Thursday, April 10, 2014

Game Review: Saints Row IV

Hello Ladies and Gentleman!
Today I'm writing a review of a third person, extremely fun shooter called Saints Row IV!

A bit about the game and developers.
Saints Row 4 has been developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. Both the developer and publisher are known for a lot of different games but probably the most known games from Volition are Saints Row franchise and Red Faction franchise. Saints Row IV is Deep Silver's first Saints Row game, but their previous well known titles are Dead Island franchise, X franchise, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and so on and on. They are publishing many great games.

About Gameplay.
Saints Row IV is a very easy game to master. The controls are pretty much the same as in almost any other third person shooter game. But there is a small plot twist. Even though you can enter vehicles, customize them and so on and on, there is really no need for it. Because in Saints Row IV you have super powers. That's right, super powers.You can sprint faster than any car can drive, you can get into a maximum high faster than any airplane or helicopter can and you can even use your telepathy power to rise enemies and throw them onto others.

Saints Row IV kind of continues the story where the previous games have stopped. But just kind of. The story is drastically changed. Luckily, as you play the game you find out one amazing surprise. Something that just has to make every Saints Row fan smile. I can't write what it is because it is a MASSIVE spoiler, but I can tell you that if you love Saints Row franchise you will love the surprise. In Saints Row IV the Earth is being attacked by aliens. They look very cuddly and nice, but in fact they are true killers. And Saints Row are the only people who can save the humanity from them. Since the aliens actually want to torture you before killing you, they place you inside of a virtual reality. Through the virtual reality you collect some sort of "hacks" which give you special powers. At first you start out with just sprint and high jump, but as you progress you also get some special attack powers like a fire bolt, ice bolt, telepathy, stomp and a strength buff which also sets everyone on fire when you run past them. You can also upgrade every power and make it even more powerful. I have only been upgrading my sprint and telepathy. The sprint has one special ability which allows you to a act like a tornado. You push everything away from you when you run past them. It's very fun!

The developer also put a handful of new weapons into the game. New alien guns. And with the guns being added, the developer also added some new alien vehicles such as cars and jets. Even a power suit! Something like a Mech. And it's very fun to drive it around and destroy stuff. But, you know, since you have all those super powers it's also useless to grab an alien car and bother customizing it since you will almost never use it anyway. Same goes with the jet.

On the side note.. Sometimes the super powers just get in the way of stuff. You are almost unable to do any customization because you keep being hunted by virtual police since you killed someone while sprinting. Also the guns sometimes seem just too weak. Even after upgrading them they still didn't do enough damage to kill aliens with the first hit.

Graphic and Audio.
Graphically the game has disappointed me. I mean the graphic looks exactly the same like Saints Row The Third. When you enter the game everything is so the same like Saints Row The Third that it feels as if you are just playing another too expensive DLC with a lot of extra DLC's that come with it. Audio on the other hand was pretty good. A bit too much of Dubstep and too little rock for my taste, but who likes Dubstep will like the audio in the game.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Saints Row game.
- Very funny.
- Awesome surprise.
- Alien jets.
- Mech!!
- Co op is extremely fun.

- All type of vehicles are useless.
- Weapons seem to be a bit too weak.
- The story length is way too short.

Final grade: 8/10

Extra info: I am a huge Saints Row fan. I'd chose Saints Row over any GTA game or any game of that type, because Saints Row games are here to be fun and funny. So if you want something realistic or serious like GTA, look away. Saints Row is a game where you run around with a giant tentacle and hit people with it. The game can be bought here.

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