Sunday, October 14, 2012

Game Review: Saints Row The Third!

Hello men and women! How are you today???

Today I'll be writing a review of a very, very popular game called Saints Row The Third!

Saints Row game series are series of games that are very much alike Grand Theft Auto But in my opinion its much more fun.

Saints Row series are designed to be played in Co-Op, which makes the game instantly much better than GTA or any other sandbox game like it. In Saints Row games you can drive cars, pimp them up, drive boats and with some mods you can pimp them up as well, and you can also drive airplanes and pimp those up as well. With all that, another large plus that i love about Saints Row series is that it's all connected, and not like GTA. In Saints Row, you are a new member of the gang. By the end you become the leader of it. In Saint Row 2, you wake up in prison and then need to restore your gang's old reputation. And in Saints Row The Third you're stuck in a new city and you need to get rid of other gangs there. It's all connected and thus, the storyline is absolutely wonderful!

Another great feature is that there is a very rich customization in both characters and cars. You start off by some default clothes that you get when you chose your character's highness, and as soon as you do the first mission it shows you how to go to the shop to change your clothes into something better. And there are four different kinds of shop, so the fun is almost endless. Fun part is also that even thought you're a man you can still wear women clothing. I don't do that and I will never do that thought.

There is a large amount of various cars in Saints Row The Third, ranging from a golf cart all the way to cars that look like Lamborghini or any other modern very expensive car. The guy who drives this cart on the picture is ChocolateFace. Yea i didn't talk about him in a while, but we didn't really have the chance to play. My main character is on the picture above this text. The women behind him is my June. Yea, I know, she's hot.

In Saints Row The Third you're able to buy various shops, town buildings and houses to make profit of them. You pay them about 5 000$ on beginning and they give you about 500$ every in game day (which is every 30 minutes maybe, I'm not sure.)
If you buy gun store or dressing up store you even get a discount on all the items in that shop. If you buy airport you're even able to store your own airplanes and any other flying vehicles. The same thing goes with the boats.

Great thing about Saints Row The Third is that there is always a lot of things to do! Always! You can do main quest to see the great, wonderful storyline or you can do side quests to earn extra fame (level) and money. The side quests are also very fun! For example, destroy 250 000$ worth of  property with a tank or a helicopter. Who wouldn't love that kind of missions?
Or you can maybe drive around in cars, smash and kill other gangs, take their territory, steal cars and pimp them up!

Or maybe just explore stuff with your Co-Op partner! For example, June and I got an idea to steal an airplane, fly it to highest building, jump off the airplane, land on the building, look at Stillport and then jump off the building! It was very fun the first time we tried it, but I forgot to take screenshots.
So we decided to go again. And you can see what happened next on the screenshot beside this text!
Another thing that I almost forgot to mention are weapons. In Saints Row The Third there are a lot of different weapons that you get by either buying or grabbing off the floor from a dead person.

They also added a great melee weapon to this game. It's called the "The Penetrator". It is a long dildo that you use to kill everyone around yourself. It's very powerful indeed!
I would tell you some stuff about Saints Row The Third's story, but that would be spoiling and I really don't want to do that. But trust me, the story is great!

- Beautiful graphic.
- Wonderful and very funny storyline.
- Very rich character customization.
- Very rich car customization.
- Has very fun Co-Op.
- A lot of different weapons.
- Whole Saints Row The Third series are connected!

- A lot of lag in co-op mode while driving.
- Too many useless DLC's which should actually be in the game for free.
- Sometimes the game is too easy even if you play it on hard.

Well That's it about Saints Row The Third! I really enjoy this game and I really hope that i explained almost all the things that someone would wonder about it. Saints Row The Third is a Must get if you have a little bit bigger budget to spend!

~Wolfie out~


  1. I can only agree with everything that has been told :) I would never believe i can have so much fun in game. I never get bored of it because you can simply do anything...It is great fun standing in the middle of street with my wolfie on back and shooting everything around :D The rush, fun..amazing graphic. Guys If i were you i wouldn't hesitate and buy it! I am happy i got the game from my beloved TLS :3 So guys hurry up and join us! - June

  2. I have never known the actual story line to this game before reading this review. I am glad that you have made this because you gave me excellent reasons why it's good & bad. Thanks!

  3. One of the many, many things I love about this game is how beautifully optimized it is. They seemed to have learned their lesson from the SR2 port.

  4. Good job Wolfie. This seems like a decent blog and you are pretty good at this.

  5. Imo this game is even better then GTA IV, atleast in terms of pure fun. Its some stupid from time to time, but come on, you wil really enjoy playing it :p and there's Sasha Grey dubbing one char, can it get any better then this?;p