Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New way of reviewing!

Hello Everyone!

I have been reading few guides how to become a good reviewer and i was talking to my girlfriend a lot about it. I have decided that from now on, I will talk about one game per post. I will give the game some grades, I will tell you what i like about it and what i do not like about them. And of course, as untill now, i will tell you some of my gameplay of the game.

I will hopefully write very long reviews.
And I´m hoping that after few better reviews, some companies might actually read this blog and put the review on their website.

Also there is one indie game developing company that already talked to me. They are making a strategy board game, similar to chess but with bigger board and longer turns. Their name is GodDonaught Studios. You can find their website here and give them some love: GodDonaught Studios

Well thats it for now. I might review EVE Online in few days, or now. I will see in what mood am i :P
See you all and good luck with gaming!

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