Friday, October 5, 2012

Game Review: Magicka

Hello ladies and gents! Today I will review a new game, called Magicka!

Magicka is one very interesting and hard game. Before i started to play this game, I had very negative thoughts, because all screenshots look bad. And when i saw a gameplay on youtube, character's voices annoyed me. But as time passed, more and more of my clan members got this weird looking game. So I got interested into it!
So after talking to the game's dev after a while, she decided to give (Donate) Magicka to me for review! Thank you Ms Veronica!

As I said in the beginning of my post, this is one very hard but yet interesting game. Hard part is that you have 8 elements which you use and combine into special attacks. For example if you combine Fire and Lightning, you get a lightning that sets enemies on fire after they are done shaking. In case that you put fire on yourself by accident, you need to put water on yourself. If you, for example, get watered and you want to use lightning element, you will hurt yourself in stead of enemies. And thus, you need to set yourself on fire to dry off. Yea, I know, its very complicated but that makes this game so fun!

When i played single player, I barely managed to beat first three levels. And now, after over five hours of single player mode, I still didn't manage to pass fourth level. It is very hard. A lot of enemies come at me, and since i'm still new and don't know what combinations are the best, I die over and over again. And thus, i rage quit. I played this game with Syphio once and it was much easier and much more fun! It's always fun to kill your friends by accident, then revive them and kill them again on purpose! Or you can use "crash to desktop" spell on them. Sadly, this spell does not do what you think it does. In stead of crashing to desktop, it just simply kills them. Still very fun thought! But be careful, you can always crash yourself in stead of your friend!

Another great thing about this game is that you can combine spells and then, in stead of using them, you can put them into your sword / mace / wand / staff or which ever weapon is that you use! There are also combinations of spells that you can use to make shield of some element around yourself. For example, since I always use Cyber skin, I'm immune to lightning. In fact, it heals me in stead of harms! And thus, i like to make a lightning circle around myself, which hurts enemies a lot, while it heals me in case that I need to go back and hide!

Of course, in case that any of your friends that are not immune to lightning come close to the ring, they will instantly get burnt and thus, probably die. So be careful!

In Magicka player can chose between a lot of playable skins. Each skin having its own prons and cons. You can also buy game DLC's which add even more skins! I like skin "Cyber" since it makes me feel at home xP
Syphio on the other hand likes to use some ninja-looking one. Cyber skin makes you immune to lightning but it means that you can't get healed by natural "heal" skill. While ninja one makes you run fast, and teleport in case of danger. Very fun little skin.

- Doesn't require strong PC to be played on full graphic.
- A lot of different skins and weapons.
- You are able to kill your friends and then revive them. They don't lose anything except the weapons, which they can still pick up from the place where they died.
- You can kill all the NPC's in game, even quest givers.

- Lack of tutorial. (I would never know about spells on weapons without Syphio.)
- Very hard on single player.

Final Grade:    8 / 10.

All in all, I loved this simple looking yet very, very fun game to play. I guarantee that if you have friends to play with, you will play this game non-stop and you will laugh the whole time while playing. Definitely worth the money!

Thank you, once again, Paradox Interactive for giving me the chance to play this awesome game!


  1. W0RST BLOG EVER !!!!

    JK,it's nice,keep going ^^

  2. poor Syph xD
    you keep killing him in Magicka and i keep shooting at him in L4D >.<
    anyway, good job :D
    even i want to try out this game now :P ( so you can expect me to come down after i get home from college :D)


  3. i would like to see review of this magicka DLC

    1. Hello there! I would happily do a review of that, but sadly i do not have any DLC for Magicka. I will get it some time later and then i will review it :)

  4. Do you really think you dont need a good PC ? On my old PC i could play nearly all games perfect but Magicka was so fucking laggy. First when I bought a new PC i was better. -.-

    1. The only "better" thing that you need were Ram's. 2GB of it. other then that, this game isn't so strong.

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