of this game. After few hours I have realized, this game really does deserve a high grade. Why? Because, for the first time a game is finally different from pretty much everything that we've played so far. I really wish there would be more games like this. Amazing job New World Interactive!