Monday, February 6, 2012

Zombie lover >83

Hey guys!
In my last post i wrote how much I like mech's. Well now im gonna share something else with you. I LOVE ZOMBIES!
Like.. A LOT!!!!

If Zombie apocalypse comes to earth, it will be dream come true \m/

As you have probably guessed, yes, i do have Left 4 Dead 2 (i used to have L4D but then i took an arrow to the knee. Just kidding :3)

and Dead Island

And i love both of those games insanely much :D I play L4D2 very often with my clan. They don't have Dead Island so i don't play that to often. even thought the game is painfully epic :D
I should start making Dead Island gameplay videos :D Yes, i definitely should. and Left 4 Dead 2, as well with my clan.

Well, have fun and thank you for reading guys!


Small info about my clan: 
Clan name: The Legendary Survivors
Clan tag: [TLS]
Clan Region: Most of us are from EU but one is from US.
We are very good L4D2 clan. We started as L4D clan but after we bought L4D2 we totally forgot L4d XD I'm leader of our clan with my best friend, my girlfriend is co-founder and our fourth best member is a badass co-founder as well.
you can find us all by this names on steam:

Our forum address:

1 comment:

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