Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Game Review: Defiance

Hello Ladies and Gentleman! I managed to grab my copy of Defiance so I decided to review it!

A bit about the game and developers.
Defiance has been developed and published by a company that I like a lot - Trion Worlds. They are the same guys who made RIFT. Defiance is a MMORPG set in a futuristic world!

About Gameplay.
Before I start I just want to say that Defiance and RIFT both have one enemy in common. Hellbugs.
Now, I didn't follow RIFT nor Defiance enough to see why are the Hellbugs there, or to know what are they, but I know that they are creatures from Defiance game / series, and they probably imported it into RIFT. It is probably nothing important, but it's still a fun fact. And also, Defiance is both a game and a TV show. Trion Worlds has teamed up with Universal Cable Productions to show us something that we did not see so far. They want to collide the game and show! Everything that you do in the game will affect the show in Season two. Now, I'm not sure how will they manage to do that but good luck! The show is great so far and I don't want them to mess it up.

Now lets get back to Defiance the game. The game is very focused on the main story. You're an ark hunter who's job is to find / complete an Ark. You're being guided by your "boss" who's a famous device maker. Very famous and rich. You run around a big map and do his chores. You find the enemy, kill the enemy, find another enemy, kill the enemy, find a device, repair device, kill the enemy.. And that's pretty much it. Once you spend about an hour into the game you do everything that you can do in this game.

This game futures a lot of different weapons and clothing. Some weapons look very good, and the
others look lame / old, but are quite powerful. Of course, it's never about the look! On the other hand, clothing in this game is useless. It's just here to make you look different. It doesn't have any stats, so some people don't even worry about it. And the most awesome clothing is only purchasable via cash shop. That, of course, makes me very sad since most of my readers know that I dislike cash shop in a purchase based games.

Defiance also has a handful different vehicles that you can drive. Most are quads with different look and different / better stats, but for the best vehicles.. Guess what, you gotta use real life money shop. But anyway, you can purchase decent cars in game with in-game money which you gain pretty easy. Or maybe it's just me, but I always get useless weapons which worth a lot, so i get a nice profit off of them. This game even has cars which allow you to have two to four players in them at he same moment, and that is very cool!

Graphic and Audio
This game looks amazing! The explosions, the sky, the falling meteors.. It's really amazing and it instantly makes you wish to live there so you could watch it every single night. Audio is very cool and doesn't get boring.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Good story.
- Lots of side missions.
- Big map.

-Very repeatable.
- Real life currency shop.

Final Grade: 6/10

Extra Info: I really enjoy playing Defiance, but it's just very repeatable and most of the "new" things that are added into the game are not free... So they really want you to spend a lot of money to get what you should get for free.

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