Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mech lover :D

Hey guys. Today I'll tell you about one of my childhood fantasies and dreams. I always wanted to drive a mobile suit (mech). No't some silly meches like

I want something badass... something like this:

It would be a dream come true :D My girlfriend told me that if we live till the day when those mech walk the earth, she will do everything she can to make me drive one :D and that means the world to me.

So, since i can't drive a mech in real life, i decided to drive them in games. currently i play a game called "Universal Century Gundam Online" but it sucks. Why? Because there are only Meches from OLD Gundam's like Seed, or Dynasty.. or even before! And i love the meches from Gundam 00.
So second best game would be Age of Armor. But god damn fail company called "Snail games" has shut it down, because they are to lazy to take care of so epic game.

If anyone ever gets their hands on private server files for Age of Armor, please tell me and i'll host a server :D For all us mech lovers!

Well, that's it for today. Hope you will read the next time too ^^



  1. I'm Noa from Necessarius in AoA, give it a try on SD Gundam Online, pretty sure it's your cup of tea. I'll be heading for the SEA version which going to come out in mid february for Closed BETA. Hope to see you there as well. Cheers, Mizutani_Noa

  2. hey :D Thanks! I always wanned to play this but i'm not from NA so i couldn't. thanks! :D

  3. Hi, this is a total necropost, but I was wondering if you ever had any luck with an AoA server? That game hit the spot for me. Everything was so customizable.

    1. woah this is one very old post, lol. My very beginings.
      Sadly, no. Snailgames never replied to any of my mails and therefore I know nothing about the game.. I do know that it's down for over a year now. I hope that someone buys it off of them and makes their own server!

  4. Me too! I heard there was an AoA 2 in China, but I don't know for sure on that. AoA was so perfect though, as far as mech games go. There aren't enough for PC!

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