Saturday, March 3, 2012

First March post :D

Hello Ladies and Gentleman!

Today I'll tell you a lot of things that happened to my clan and me in the last few weeks that I didn't write. First of all I want to say that i didn't go on air oft from the last time, because.. Well I've got no idea why, to be honest. So, let me start :D

I stopped playing America's Army 3. Few reasons.
1. I had a lot of lag. I've got no idea why
2. I had no one to play it with :(
3. It got boring after a while.

I downloaded cracked version of Saints Row the Third... AND THE GAME IS AWESOME! If it wasn't this expensive, I'd definitely buy it :D Its funny, but at the same time very awesome. Thought, its way to easy. And if you add all those DLC pack's, game is even more easy! I have beaten it in about 2 days. Its kind of short.

Now this is one Awesome game! Mafia 2. I never thought that Czech could make so good game. I needed three days to beat it, and it was so worth it! Thought, the ending of the game is so sad :( I hope that Mafia 3 comes soon!!!

And my clan finally found out a way to play Dead Island! I use original game, Ch0c0at3Fac3 (new clan member) does as well, while Syphio and his brother play cracked version with us. We use Hamachi.
We played it about 15+ hours already, and we still didn't finish 3rd chapter! The hell, we just started it yesterday night! We literally do every single mission that we come across. I can't wait to finally go and search for that bigawse airplane I have never seen it for now :P
We had one very very fun moment yesterday. We all laughed like someone gave us drugs.. EVEN MORE!
We had a mission to go to a gas station and take juice boxes. So we did. Syphio's brother was driving so we got there pretty fast. we took down all zombies that got in the way, did a mission and then we were returning to our base.  On the way back, we stopped at one dude to give him gas tanks (also a side mission) to get more money or something, I forgot what. ChocolateFace and Merkava (Syphio's brother) got into the car first... And guess what... They decided to leave without Syphio and me! Luckily (thought not so lucky xD)  Syphio took one juice box out of the car, so Choco and Merk couldn't go to far. When they stopped and Syphio and i got closer, they drove like 10 more meters away. After Syphio and i got even closer, they drove 10 more meters away! And so on and on. It was very funny and awesome :D It's an experience and fun that can only be brought to you by TLS clan members XD

AANNDD For the last game for today,  Saints Row 2! I bought two games yesterday (one for my June and one for myself) so we could play co-op together :D Thought I've got a problem. I gotta download it throught steam. And that will take hours. While she plays it already, I can't play it for at least 5-6 more hours :( What a louzy luck.. Ah well, person can't have everything, right? Also, If you want Saints Row 2 for cheap, it costs 2.50 € on Steam at the moment :D Grab it while you can!

Well That's it for today (i think :P)

Ill see you guys later!


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