Monday, February 20, 2012

And Wolfie writes again!

Hello readers!

Well, as you can see we went on airsoft! I'm the guy on left. Guy in middle is TLS leader, 007. Guy on right is my very good friend (brother-like :D) Sam. If he gets L4D2, he will definitely join TLS!
It was so fun! Since we are all still new at this adn we don't really have enough guns (We just have 1 MP-SD5, two snipers and one bolt handgun) we were just playing Cat and mouse. 1 sniper hiding while other two (MP-SD5 and sniper) try to find him in Forrest and shoot him. I never had so huge adrenaline rush as i have those two days as we played. Airsoft is definitely an sport that everyone should at least try one in their life! I assure you, If you have a good team, you will love it and never regret buying your weapon :D We need to buy at least two more automatic weapons because playing with just one automatic weapon and two snipers is very unfair to sniper people. Why? Because i can shoot five straight bullets in one spot, while a sniper can shoot just once at that same spot. Thought, sniper is much better at greater distances. So, after our few rounds, my aunt joined us :D She used handgun at first, but we all changed weapons after each round. And, obviously, my rifle is the funnest one, haha :D

After 007 went home on sunday afternoon, I got online on my laptop and just waited my beloved girlfriend, June, to get online, while Sam was playing Dead Island on my pc. It took June quite some time to come.. 4 hours to be exact, haha. And whats worst, 2 hours later after she came, she had to go on her volleyball training :(

As i have said earlier, I wanted to try America's Army 3 once again. AND I SUCK AT IT! I haven't played so long that I'm terrible! Well, once i was very very great. But then my lappy died (i got out of battery D:) and i think that my score wasn't saved.. Then I played it a bit with Sam. He sucks at beeing a team. He always loves to be leader and to go in front of me. He always chose worst places to go. He's way worse then me at playing America's army, haha :D If TLS was in America's Army, we would own the world ;)

I got into the beta for Mass Effect 3.. I tried out the multiplexer.. AND IT SUCKS SO BADLY! There is no even slightest chance that i will ever buy this game, even if it costs just about 2 euros. There is no chance! I don't know when was i playing so bad game the last time.. Listen to my advice and stay way from that game. 

Well that's it for now :D
Have fun and thank you for reading!!


~I love you June!~

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