Sunday, September 2, 2012

Game Review: EVE Online

Hello Ladies and Gents! Today I will make a review of a game which i am playing almost day and night! It's called EVE Online!

 EVE Online is a space MMO in which you can literally be (or become) who ever you want to be.  You can be a miner, going around the universe, mining ores and then selling them. You can be a builder, buying ores and then making ships for other players. If you want more PVP, then you could be a fighter for your corporation! Or maybe you are a stealth killer, lurking your pray slowly until he makes a bad turn so you can pop him and take all his or her loot!

Awesome thing about EVE is the number of ships. It's just enormous!  Every faction has a lot of ships. Great thing about EVE is that no meter which faction you are, with good training you can drive every single one of them :D

In EVE, your boundaries are almost limitless :D You start off with a small ship, and after few months of playing, training your skills, making money, making friends and getting fame, you can end up driving Titan ships.
Of course, not even single ships in EVE is "Badass" without a team.

Every ship in EVE has weakness and straights. Big ships are great for having big amount of heavy artillery, large damage dealing lasers and a lot of drones which help them in fights, while smaller ships are here to either defend the big ones, or to  fly over enemy big ships and damage them from all corners.
One ship in EVE, no meter how good the pilot or the ship is, can't survive an attack of 20 other players (we are talking about getting surrounded) for longer then 3-5 seconds.

The most unique thing about EVE is that massive PvP. PvP is actually (in my opinion) main feature of EVE.There are literally 100 vs 1000 men fights over solar systems, bases or just a mining space.
Not even one other game has PVP so good and so beautiful as EVE. You need to be very coordinated as well. Team who has worse ships but better tactics will win for sure in such a big battle.

I would show you some pictures of my gameplay and ships, but sadly for some reason my steam doesn't take picture when i press F12. I gotta check that problem out fast.

And now, a very short story of my EVE gameplay. I started out as a fighter pilot. Flying around, killing pirate NPC's and so on. It's insanely fun and i would love to keep doing it. But sadly, my real life budget is kinda low right now so I have only 1 month to enjoy EVE. And that's when i decided to check how rich can a miner get.  I heard that with a lot of work a miner can get 500 million ISK within a month. So now I'm a miner. And for now its terrible. In two days of mining, I only lost ISK and barely got anything. I had 2.5 mil on saturday, and now i have 1.6 mil. For now it's going terrible and my time is running out. I will still keep on mining and doing my work. Maybe in few weeks i will start getting few millions a day. After all, I just started now and I have no idea what to do just yet. I am a noob XP

Wolfie's rating;
Graphic:     10/10
Gameplay:  10/10
Story:          1/10  (there is no story. Only short missions to get you going. You are on your own after that.)
Overall:      8/10.

Small info: No meter if there is no story in this game, The game itself is so good that you don't even  need one. If you find a good corporation, you will have insanely much fun and you won't be able to stop playing. This game is totally worth to try!

 P.S. If you want to try out a 21 (extended) day trial feel free to contact me over comment or  my email. MAKE SURE to give me your email, because i can only invite you over email. Thank you!

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