Saturday, March 2, 2013

Game Review: Dungeon Defenders.

Hello Readers! Today I'll be reviewing a tower defense game called Dungeon Defenders!

A bit about the game and developers.
Dungeon Defenders was developed and published by an indie company called Trendy Entertainment. They have no other game, just Dungeon Defenders, but they make sure that the game gets a lot of updates and becomes more and more fun!

About Gameplay. 
Dungeon Defenders is a first / third person tower defense game. You can zoom out camera to make the game look like a RTS, but that's kind of weird because you can't aim too well. You can also zoom in to the third person or to first person. So this game fits anyone's standards!

In DD you play a hero that you want to play. If you have no DLC's, you can chose from a Monk, Ranger, Warrior or an Apprentice (mage) but if you do have DLC's there's a lot more classes to chose from. My favorite is, yes you've guessed it right, a Jester. I'll be talking about some classes a little bit later. DD is a dungeon defense game with a story! You and the other 3 brave heroes (who are actually the people you play with. There are no NPC's here.) are on a mission to save your parents. To do that you need to go through a lot of various dungeons, bosses and so on and on. And you've guessed it, what's a dungeon based game without levels and equipment? There are various weapons and armors that you can find in chests or by enemy drops. Your weapon look changes to the one that you currently equip, but your look doesn't change by your armor change.

As I said, DD has a level system. Maximal level is 100 and it doesn't take you long to reach it if you know your way around. If you're lucky enough to have an OP friend with level 70 summoner and something like that berserker, you can level up fairy easily.  He power leveled me to the level 56! But I didn't see too much fun in that so we re-created our characters and started beating the game from beginning. In low levels almost any beaten dungeon gives you at least one level, if not even more. Once you level up you need to chose an attribute to give an attribute point to. Each hero has his / her own strengths and weakness. Warrior has great attack power, but his defense units are almost useless, while Apprentice's towers are very needed and reliable, his attack power is very weak. Therefore, for an apprentice you need to level up your tower's damage dealing even more so that you are the best of the best!

You can sell your stuff to earn Mana points, which you can then use to buy stuff in tavern. Stuff as little pets or weapons. Nothing better than what you can get while beating dungeons! You also get Mana by killing monsters. The Mana you get from monsters is used to summon defenses like towers, or traps or auras. Once the new wave starts, all the weapons that you were able to loot get sold and you get Mana into your "bank". If you end up going to a high level dungeon as I have, don't pick everything up that you see. Trust me, you'll regret it later. Just let the game sell stuff so you can get Mana. You can get your own equipment later!

As I've said earlier, there are various types of classes, and all are different. I haven't played many of them so I can't know much. Apprentice can summon tower defenses that shoot fireballs or something else at your opponents, no matter if they fly or walk. Monk is only useful at auras. He can make enemies move slower, and he can make you heal. Warrior is mainly good just at DPS and Ranger is fun at setting up traps, but kind of useless. I like the Ranger though.

Graphic and Audio
Graphic looks very cartoonish. It's unique for its genre, and it's very fun. It really brings the fantasy role playing element into the game. There are not many songs tho, so they do tend to get a bit boring after few hours of listening to them over and over again. But they are catchy, so don't wonder if you end up humming the song when playing another game.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Very fun and addicting.
- A lot of various weapons to chose from.
- Many character classes and different looks.
- Small download file.

- Lags may occur in online play.
- No character customization.
- Very many DLC's which make the game cost over 150€ If bought separately

Final grade: 7/10

Extra info: If you've got few friends that you want to play games with, but you don't know what to play, then this game is just for you. This game will kill all the boredom that you have, and make you get addicted to it within first few rounds! Don't play solo tho, the game isn't as enjoyable without friends.


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    PS: Game seems really fun