Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Game Review: Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword

Hello guys and girls! Today I will talk about a sandbox game called Mount & Blade.

Mount & Blade is a good sandbox, medieval time oriented game. In this awesome game, you are able to chose from various types of weapons and equipment that you will use to fight your enemy, loot cities, raid fortresses and kill other players!

You start off as an adventurer that, by accident, came across some trouble. You helped the french and thus you gained a gun and a horse. With it, you start your epic journey into the unknown!

I, of course, wanted to be a general of a big army that loots cities and villages. And of course, I did so! I started with 2 men from a mission, and as I kept getting money I kept on recruiting new mercenaries! And so, after a while i had over 40 men. But as i attacked a city I noticed that my 40 men are almost useless against the 120+ enemy units, hehe.

There are a lot of different types of weapons in this game, such as axes, swords, guns or arrows. It all depends on what kind of style of game do you want. Do you want to be in heavy armor, moving slow but dealing moderate damage with your sword, while being able to absorb a lot of damage with your armor, or you want to ride a horse around the mountain, wearing very easy armor and having a long, big damage dealing gun. Of course that everyone would chose the gun! But there's a drawback. Gun can have only up to 25 bullets per game, and thus, after 25 bullets you are almost useless.

As i stated before there are also a lot of various armors in this game. From old rags, all the way up to royal guard golden armor.
Money is rather easy to gain, but you spend it very fast as well. You need to pay your soldiers once a month for following you and aiding you in battles. They do not need much (my 40+ men wanted only 250 gold a month) but when you combine that, plus new recruits and then plus the new equipment you need and some food, you realize that you need more money then what you thought you need.

Multi-player is very, very fun as well! One server can hold a lot of people that battle against each other. There are various game modes available too. Two of my favorites are  Team Deathmatch and Siege mode. In Team Deathmatch you have a score number that you need to gain by killing other players to win, while in siege mode you need to kill everyone in the castle and take it over. The other side has an amount of time that they need to survive to be able to win.

Even thought this game's graphic is a bit outdated for the release dates time it's still very fun to play. I enjoy it a lot!
If you can't afford War of the Roses, this is definitely the great game that will make you satisfied!

- NPC's move and battle by themselves.
- A lot of campaign options to make your fame and name grow.
- NPC's loot villages and cities around you. Even the villages that you gained quests from can be destroyed before you complete the quest.
- A lot of weapons and armors to chose from.
- Large multi-player battles.
- A lot of active multi-player servers and players.
- Great maps and game modes for multi-player.

- A bit outdated graphic.
- Very hard aiming while on a horse.
- A lot of multi-player servers have made the game much easier then it should be.

With all that said, I really hope that you will look into it if you want to play a great medieval fighting game that doesn't require a lot of time, and is still very fun to play and is very enjoyable.
If you want, you can contact me over Steam to play a round or a few of them with me! I would love to, hehe.

Thank you, once again Paradox Interactive, for giving me a chance to play this awesome and very fun game!


  1. Eventho I hate games with low graphic, this game really looks like lots of fun :) It sorts of remind me of the game u were playing at my house, the browser one with knights n stuff xD good good honey - June