Sunday, February 24, 2013

Make easy gold in Guild Wars 2!

Hello my readers!
I have received a fan mail couple of days ago from a very good gold maker in Guild Wars 2. He thought of sharing few of his ways of how to make gold in GW2 easy and I decided to listen to him and add it all to my blog! So here it is, a guest post by Markco!

10 Ways to Make Gold in Guild Wars 2

In Guild Wars 2, there are many common misconceptions that prevent intelligent gamers like yourself from making gold on the Trading Post. In the following collection of posts from my blog, you will find a combination of methods for making gold as well as debunked misconceptions you may be subscribing to already.

Please comment with what you think of these posts here, as well as let me know if they help you to make gold in the future.

Strategies that Will Make You Gold

1. Unidentified Dyes and Gamblers -

It’s easy to overlook one of the simplest and straightforward ways to make gold in this game: selling unidentified dyes instead of identifying them. This will teach you very early on to compare the different ways you can sell an item on the Trading Post.

2. Flipping Guide Basics -

Learn the basics to picking markets, determining profit, buying properly, and selling for maximum return vs time.

3. High Volume Flipping -

Once you have the basics down and a nice pile of gold, you’re probably going to get a little bored of the tedious nature of flipping. This helps take the edge off and earn you more gold in far less time.

4. Crafting for Crafters -

People ask me what to craft and I tell them to look at what every other crafter needs when they want to create finished products. Instead of competing at that level, you can be the middle man who saves them time with crafting materials such as planks, wool, and embroideries.

5. Mystic Forge Runes -

A lot of conspiracy theories surround the Mystic Forge which leads to apprehension towards using it. Never fear, I will showcase a marvelous strategy that can make you big money with the Forge.

6. Flipping Exotics Video -

Watch me deliver a speech with my fancy white board on how to sell Exotics. Hopefully you end up less confused than when you initially began watching!

Misconceptions and Answers

7. You Failing Bro? -

Many of you will see only failure when items are left unsold. I recommend waiting one week before cancelling any auctions and taking that nasty 5% fee. You can learn from your failures, as this post suggests.

8. Phil’s Breakthrough: What to Sell -

Phil wrote a great comment which I had to answer with a post. Here’s what I said in response! I think that lots of players can relate to the situation.

9. How to Undercut Properly -

It’s a question I get constantly, so I made a post on how to undercut and why you do it. Whenever you have a huge profit margin and want to make gold faster, use a larger undercut as long as you still make a profit.

10. Secret to Making Gold (+30 Markets) -

I’m currently working on 30 markets and as of this writing I believe I have 16 listed. They should help you find new places to play the flipping or crafting game in.


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  3. ^^ Ignore those 2, they are spammers ^^

    Anyway, this is a pretty good selection of articles :)

    I would like to add, however, that I've recently made an Excel spreadsheet that really helps those who do lots of flipping.

    It downloads TP listings from GW2Spidy and then applies filters / sorting. It adds functionality that (thus far) I haven't seen a 3rd party TP website do (such as profit as a % of cost and searching with ranges).

    If anyone wants to take a look at it, you can find it here:

    And (for anyone that is reading) level 35 - 45 rares is a great flipping market. Since rares only begin at level 35 and everyone wants a rare as soon as they ding 35.. You get the point.

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