Monday, January 26, 2015

Game Review: Fight The Dragon

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, today I'll be reviewing a community generated Hack'n'Slash RPG Fight The Dragon.

A bit about the game and developers.
Fight The Dragon has been developed and published by 3 Sprockets. Fight the dragon is a Hack'n'Slash RPG in which everyone can create their own dungeons. The game is all about going on an adventure by yourself or with your friends. There are few maps that were designed by the developers of the game, but all other content has been made by the community itself.

About Gameplay.
In Fight The Dragon you are given the choice to be one out of four playable classes. You can chose between Fighter, Fire Mage, Ice Mage and a Rogue. Fighter is a tank or a damage dealer, depending on your equipment and play style. Fire Mage is an Area of Effect damage deal, which is great to take down multiple enemies. Ice Mage is mainly a stunner, who focuses on freezing the enemies in place so the others can take them down fast and easy. Rogue is a damage dealer and a trap finder. He focuses on poisoning the enemies to deal extra damage, setting up traps and dismantling traps in game.

The game futures many different weapons and armors. All the classes can wear all the armors, but they are limited with the weapons. Sword, axe, club and a shield may be wielded by any class. Fighter specific weapons are greatswords, spears, greathammers and a throwing hatchet. Wizard specific weapons are crystal, staffs, wands and a magic tome. And finally, rogue's specific class weapons are daggers, shortswords, crossbow and shurikens. Inside of an adventure the loot is separated, meaning that everyone gets their own loot. That's a great thing because no one needs to fight about what belongs to who. Sadly there is no trade system in the game, but a player can just drop the icons he or she does not want on the ground, and someone else can pick them up in stead.

As I said earlier, most of the dungeons in this game are made by players. Fight The Dragon has an amazing and very mature community, and most of the people are creating their own maps. Some people make arena maps, some of them just build nice little towns, while others, more serious people, make their own little campaign. I think that's very amazing since those people just keep making the game expand more and more. It kind of feels as if it's just filled up with  free DLC's everywhere!

The game also supports Steam Workshop, which allows you to have an even bigger character customization. Imagine running around in a Batman costume! Yes, of course I did that. Who wouldn't? There are new items inside of the workshop quite often, but not as often as the new maps.

Fight The Dragon also has a specific type of loot called "Dragon Scrolls". The player can use that scrolls in single player to fight a dragon. Sadly, the dragon is so hard to kill that I did not even manage to get close to it yet. He's got a million HP and deals too much damage. He also drops specific items which a player can obtain from a dragon and dragon alone, the dragon rings. I have tried to find out what happens once the player kills the dragon by browsing the internet a little bit, but I didn't find anything related to it, except that "it's not worth the hassle".

Graphic and Audio.
The game is pretty blocky, but the developers still made it look quite pretty. Awesome thing about that is that the game runs on quite old and weak computers. Songs in the game are very nice, and I really enjoyed having them as my background music, but the weapon sounds could use a bit of a tun up. Shurikens, throwing hatchets and the crossbow all have the same sound, and I have found that very annoying.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Community based dungeons / campaigns.
- Steam Workshop support.
- Many different weapons and armors.
- Ability to create your own dungeons and campaigns with a very simple in game creation tool.

- Very slow character progression.
- The dragon can't be fought with friends.
- No ability to make custom weapons and armors.

Final grade: 7.5/10

Game Trailer.

Extra information: If you are interested in a very cool co-op experience in which you can rank up your character and make your own dungeons, this game is definitely for you. 

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