Friday, February 8, 2013

Game review: Terraria

Ladies and Gentleman of the interwebz, today I will be talking a bit about Terraria!

A bit about the game and developers.
Terraria is a "building" 2D platformer game developed by Re-Logic.They don't have any other game than Terraria but they are very friendly to all their fans!

About Gameplay. 
Terraria is something a bit different than other games nowadays. Terraria gives you the choice to do nothing else but build stuff and explore the underworld! Before starting anything, I'll tell you that I actually ain't a fan of platformer games. But Terraria is an exception! Terraria is very fun in single player, And I bet It's even more fun when you play with friends. Sadly I decided to do this review as fast as I got my hands on the game, and therefore I wasn't able to enjoy the multiplayer just yet. But I do know that my clan members are very dedicated to this game and have high gears and stuff.

This game, just as Minecraft, has no goal at all. The only goal: Have fun and spend your time well. You can explore rather big world from the very bottom of all the way to the stars. Though there is one pretty big problem. This game has no tutorial and it's very hard to start off without some guidance. There's a "help" NPC nearby, but he's kind of useless. Once you get your things ready, and you think that you're ready to go underground, do so! Take your pickaxe and just keep digging down until you find a tunnel. Once you find it, make sure to brake anything that looks breakable, such as vases or chests. You can brake the chests with hammers once you make sure that everything is out of it.

Finding chests can be quite exiting! I know that I got very thrilled once I found my spear in it! I also got some kind of accessory that gives me some defense. Very nice loot indeed. Keep in mind though, you are not alone! You have enemies over day and night. Over day, your most feared enemy is a small slime. There are three shapes that i've seen so far, red, blue and green. Green is weakest, then red and then blue. They also come in different sizes. Underneath the ground you can find blue glowing squids. They never managed to hit me so I don't know how big damage do they have, but they are rather annoying!

While, on the other hand, more creatures come out at night! Creatures such as flying eyes, some kind of "soul eaters" and zombies. And a lot of them! Dieing in this game is not so big of a problem though. You respawn with everything you had on yourself, but you lose some money. In my opinion you don't need any money, you just need luck in "dungeons". I'm sure that there are more dangerous monsters somewhere in this game, but I still never came across them. I do know that there is a chance for you to find a portal that will lead you to some other world!

Graphic and Audio
Graphic is.. Very pixelish. But that does not make this game anyhow bad! In fact, it makes the game rather interesting. It's something new. Old school but new. Colors are very bright and some animations are very nice, therefore, I really like the graphic of this game. I only heard two different songs in this game, but they are both so catchy that I love both of them! I can't help it but to "sing" along with them.

 Pros, cons and final grade.
- Nice big world to explore.
- Something different and rather unique.
- Very small requirements for something so fun and catchy!
- You can host your own personal server and have as many people on it as you want!
- A lot of different equipment and weapons which you can forge, buy, or find!
- Finding wings will allow you to fly!
- Shooting stars fall on the ground and if you find them, you can use them as a throwing weapon.

- Very hard to start off the game due to lack of tutorial.
- People might rage if they keep dieing in their first night.

Overall grade: 7/10

Extra Info: If you're looking for something that you will be playing for a very long time, and you really want to play it with your best friends, then Terraria is definitely for you! I can't wait for my clan mates to finally finish their exams so we can play together! If you're looking for cheaper version of Minecraft then look no more! Terraria is just the game for you! I can't get enough of it!
Deeply recomended!

P.S. I'm making a gameplay video of Terraria which should be up in couple of days!


Thanks to wonderful Developers, here are few copies of the game for giveaways!

Terraria giveaway (Group only)


  1. OMG! Me want me want me want! ME WAAAANT

    PS: Great review... as always :)

  2. This game look great, would really love a copy of it

  3. Thanks for the review. Already have the game and I do agree a lot with your points on the game. If anybody else is reading this comment, you won't regret getting this game. I can say that this game has wasted a lot of time from my life :)

  4. I tried it out from a friend but when I played it, I didn't get it. It wasn't so much as confusing... I can't describe it, but I didn't like it... I dunno...

  5. Good review. Wanted to try this game for quite some time now, maybe now I'll have the chance to do so. Cheers and best of luck with your blog!

  6. I tried it out from a friend but when I played it, I didn't get it. It wasn't so much as confusing... I can't describe it, but I didn't like it... I dunno...guild wars 2 gold
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