Sunday, March 24, 2013

Game Review: Torchlight 2

Hello everyone!
Here i am, once again, bringing you a new game to review! This time, I will be reviewing Torchlight II!

A bit about the game and developers.
Torchlight II is developed and published by Runic games. I am not 100% sure, but I think that Runic games and Perfect World Entertainment share the publishing of the game. And as guessed, Torchlight II is a sequel to a well known game called Torchlight.

About Gameplay. 

Torchlight II is an action rpg game like Diablo. You have a top down view which you can zoom in very much. You move using only your mouse, while you use your keyboard to use some skills, potions, switch between skills and for some other hotkeys.

Torchlight was all about the dungeons. It was a single player game with just couple of dungeons to go through. You were in a town called Torchlight and you had to protect it. In Torchlight II, you are out in the open, fighting your ways through tones of creatures on maps, and then finding couple of dungeons that you need to go through to kill the bosses. Of course, there are few dungeons that do not contain a mission, so you can do them only for fun. And for decent drops!

In Torchlight II there are four different selectable classes: Embermage, Berserker, Outlander and an Engineer. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. Tho, in Torchlight II it's all about the damage. No healing. The closest class to being a healer is an engineer.
Embermage is an offensive class with massive destruction powers but very low health.
Berserker is a class which also does massive damage but looks badass while doing so.
Outlander is doing massive critical hits. (That's why I play as an outlander!)
Engineer is more of a tank than a damage dealer.

Another cool thing about Torchlight II is the pet system. While you are making a character, you're also forced (YES, the game forces you!) to make a companion. You are able to chose from couple of pets (8 if i am correct) that will fight alongside you. You can also customize them, but very little bit. Once in game, you can feed the pet with fishes to turn them into some other beasts. Those other pets will then have some skill such as stun, slow, poison damage and so on and on. Though, that just lasts for couple of minutes. Once you chose your pet, you can not change him until you make a new character. If you are extremely lucky, you are able to find a scroll that will transform your pet into something else permanently!

The game is very focused onto the storyline, and that storyline is very long! I've been playing the game for over 12 hours, and I still ain't even close to finishing it. I completed one act out of four of them. Maybe that's because I play solo, but ah well. Luckily, even thought the story is very long and takes very long to complete, the game remains extremely fun to play!

Maps are rather big and not repeatable. Same goes with dungeons. The developers have put a lot of effort into that and made it so much better than how Torchlight was. I really respect that and like it! They also worked on weapons and different equipment. You just can't get bored of searching for new stuff in Torchlight II!

Graphic and Audio
Graphic of Torchlight II is very cartoonish, just how Torchlight was. But I like it! It fits the story and gameplay somehow. Tho, cinematic videos did disappoint me since they are more like comic books than a real video. Other than that, great graphic!
Audio of the game is very good too, but all the songs do sound like a real background music, so after a while you stop even listening to it.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Very fun game, and yet very cheap.
- Weapons are not character class locked, so a mage can have shotguns and so on and on.
- Many different pets to chose from
- Small, but possible character customization.
- The game is not too repeatable.

- Sometimes the MultiPlayer does not work so well.
- There is no way to reset your stat points.

Overall grade: 7/10

Great work Runic Games!


  1. For what are pets? Look, inventory or support?:)

    1. Inventory, support during fights and for selling stuff :)

  2. So kinda like Mabi and Tera?:) good good. Very smart. I heard that they put back pets to Tera, those were exactly for selling stuff. Never experienced pets that could do so many things :D I bet its fun, how do you purchase them? For cash or in game?

    1. You get a pet totally free at the very beginning of your gameplay. You chose a class and a pet. in the game you can fish to be able to transform your pet into some other creatures with different skills, but only for couple of minutes. If you're extremely lucky, you can even turn your pet permanently into another creature.

  3. Awesome :D I think I would be fishing non-stop then :D Thx Wolfie!

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