Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Second March post!

Yo readers!

First of all, i want to start this post by saying that dablOseven ( 007 ) has made a blog! It will mostly be all about his nightlife and crazy Fridays and Saturedays! He's a party kind of guy. Here's a direct to his blog --> Daddy's Blog. You can also find the link in my "very good links" section on the right side of my blog.

There was a free weekend of Payday The Heist! And guess what!!! TLS loved it! We had so much fun! Syphio, ChocolateFace, Merkava and I have been playing it for hours! Payday is a game that is something like Left 4 Dead 2, but without PvP and without zombies. You play as one of four wanted criminals (your friends play other 3) and your mission is to rob a bank, or return your money back from a guy who double crossed you, or steal diamonds. There are just 6 different missions, and that's the only reason why this game shouldn't be sold for more then 5 Euro. Trust me and do not buy it for anything more then 5 euro. Its very fun game, but there aren't any mods, nor any custom built maps for it, so when you beat those 6 missions few times (as TLS has) you will get bored of the game. So if you buy the game in full price, which is 20 euros right now, you will waste 15 euros for nothing.

Saints Row 2, on the other hand, is VERY VERY VERY fun and addicting once you make it work! Thought, you need to make it work! It's very hard, and a huge pain in the ass. My June and I have been trying to make it work for four days, before we finally managed. But now that we have, It totally payed off!
Stealing cars, taking lives, catching planes and helicopters, and then trying to catch each other in the air! VERY FUN AND ADDICTING! It might be a bit old, and graphic outdated by now, but trust me, if you get a chance to buy it for 2.50 euro again, DO IT!

AND TLS has also moved to APB Reloaded (All Points Bulletin)! It's the same as old APB, but free and with more spammers :P And Russians!
We don't play APB:Reloaded to much thought, because it lags often so we lose all the patience. If it didn't lag, and if there weren't so many idiots, APB: Reloaded would be one of the best games in the world!

That's it for today people! See ya!


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