Saturday, February 11, 2012

And so on...

Hey there :)

So, yesterday p4m (my Dota / Dota 2 clan) had first clan war. As expected, we lost. In 20 minutes. After that we went into battle with another clan, but we lost that too since I had to go. I hope that soon we will start winning, and that I will be able to make guys play Dota 2 more then 1. Dota sucks comparing to Dota 2. Trust me on that.

June has sent me 2 sms's from London. Yea, i know, she's crazy! But I love her, and i'm very happy that she texted me :D At least i know that she's okay :D I keep on missing her a lot, and still donno what to do without her. I even played 6 hours of Dota2 yesterday! I would today as well, but i was at my friend's house so I couldn't. But at his house, we talked about Zombie apocalypse (we call it "Zombpocalipse" from now :P) and how big are the chances of it becomeing real this year. And of course, our methods of surviving, where we would go and so on. I told him whole plan that i made with my TLS clan members (007 and my beloved June) where we will go, how will we survive and so on. He thinks it's a very good idea :D

I would probably play Dota 2 now, but my network is an asshole at the moment, and I just lost since Spectra player was a total noob. I played as Windrunner, and I lowered Vipers hp to 3%. Spectra had to use ultimate attack and just finish the job, but he said "no, I'm scared to get ganked"... What's worst of all, is that all other 4 enemies (all except Spectra) were pushing mid!!!! God damn noob <.<

I still haven't uploaded my "Garry's mod gameplay / review" video, since it will take 16 hours to upload. I know, it's insane.. But ah well, that's what happens when you have very slow network. It's killing ma brainz!

That's it for now. Wow this post is long, hehe :D Hope to read you next time!


Edit: Added lots of pictures :D

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