Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wow i havent been here in quite a while.

Hello everybody!

I was too lazy to write in May and i was insanely busy in June and July. There was insanely many things that were happening, and thus i couldnt be writting. Today i came to check my blog and i saw that there was still over 70+ views every week, so i said to myself that i still have to keep posting!

So let me update you to everything that was happening to me in the last four months:
My school year was about to end so i had to concentrate on it a lot. Luckily it went well :D  Since i also got heavily into Airsoft i was looking for a club i might join and i found it. Its called ASK Hunter. Guys are awesome, they are sniper-mainly club but I´m their spoter / guard or something like that.
I have officaly quit Kendo so i don´t need to pay something that i do not go to. Then finally, July came. June came to my house and we had tones of fun! I was showing her around the town, we were going to cinema, into forrest and so on and on. And when we were at home we would either talk to my aunt (and clan mate), Tea, or we would be playing Sengoku Basara 3 on Nintendo Wii :D

Now about my TLS clan:
Since i wasn´t really on much, i have put Syphio in charge. Nothing too bad happened except when one new recruit came, Daigun. I´m telling you this to save all your lifes. DO NOT EVER let him into your clan. He was kicked after 2 weeks and it took us 2 more weeks to get things settled down. Now we are all happy again :D

Since It was my 18th birthday on 10th of July, i have got quite a big amount of great, great games. I got Arma 2 Combined operations, Total War Shogun 2, Saints Row the third and EVE Online :D I am currently still at Junes house so i wont be writting any reviews and gameplays untill next week. So you all better hold on tight cause Wolfie is comeing back! :D

So this is it for now and i am very thankfull for everyone who was still checking my blog every now and then :D


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