Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So, Mabinogi has won!

Hello readers! It's pretty late here (12 minutes past midnight) and i'm very tired so this time I'll only write about Mabinogi, since its very clear that Mabinogi won your hearts! I will write about other games tomorrow!

The picture on the left side is the first day of my Mabinogi NA life! As you can see, i instantly found a friend and had to ride on his dragon! Why? Because Nexon EU is so mean to European servers, that they didn't give us events / updates / new stuff for over a year! And now they are closing the server down. I used up over 80€ for all my pets, and now they just gave me 10$ back to be able to "start off" with something <.< I'll never buy anything from nexon again, and neither should you. June and I both got those 10 000 NX and used them up on our horses :D I got white horse with black "hair", while she got black horse with white "hair". I'm just glad that we got them this fast, because we got them just as pet dungeon event started! In that event, people can get crazy, rare items :D Cute ones too! For example, you can get a small tiger which you wear as a hat! I also made a video on youtube about how June and I own the dungeon boss in two and a half hits!
On this picture you can clearly see hers and mine horse. I also completed G1 thanks to my new guild leader, and her boyfriend. Guild leader's name is Zel and her boyfriend Beam (i'll edit this and re-write their full names tomorrow when i'll be less tired). And Zel's friend, who's name i do not know anymore D: With them I've beat G1 in 5 hours. That's 2 hours faster then when i was doing it on Mabinogi EU. It would be even 2 more hours faster if Beam didn't need to go afk every 2 minutes, and if I didn't need to go and i eat and so on and on :P

Another very awesome thing about Mabinogi which I've forgot to mention is the fact that you can get married and have your own family! June and I got married on Mabinogi EU and i think we are one of only couples who didn't separate! So, of course, I wanted to marry my beloved June on Mabinogi NA as well! So i proposed and she said yes! :D
We got married on Saturday, 28.th April 2012 at our 10:00 PM, which was actually about noon to our other NA friends. Also, since Zel was helping me to finish my G1 within  my morning, she didn't sleep at all so she fell asleep right before the wedding. Sadly she couldn't come, but Zel, i hope that you will at least like this video! And I promise, June and I will not get married without you being there with us, with our elf characters, Zel :)

I wish there is a kiss scene in Mabinogi, but ah well we gotta be happy with what we get :P
Since I've finished my G1 (and i say it again, with the help of Zel and her boyfriend Beam) i am currently doing G2. Upon finishing G2 i will finally be able to transform into Paladin, and that's currently my main goal within Mabinogi. After finishing G2 and becoming Paladin, i want to start doing G9 (yes, you don't need to do G's by the exact number :P), then G10, G11 and G12 so i could become Demigod and be overpowered Paladin-God! :D
It would be overpowered if only few people could have it, but since every single person in the game can own such strainght, it's not overpowered. But ah well, it still looks badass!

(The picture on left shows my Mabinogi EU character, which now rests in peace)

Since June and I aren't satisfied with only horses as pets, we decided to get on gold hunt in mabinogi and then buy NX with it! Apparently you can buy 10k NX for 5 mil mabi cash! So June and I work our butts out by farming, merchanting and doing pet dungeon over and over again, just so we would get all the money we need to finally get all the cash.

(I'm out of pictures so excuse me if this next part looks a little bit empty!)
So, June and I joined Zel's guild which is called "thedollars". It's very small guild but hey, Since Zel's leader it must be good!
If you happen to play Mabinogi NA on Ruari server, please come to  Dunbarton and search for a seller called TanakiKyo :P It's my premium (free premium) account which i use to sell all my equipment with, so we (June and I) could finally get more pets :P

If you think that MMO's are to easy games, and that you hate them for it, well, then you're a complete noob. Try playing Mabinogi and tell me if you still think the same after hitting total level 200. Mabinogi's unique combat system makes this most fun, and yet hardest MMO out there! PVP in Mabi is nothing as PVP in games such as World of Warcraft or Perfect Word International. Don't judge the game just because its a MMO. Give it a fair try! FAIR try! And if you do plan on trying it, join Ruari server and add Juneswolf. It's my main character and I'll gladly help anyone who needs any help at all :)

Well that's it for today! Sweet dreams and thank you all for reading!

<3 I Love You June <3

Monday, April 16, 2012

New post so fast!

Yes, it's me again! After less then 24 hours! How come? I wanted to write a lot more yesterday, but I was very tired so i just finished and went off to bed :P   So today I'll write all the things I wanted to write about yesterday :D

Few members of TLS (CoolJon31, Groovy and Syphio) and I wanned to play a little of Left 4 Dead 2 again! First we tried to get on offical server but we couldn't. I guess Valve is removing more and more servers just so they could hold TF2 and Dota 2. So, we had to move onto dedicated server. It seemed okay.. I repeat, it SEEMED. Untill we found out we can jump twice as high (so can zombies) there is at least three or four more times zombies then on expert, and Tank had 60k HP (as you can see in the picture XD)
We managed to do only one mission thought, because I had to write that blog post which you all saw yesterday and because I really wanned to go to bed. Had school on Saturday morning, and  I barely slept from Saturday to Sunday.
The picture on right is very old, but I still wanted to put it on. It shows how Louis plays Left 4 Dead inside of Left 4 Dead 2 :P

TLS also started playing Terraria! Few days ago, Syphio said "hey.. Choco, Groovy, Jon, Merk and I all have original Terraria. LETS PLAY TERRARIA!" and so we moved onto it. Merkava is, once again, holding our clan's Terraria server. If you wanna join it, feel free to apply on our clan forum. I can't tell you anything much about Terraria because we didn't play it to long (we did only about 1 hour) so I don't even have any screenshots, but i must admit that game is fun to play :D If you like Minecraft, but are also a fan of 2D games, give Terraria a try. It's not as fun as Minecraft because its mostly based on combat, but its still very fun to play when you've got great group of people such as I do :D

In the pack of 14 games (Indie gala 2 which i won like two weeks ago) I got this game called Greed Corp. Before installing it I thought about going online and searching for peoples opinions about the game. Everyone has negative opinion about it, but i really donno why! This game is very fun to play. It's like strategy game, but your main priority is to crush your opponent in as little moves as you can. Because you need to "drill" your "blocks" to gain money with which you buy your "army". When you drill your block enough, it falls appart. So after 10 minutes of gameplay, you could lose whole map to play on :P I played only one online mach so far, and I won! It was pure luck thought. I got another copy of the game, and gave it to my beloved June, so I can't wait to play that game against her. That might be fun :P

Now this game is over rated. Online opinions of random people turned out to be very good, but the game itself is boring. You are one robot and your mission is to make bandits leave your ship. The game is fun first 30-ish minutes, but after it it gets very boring. I wouldn't pay 10 euro for it if I were you, so if you really have big urge to play it, at least get it when its on discount :)

ArmA2 is pay to play game which is made to be as most realistic combat simulation game as it could possibly be. You can drive helicopters, airplanes, motorcycles, various amount of cars and armored vehicles, and even bikes! Yes you can ride a bike! Imagine driving a bike into enemy's base, haha. I sadly don't have full version of this game, but i do have free to play one. Free to play ArmA 2 lets you enjoy full Multiplayer game but on lower graphic, while payed version allows you to play campaign and on HD graphic. Oh and if you do wanna play this game but don't wanna pay it, get free to play one. Trust me, even low graphic on this game is still very amazing!
I made a custom mission for my clan via mission editor for this game. We start on one island, and our mission is to go on another island with helicopter, land, get a car / motorbike / any vehicle, and drive about five to ten minutes to enemy base. I can't wait for them to download the game so we can try it out. I will get pictures soon!

I was never a huge fan of Team Fortress games, but i wanted to try it out. Team Fortress 2 is Free to Play first person shooter made by Valve (the same guys behind Half life series and Left 4 Dead series. And we mustn't forget Dota 2!). This game is very hard to play, since a lot of players who play it are actually professionals at it already. That's why this game is even terribly hard when you only play it versus bots! Game has three game modes. Capture the area, hold the hill and push something. Game modes aren't called as I just called them, but honestly, i'm to lazy to turn the game on and check it out :P This is also one of world's top playing games!
"Where is profit to Valve if they have so popular F2P game???" you ask? Well, in Team Fortress 2 you have some kind of hats and different weapons. Some of these cost real money, while you can obtain others by buying some other games. And people who love Team Fortress 2, will do everything to get their hands on a new set of hats, weapons or badges.

Bunch of Heroes is third person shooter which makes you chose one of four playable characters (much like Left 4 Dead). Your main goal is to complete missions (like in Left 4 Dead) while tones of zombie hordes attack you from all directions (like Left 4 Dead). I would write more about this game, but its not fun to play it single player, and for some reason I can never find even a single server to play it on :(

And finally! Sugar at the end! Mabinogi! People you better prepare because this will be one long long article about Mabinogi. I'll start of by saying that Mabinogi is MMORPG which places you into Ireland's past! In this game you will learn a lot about Ireland and it's past, such as few Ireland's gods / goddesses, their old town names and so on! You start off by spawning in front of a girl called Nao (She's very special due to her to big boobies). She sends you into one small town called Tir Chonaill, which is now called Tyrconnell in real life! Pretty awesome, right? One more awesome thing about Mabinogi is it's special combat style. It's not usual point and click MMO. Your character actually hits how you make him hit! For example, if you have a sword which can do 3 fast attacks, you can click three times on your enemy for your character to hit him once, twice and then knock him down third time! But keep in mind, if you click to slow (for example, if you click once, twice, and then have a short stop of 3-4 seconds) your enemy can start hitting you and knock you down as well! Skills in Mabinogi are somewhat different then any other game, because you don't need to pay to learn them. You either need to do a quest, or ask NPC to teach you a new skill and so on and on. You, thought, need to level your skills by using them in combat. To level your skill up you need to fill it's xp up (which is really not hard) and then pay few AP (Ability Points) to rank it up. You gain Ability Points by leveling, doing some quests and rebirthing. Another special thing about Mabinogi is, as I've mentioned it a second ago, ability to rebirth!
Your character in Mabinogi grows old every Saturday at 12 PM server time. When your character reaches 20 years you can rebirth him /her! When you rebirth, all your lever and XP go back to 1, and your age is set to how much you chose it (from 10-17). But your skills, armor, pets, money and all other stuff remain unintacted, and that's why rebirthing is awesome. So, a guy who's total level is 3000 but current level 1 (because he just rebirthed) can kill a guy who's total and current level are 200 in one single hit. How? Because guy who is currently on level 200 (and that's his total lvl because he never rebirthed) has way weaker skills
then the one who's total level is 3000. And another very awesome thing about Mabinogi is it's main story quests! You see, Mabinogi has a lot of ingame quests, but has even more Main story quests. It has a total number of 15 main quests, and 16th is about to come out. Those main quests are called Generations in game (G1, G2, G3 and so on and on) and are very fun to do! And trust me, stories are amazing! Well, except Shakespeare quests. I find these very boring and i need to force myself to do those, lol :P AND you're guessing, ONE MORE awesome thing about Mabinogi is transformation ability!
Humans can become Paladins at first, and then Dark Knights upon beating G3 if they want to. (Paladins are white people and dark knights are black people on picture. as you can see, a lot of them are different! there are 4 different Paladins and 4 different Dark Knight looks!)
Elves can become Falcons and Giants can become Wild Beasts.
Well, that pretty much explains whole Mabinogi, haha! Now there is just one small extra thing I want to add!
Nexon is very very bad gaming company, and thus they closed Mabinogi EU. I lost my high level character with a lot of expensive items, and with a lot of pets which i bought with real money. When my June and I moved onto Mabinogi NA we thought it's gonna be bad and hard.. But we were wrong. People on NA are way better then in EU and they made Mabinogi way more enjoyable then it was before! These people gave my June and me a lot of money and very expensive items, and great friendship to start our new characters with. Thank you all so much, and you all deserve to be on hall of fame! (note! This people DO NOT GO by order
any order! I've write them down how i saw them in my friend list!)
Ryuske2 (also known as Miro)

You all have been great help to my June and me, and thus i want to thank you all with my whole heart! Thank you!

Well, that's it for today! I hope i didn't warn you out D: I hope you will all still return to my blog! >.<
Thanks a lot for reading so long long post!
I love you all <3


Sunday, April 15, 2012

New post, new info

Heya all! I decided to write a bit more often from now on. There is no need to write one post a week, if i can write two to three posts if I did something special :P I also got an idea to let you guys and girls decide what games should i write about the most. You can pick between Mabinogi, Minecraft, Terraria, APB: Reloaded, Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Island, Dota 2, or Saints Row 2. When your votes are recorded and the pool is closed, I'll start playing the game that has the most votes the most, and I'll write about her the most. I'll write about it A LOT! So chose which game do you wanna follow wisely :D

I'll start this post with APB: Reloaded. I've been playing a lot of APB lately, and its all due to my clan PIT. They make APB so fun and enjoyable! They are so awesoem clan that i didn't even mind taking my TLS clothes off, and getting "rid" (i've actually just put it into inventory :P) of my car so i could proudly wear clothes with PIT pictures all over it, and drive PIT car which was made just for me! We win almost every round, but its mostly just because

we play to have fun, and not only to own everyone around ourselves. Of course, we are serious in every mission, but if anything bad happens, or if someone dies, we tend to turn it into real fun :D In this two pictures you can see my new car :D Its unique (my only) PIT Bishida. And no, this character is not me. It's KillaPig. My character name is JunesWolf

Next game I'll write about is, you're probably guessing it right, MINECRAFT! TLS started to play Minecraft almost non-stop, and our server is always up and running. Its survival based server and no one uses OP powers. We get all material by gathering it. So yea, we do everything the hard way. But hey, its fun! Very fun! We've built almost whole city. It would be a city if we put all houses on the same place :P

On the left picture you can see a small castle under "Fairy Tail" sign, and on right from it you can see a small hotel. Behind the picture there is a big clan house, and behind clan house there is Frankie's house. On left of the picture there is glass ball which Frankie made out of boredom :P I'll ad more pictures later.
On the above picture there's a small family house which June and I made on our personal server :D

(House on right side is TLS clan house on our server).
So, if you guys wanna join our server, feel free to apply for it on our forum (you can find link in right side of my blog under "useful links" box). I hope that at least someone wants to try to join our server :P

Next game I'm gonna talk about is Mabinogi. I won't talk much about it in this post because i didn't make any pictures, so i see it kinda useless. Mabinogi is a MMO where you practicably live a perfect life. It has great 15 stories (Generations) which everyone should read detailed! Trust me, you will not regret it.
I would have a lot of pictures about the game, but Nexon EU closed European servers so my June and i had to start over on NA (american) servers. I will add photos in next post :D

Well those three are actually the only games I was truly playing this week. I also played couple of rounds of Dota 2, and I got Arma 2 today, but I didn't see anything to interesting what is worth to mention. Also, i have Arma 2 Free version. I would buy normal one, but since TLS doesn't want to join me in it, i don't really see the point of it :P
That's it for today! Oh, and don't forget that I still have Faerie Solitaire giveaway ongoing! But i guess i will never get 150 views per day, so i want at least 150 views in a week. Then i'll tell you when the giveaway is about to end. Don't forget to link me up with your steam account in comment!

Until the next time!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lots of things to write about!

Hey all! I've got a lot of things to write about, since i didn't have the time to write earlier.

As you can see, the picture above says how much page views do i have in past MONTH! Look at those numbers! In just 8 days i got 606 views! That's so amazing for me! Thank you a lot for that guys! For that I shall make a Fortix 2 giveaway, and few more Faerie Solitaire giveaways :D
I've seen that some people said that I should post screenies of gameplays and stuff. So I shall do that!

I'll start with Minecraft! TLS started playing Minecraft almost whole day long! We have TWO clan servers! We have one placed in EU and one in Panama (close to US.) To be able to join to our Minecraft server, you need to go on our forum and either apply to TLS clan (if you are accepted you can instantly go to the server :) ) or you can post on the forum, get to know our community and then ask for server address :D Just to tell you in advance, you need to use Hamachi to be able to connect.

We are playing so much, that we had to re-make servers twice! Well, first time because I f***** something up, and second because i spawned 100 creepers! But now in thirds server im playing nice and without any OP rights :P
The picture on right side is a first creation that my June and i did. She's very new to minecraft (this was on her first day) and we made it in Survival mode. I turned on creation  mode just to take few screenshots :D
I will take a lot of screenshots from our new creations (when i say our, i mean TLS's and when i play only with June). And as I said earlier, Minecraft is very awesome game and you should all try it!

I got The Indie Gala 2 (epic one) on Steamgifts.com  web! I got 14 games all together and 7 albums. I don't care about the songs to much but I used (or gave away) most of the games :P I played the games for a very short amount of time (for about 30 minutes each) so I won't about them just yet. I'll write when i get at least 1-2 hours at each game :D Thank you Fluiq for the giveaway!

I play APB: Reloaded like A LOT! I used up my 10 day premium (I used it so well!) and then i used 10 more days on June's account :D
Thought, I removed TLS from the game since no one played but me (and rarely June). Since i removed TLS from APB, I got invited into one AWESOME clan! It's called P.I.T. - Police Investigate Terminate. It's led by two guys and it currently has three members (including me.) Yea yea, the clan is very new but very fun! Its true copy of TLS :P I don't have any screenshots of APB yet, because i don't use Steam to play the game (it uses way to much memory :( ). But I'll be sure to take some soon!

June and I played just few hours of Saints Row 2 and we had lots of fun in it! Now, while watching the screenshot, you can see my character! As you see, I got stuck in some kind of random bug, and i kept on jumping up and down the boat while June kept on laughing her ass off. It lasted about one or two minutes and there was no way for me to stop it. It was absolutely hilarious! I enjoy playing Saints Row 2 with my June <3

I played Dota 2 with p4m again and we OWNED! We won almost every single round. Please, don't judge me for my score, I didn't play in a month so i had to re-enter into my pro-ness :P Even thought I'm not even close on beeign a pro, but hey i can always daydream XD
D3n1eD was owning while i was usually a support character. Also, I was playing Sven, not Dark Seer.

We've got few good new members to TLS! And one of them is a girl!
Member names: Groovyboobs (thats the girl :P), CoolJon31 and our newest crack-gaming player FrankieDoparoma
I gotta say, all three of them are awesome! Groovy is funny, Jon is crazy and Frankie got used to the clan as soon as he entered! I'm so glad to get so awesome members :D

Im doing another giveaway of Faerie Solitaire!
This time, what I want from you is to to put your steam profile url into the comment. BUT I also want you to give my blog address away, because I'll say when will the givaway end after i get 150 blog views in a day, for 7 days in one go! So guys and girls, if you want free Faerie Solitaire and Fortix 2, you better start reffering some friends to my blog right here :D
Good luck to everyone!!

See you in the next post!

Friday, April 6, 2012

We entered April!

Hello readers! We have finally entered April :D I've got a lot of stuff to write about, since i got few more games, and we got few more TLS members! But for now i will only announce winners of the give away!

  1. Mizerykordia
  2. D13th
  3. Mizerykordia
  4. emelgee
  5. xord
  6. Sjeng
  7. Alex
  8. Lucky the gamer
  9. codalafin

I'v sent the keys to them Mizerykordia and D13th :D Congratulations to you two!

But you other people, don't give up just yet! I'm gonna give away 2 more Faerie Solitaires!!!
So, the question is totally the same and i want you all to participate again :D What do you like about the blog and what should i change about it? :D good luck to everyone!