Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Real Life Updates

Hello readers!

I'm sorry about my short old post, I really didn't have the time to write. I was just about to go somewhere when i remembered "Awh fu**, i still didn't write anything on mah blog!"...
So yush, here's long one!

So yea, TLS didn't win on the Guns of Icarus Online tournament but we did have LOADS of fun! Our second ship in team had members of a clan called N7. They are awesome guys from USA who love to joke around. They all go to collage (i think) and they are gonna be game developers. Who knows, maybe they will be more famous then Valve in few years ;)
Anyway, on the tournament TLS had Pyramidion while N7 had a Squid, so we were very good setup. While Squid was fast enough to maneuver around targets, sting them every now and then, our Pyramidion was slow but very powerful. We were very good at the beginning of tournament, but then we went against Saint Rocket and Ergonomic Cog. They, you see, won the whole tournament. We actually had a chance. We were pretty good. I think they won 5:3 but I don't remember anymore. Maybe it was 5:4.

But yea, we were very sad over it. So now we had to push on the "Loser list" to win the whole tournament. It took like an hour for us to get in the match, and as soon as we got in we got a free win. Why? Enemy did not even come. they probably didn't know about "Loser list". So as happy as we were, we had to wait another hour to get into a new match. We thought we'll win, but we had a lot of errors and a lot of bugs so it was very obvious to us that we will lose.

After we lost, I told devs about all the errors. They didn't respond until it was too late thought, so we didn't have a rematch. But never mind! We had loads of fun and we do not regret any of it!
TLS and N7 will continue to make a good Guns of Icarus team, and we will win on the next tournament for sure!

Apart from this, our new clan member, Manatic, wanted to play LoL. I forbid him of it and i gave him an invite for Dota 2. Now he wants to play Dota 2 non stop. He, honestly, sucked more then anyone i have ever seen. But now, about 20 games later, he's pretty decent. He is still terrible and very unreliable but he will make it some day. Some day soon. I hope very soon thought, or i'll look like i'm a noob D:

So yea, that's it for now. You should all expect Magicka, Saints Row The Third, and Mount & Blade: Fire and Sword reviews coming up soon :)


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  1. I am still proud of you guys and I believe you would make it till top without the errors! - Junie