Thursday, August 30, 2012

Game review: Vindictus EU

Hello people.

My girlfriend has returned to her dear game, Vindictus EU. So since she has been playing it for quite a while yesterday and today morning, i thought of reviewing the game from what i have seen and from what i have expirienced few months ago.

Vindictus is a dungeon farming, F2P MMORPG set in Ireland in time of Celtic gods and goddesses. Most important ones in game are Morrighan and Cichol. It´s important to mention that Vindictus happens few decades before Mabinogi. In Vindictus you start of as a mercenary and.. You stay a mercenary. Just as in Mabinogi, later in the game you chose to be either Paladin, the knight of light with large defence boost, or Dark Knight, knight of darkness with a large strainght boost.

There are five playable classes at the moment (and im pretty sure there wont be any other coming) and those are Lann - a guy with two swords, Fiona - girl with sword and shield, Evie - a mage that can become fighter with a scythe and golems., you can become Karok - a giant with tree-looking weapons or large blunt weapons. Or the newest one, Kai - an archer.

Lann is great at the very beguining of the game, but the more he levels up the more useless he becomes. His attacks are allright, but his HP is just terrible. You get hit once and have to run out instantly. Fiona is great at defence but very weak if not played correctly. Evie is a great mage or a great woman-with-scythe. I never played Karok so i cant really tell you much about him except the fact that he is very powerfull but incredibly slow. And final, Kai, who for now seems weakest to me. He looks badass in his suits but he really lacks power. And you need to constantly run around.

Great thing about this game is that you can not pay to win. You can only pay useless stuff such as tattos or hair or inner armor (which in my opinion, only freaks with too much money buy.). Terrible thing about Vindictus is that there is no freedom at all. Durring the whole game you MUST do main quest, and you MUST spam the same dungeon over and over and over and over again. There is nothing else to do. No side missions, no traveling, not even leaving town untill level 20. Nothing.

Great graphic, great storyline (which describes what happened before Mabinogi. And we all know that i love Mabinogi storyline), a lot of players,  beautiful effects for a lot of different in game moves. And of course, you can´t pay to win.

Requires pretty strong computer to play, everybody looks totally the same since there is barely any customisation (always same face),  small amount of armors and weapons, very repeatable dungeons (sometimes you need a certain ammount of points to advance, so you need to do the same dungeon like 7-8 times. or even more). Not many places you can visit, you are locked to do missions, too big differences between power of the classes (Pro Evie could easely own Lann and Fiona together), dungoens are hosted by the player who makes a party, so there is usually a big lag problem with players, you need a lot of luck to be able to get a dye which you want, and you need a lot of luck to be able to upgrade your weapon.

Okay and now my girlfriend will tell you her opinion about the game. She is angry at me because I only show you the bad side of Vindictus. Well here it is, June´s first game review:

Ok guys, since Wolfie made me talk, i will. The thing i like about this game, defenately graphic. If you play on high details, you will be amased. This game is one of the best realistic looking MMORPGs for now. BUT yea the thing with dungeons suck. Anyway to move a bit to characters. HUGE disadvantage and that REALLY pisses me off is the character lock. Seriously, for example i love archers, but i would never be able to play as guy. Is it so hard to make it so every class can be both male and female?  As Lann you are pretty fast and the skills are impressive, but as Wolfie said later he gets boring. I started of with Fiona. It was hard for me at first because i started at Beta and back then there was just this one female char and i never played with shield. But later on it got very good. Fiona is very good for close combat because she can block attacks with her shield and instantly attack with a counter attack.With higher level, you can keep sword or take a hammer. Hammer is really powerful but i never liked it since it slows me down a lot. And that's why i love Evie. They are fast, they even have skill to run through mobs and kind of teleport forward. She looks like death with the scythe :D If you love to smash things in big area around you, then she is the perfect choice. But the mages proves to be more useful later, from my point of view at least. It was too hard for me to master magic from begin anyway. Kai seems really cool but Wolfie didn't really like it.I didnt play as Kai nor Karok. The reason is simple, no female char for those classes. I heard there are already pets in Vindictus NA so maybe they will be on EU soon as well.Who knows. Right now i am not certain wheter i will continue playing or not because  this game is way too jailing me and i had enough fun running same dungeons 20 times since i was in Beta and Dark knights and Paladins were slowly approaching :D Anyway this game is pretty same in other stuff more or less as any MMO. You blacksmith and do stuff. Have fun. That's all from me :)

Paladin - Lann
Dark Knight - Lann

Wolfie's rating
Graphic:       10/10
Story:          10/10
Gameplay:   3/10
Overall:       5/10

Reason: This game would really be amazing if the game was much more free and with much better gameplay and not just dungeon grinding. It gets boring really really fast. The game is worth to try, but I wouldn't play it as much as i would play other games.


  1. What a fantastic game Vindictus....

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