Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Real life updates

Hey all!

When you see a title saying "Real life updates" It means that i won't review any game, I will just tell you some things that don't go into the game review.

As you all see, I have taken this job very seriously. My views jumped from 70 to 200+ within a week! I actually advanced so much, that I decided NOT to make a review of ANY GAME without the developer's permission! Yes, I know, that is going to be hard and I will have to wait a lot of time for a reply, BUT HEY! It will pay out!

For example, I got into War of the Roses beta and i contacted Paradox if i can review their game. They said that I mustn't since it's still in beta. But the woman who I was talking to was very, very nice to me and she asked me which games do I like so she can see if she can get it for me. And I got two new games! Magicka and Mout & Blade: With fire and sword!
And with them, she also allowed me to review both of them. So you should be expecting Magicka and Mount & Blade review within two to three weeks.

I have also contacted Valve if i can review Left 4 Dead 2 and Dota 2. I completely forgot about Team Fortress 2, so I will ask them about it as soon as they reply. And after i finish writing this post, I will ask Creative Assembly if I may review Total War: Shogun 2 and Rise of the Samurai DLC. As soon as I write to them, I will write to THQ If i may review Saints Row 2 and Saints Row The Third :) And, of course, I will contact Bohemia Interactive about Arma 2 and Arma 2 : Operation Arrowhead. I have a lot more games in my mind, I'm just telling you a short description of what I will be writting about within this month or two!

So you all better hold on tight, because Wolfie is taking this thing seriously now! The last thing i need is a logo which will be made by my beautiful girlfriend / unofficial (yet) fiancee.

Oh and also, I finally made my friend listen to me to quit PS3 and to upgrade his PC. He used about 700$ and he made great PC. Much better in CPU and Ram's then me, but still slightly worse graphic card, hehe. He joined Steam, downloaded TF2 and now he is an official TLS member! Welcome Manatic!

Well that's It for today, and thank you all for reading and staying loyal! Now If all you could even start commenting and not just reading.. :P I'm just kidding. Thank you a lot!


P.S. Message for Killapig- HEY MAN! I miss you too! You should really get Steam and add me, or come on MSN more often. I'll try to catch you on, we have a lot of catching up to do! And we still have to play APB:Reloaded again!


  1. Best of luck with your gaming blog. I know It's probably a long and difficult way ahead if you plan on taking this as a serious career option but it's always good that you're trying to gather some experience from early on.

    My advice? Work a lot on your writing skills, not saying that they suck but the difference between you being a good or excellent writer might end up determining if you grow to become a bona fide Gaming Journalist or not D:

    GL dude!

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