Monday, October 22, 2012

Game Review and Giveaway: Ignite

Hello Ladies and Gents!

Today I'll be talking about an arcade racing game called Ignite!

Ignite is a racing arcade game published by Nemesys Games, and Indie studio with only three games so far. In this game there are three playable options: Campaing, Free Race and Multiplayer. Sadly there wasn't even one single multiplayer race when I was playing, so i didn't get the feel of that. But i did read in tips that you can only drive the cars that you unlock in Campaing mode. And I think that's pretty good too. It's a great way to make people play their game's campaing before jumping against real players!

Main and big bonus of this game is the stunning graphic. If you ask me, this small indie game company made better looking game than for example Need For Speed series. Sadly the damages on cars aren't really seen (you can only see few scratches ) but the sky, cars, tracks and objects are absolutely beautiful. Sound effects are pretty decent too, even thought almost all cars sound the same.
Music does get kind of boring and it feels rather old, but never gets annoying enough to make you stop playing and switch it off.

There is also a score system in this game. But this score system is very different then any other. In this game, your score can decide if you won or lost! For example if you were last but you finished 5 seconds
before the first guy, and you have 10 000 points more then he does, you will win. Because the points reduce your in game drive time. Not much, but it does. So you don't finish at 4:36:28, you finish at 4:30:94 minutes.

You also use the score points to use your nitro. As soon as you reach 1 000 points you are able to use nitro. As you use the nitro, your points drop very fast. And you don't need to worry about not having enough points either! You gather points by drafting behind an enemy, drifting, or ramming into any movable object in the game, such as some boxes that were left outside of a truck! The more you destroy, the more points you get.
There is, however, a drawback as well. If you crash into a wall or any non-movable object, you instantly stop gaining your points and you start getting minus points. Which means that from gaining points, you will lose as much as you crash!

Sadly there is no any customization in this game. You can only drive the cars that you unlock in game by beating some tracks. Each car, thought, gives you an unique bonus. The black car with red lines that you see in almost all of my screenshots is my favorite, because it grants you 10% extra points when you drift. And since this game is rather hard to play, I drift almost all the time. By accident. Yes, indeed i suck.

- Beautiful, stunning graphic.
- Rather small game to download, and cheap!
- Unique score system.
- Very fast gameplay. Not even one of my races lasted more then three minutes.

- There is no 1440x900 screen resolution, and thus my game did not look as beautiful as it does on my screenshots.
- There is no goal nor any kind of story.
- No customization of anything at all.
- No one plays multiplayer.

All in all, Ignite is a very good game for its price! If you are looking for a driving simulation with loads of explosion, lots of customizations and a lot of badass sounding cars, this game is not for you. But if you like to relax and just drive for the sake of it, or if you are terrible at driving games but you like them, this game is for you! Because ruining every object in this game is a good thing, and not a bad thing!
Thank you Nemesys Studios for handing this game to me for review and giveaway!

I have made a giveaway of Ignite! Anyone who is in my private giveaway group can join over this address:
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Also, the giveaway will last a week so everyone has a chance to enter! Good luck to everyone!



  1. That's quite an interesting scoring mechanic they came up with. Are there other resolutions missing, like 1920x1080?

  2. Nice review. Some minor errors just to put it out there but awesome review!

  3. Cool review... And the game looks quite good...

  4. "no goal nor any kind of story" So it's racing just for the sake of racing. I can live with that! It's been quite a while since I last played a racing game, maybe I get lucky and get to play this one. The score system seems pretty interesting, still not sure if I will like it or not. I know for sure that I want to play!

  5. Im a big fan of racing games. I'll probably try this one out.