Saturday, November 2, 2013

Game Review: Dead Rising 2

Hello Ladies and Gentleman! With this late Halloween post, I'm bringing you a review of Dead Rising 2!

A bit about the game and developers.
Dead Rising 2 is a sequel to a zombie slaying game - Dead Rising. Dead Rising 2 is set a bit after Dead Rising, but has nothing to do with the original game. Dead Rising 2 has been developed by Blue Castle Games, and published by Capcom! It's funny how Capcom has so many well known zombie games...

About Gameplay.
Dead Rising 2 is an open world zombie survival game. In Dead Rising 2 you have couple of missions
(one main mission and a lot of side missions) which you do not need to follow at all! You see, Dead Rising 2 is a game in which you can do almost anything. Grab a motorbike, put a chainsaw on it and run over zombies. Or grab a motorbike, put machine gun on it and kill more zombies! Or just run around with nothing but a blade in your hands, chopping down everything in your path. The ways you can kill this zombies are almost limitless!

What makes this game far better than the first one is co-op option! You can call a friend to play this game with you and destroy the zombies with you! It's very fun indeed! Imagine two motorbikes with chainsaws, just driving down the street, ending every single zombie's life that is currently present.  This game also gives you and ability to craft a weapon out of two other weapons. For example, with a broom and a machete you make something like a spear. With knife and boxing gloves you make razor claws. With nails and a baseball bat... Very deadly baseball bat! You get the point - it's extremely fun!

So, as I said, you can chose to do the mission or you could just chose to ignore it an have loads of fun
in the game. The game has six different endings, which all happen with a reason. For example, if you do whole main mission and then chose option A on some point (i don't plan to give out any spoilers!) You'll get first and best ending. If you do main mission and chose option B, you'll get almost same thing as A case. Everything else is more or less failure.

The game also futures a four person co-op in which all you can do is drive around a small area on a motorcycle and kill tones and tones and tones of zombies. I can't tell you much about that because I never managed to get into a game. There are just not enough players that play it..

Graphic and Audio
Graphically speaking the game looks very very sweet. There's just enough blood, the zombies are quite detailed and everything seems in place. They could have added more different looking zombies though. Audio is very awesome and never gets too boring to listen to! It keeps changing as you enter stores, menu and so on and on. Only positive thoughts about Audio of this game!

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Great co op fun.
- A lot of different clothing and weapons.
- Audio never gets boring.
- A lot of vehicles.
- You can keep on playing even if you decide not to do missions.

- Main mission forces you to wait a long time before continuing the story..
- Only two people co op.
- No players so the 4 person co-op is impossible without friends.
- The game uses Games for Windows Live so it might become unplayable next year since GFWL is going down..

Overall grade: 8.5 / 10

Extra info: This is an amazing zombie killing game to pass the time. I really enjoyed playing it with a friend of mine, Mr.Trolla. Thank you for playing the game with me!

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