Wednesday, February 15, 2012

June is back!

Hey fellas! :D

As the title says, my June has returned from London :D I was scared as f*** that something will happen to airplane, because there is a blizzard, but she got home safe and sound :) I'm so happy! Now i finally have less time to get bored XD

But also! I got an M5-SD5 airsoft gun! Dad saw that i got a bit "into airsofting" so he traded his helicopter for M5-SD5 :D It's epic! And on Saturday, 2 of my friends and i will go to Forrest beside my house, and we will have a small war ;) Can't wait. I hope to have some pictures :D

Sadly, our clan leader on L4D2 (dablOseven 007) has pissed his dad off, so his dad deleted both L4D2 and Steam. So, we sadly can't play anymore. For a little while at least. After his dad chills off, 007 will install L4D2 again and we will play again. As a clan :D

Also, I have huge wish to play America's Army again. So tonight ill download America's Army 3 even thought I know that it's not nearly as good as 2 is, and I'll see for how long will i like to play it :D Also, I should mention that America's Army is a first online game that i have ever played. I started playing it when I was 9 years old. I was in one of best croatian Clans :D

Well that's it for now! Ill see you all next time!

<3 Love you June  <3 Happy Valentines day baby!!!! <3


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