Sunday, September 9, 2012

Game review: Guns of Icarus Online

Hello people!
Today I am going to review a game which is currently in closed beta, and it is called Guns of Icarus Online!

Guns of Icarus is an MMO First person, flying ship shooter! Yes, that's right, its not an FPS, its a FSS! In this game, you are a pilot (or a crew member) of a ship in an apocalyptic steampunk future and your task is, currently, to kill the guys on the other side. There is "team red" and "team blue". Thing i like is that you can't really notice the difference between zeppelins, because they all look the same. You must either get really close to see a small, colored part on the baloon, or you must take your chances and shoot at the guy, hoping that he is not friendly.

There are three playable classes in the game. Captain, Gunner and Engineer. Captain, apparently, flies the ship. Gunner, apparently, shoots at other ships and has some boosts for guns (ship guns). Engineer, apparently (once again :P ) just runs over the whole ship and fixes any damage that they have taken during the fight. On one ship there is a crew of 3 men (or women) + the pilot.

Since the game is still in beta, It has very little people and very many bugs or glitches. From what I have been playing so far, these are prons and cons of the game.

Coordination is very important in this game. Teamwork is a must!
Very nice graphic and effects.
Lots of different weapons and ships-to come.

Since its still in beta, there are a lot of bugs.
Sometimes you get kicked out of the game and end up in the lobby.
Playing with random people might be very chalenging because you don't know if you can count on them.
For now, player base is very small so you might end up playing with the same people over and over again.

There is even a tournament already! It's called Thunderdunes, and the winners will receive collector's edition of the game, plus few outfits for your character!
Of course, I have bugged TLS members about it, so we decided to apply for it!
In the team, there will be Syphio as a pilot, and Merk, Tea and I will be engineers since we really don't need any gunner boosts. We are good as we are :D

I really hope that we will be at least good enough to end up between first three places, since I will write a big post about tournament as well. Also, sadly, Tournament is very late for Tea and me so it might be a small problem, but we will still do our best!

And last but not least, I have few Guns of Icarus beta keys left so i want to give everyone a chance of obtaining it! You have a chance to win one of 10, yes that's right, one of TEN keys for Guns of Icarus beta Online! If you want the key, comment why do you think that YOU should win the key, and tell me what do you think about my new reviewing way.
Remember, just like last time, you may post only once (include your email!) but if you subscribe you will get even bigger chance of winning! I will chose a winner randomly by

Good luck to everyone and I hope that you enjoyed this review!


  1. Why to give me a key? I'm the first one to answer, i read your review althought i'm not english and this language is not my first one and because i would really like to test it :)
    About your site, i don't know how it looks before so i could not say anything in regard of that.
    See you and don't forget to send me the key ;-)
    (you can pm me on icarus online forum (Badaboum64).

  2. WOW this game looks awesome! I always looked for a teamwork game and it looks like it! about your review (even though I am french and have a bit of difficulties) I can say that it made me want this game even harder and that you give keys, nothing to say about it you show us the pros and cons of this game liked you created it! Awesome
    PS:if you think I am worthy of it then you could send me the key on my e-mail

  3. This game looks pretty good, I would love to win simply because I am pretty bored with my current game libary, so if I had this it would really fill up some time that I have as well as probably take away some stress that I have. Anyway, if I do win, e-mail me at

  4. Well you should give me a key because i am awesome... but you probably wont, so heres why else you should send me a key:
    I would Like one.
    the game seems interesting, and im always up for trying new ways of playing, and the cooperative aspect, seems to be more requiering than standard fps's, which i guess i woudl really enjoy.
    im a seasoned beta tester, with several tests behind me, and i would be able to give good feedback to developpers.

    se send me a key on Pletskudet2k(at) h o t m a i l . c o m