Monday, March 19, 2012

Third March post!


I didn't write in quite a while now o-o I started to miss my readers <3

My beloved June and I are still playing Saints Row 2! We only beat about 30% of the game thought. After grabbing 40 hours on it! We barely play, because she is to busy usually. And when we do play, we plan to have more fun then to just do missions :P Or sometime we need to chill out after bad day, so we destroy half of the town ^^
But we never use cheats. No cheats! Why? Game is no fun to beat with cheats! After you beat it.. USE CHEATS!
Saints Row 2 rules!

And APB! I love that game! With my new CPU, there is no lag, graphic is beautiful and the game is very fun (if you keep winning ;) )! Even thought ChocolateFace and June don't play much, i keep playing as much as i can ^^ I even found out that this site ---> GameCoach <--- Gives you 10 day free premium with a golden pistol for 10 days! I leveled my new account on the same stuff as my closed beta account is, in just two days! AND my new character (premium one) looks VERY badass because of all tattoos and lots of customization! If i'll still play APB when i get a credit card, ill buy myself premium every few months XD
This would be the best game in the world if the requirements for it weren't so large ^^

Syphio, Merkava, ChocolateFace and I didn't play Dead Island to much lately. Syphio's girlfriend got home so they hang out a lot, or when he is home then Chocolate is missing. Or when three of them are online, im to busy or away. So no much time :( And I miss it so much!
I hope to play it soon again with guys. We were just on part of the game where we go down into the city sewers. We do EVERY SINGLE mission in the game :)

Well not much to say here. We got two new clan members, Bladezz and CoolJon31 (i think 31... I'm not sure about the number, and I'm to lazy to check it out D: ) We did one mission (hard rain) and it was very fun and not to long, but it would be way more fun and way shorter if Syphio was with us :P But, on his luck, he got Payday, so he plays it all day long XD

AND finally! My favorite serie just ended second season :( Now i need to wait till at least summer (but probably till next year..) To finally start watching third season. This is really the best serie of all time. I wish there were more zombie series out there. Not just two.

That's it for now ^^

Hope to see ya next time!

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