Monday, March 24, 2014

Game Review: Gnomoria

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
First of all I want to say that I'm sorry for skipping one week of reviewing. I was very busy, and when I had time I just didn't feel like reviewing. So today I'm bringing you a review of a strategy game called Gnomoria!!

A bit about the game and developers.
Gnomoria has been developed and published by Robotronic Games. Most people who try Gnomoria out say that it's a simplified version of Dwarf Fortress. The last time I played Dwarf Fortress was about five years ago, and that did not end well, So I can't tell! What I can say is that Gnomoria is something much different from everything you've seen before!

About Gameplay.
Gnomoria is a strategy based sandbox game. But unlike other games, you don't make things happen instantly. In fact, you decide what you want to do and you place that object on the ground and then watch little gnomes ignore your orders and wishes, just because they think they don't need it for now. Everything in this game is done by the wish of your gnomes, and you have almost no influence over it. Now, this game is for those who have a lot of patience. I do consider myself to be a man with a lot of patience, but I also like to plan ahead. So I give my gnome 100 tasks before they manage to finish even the first one, and then I do nothing except stare at the screen for hours.

But don't think this game is boring! No, totally the opposite! While you are watching your Gnomes ignore your commands, you also have to make sure that they have food, water, that they don't get killed by goblins, or some other creatures. You also need to make sure that their animals are taken care of nicely, and that ambassadors from other cities feel nice and happy in your city when they come to visit you. After all, why would one town trade with your town if you got their ambassador killed?

The game has a lot of different things that you can do. There are a lot of items to make, a lot of different machines, work spaces, beds, and so on and on. The game even allows you to make your own houses! As in, it allows you to design a whole village how you see it fit. But the problem is that the game offers you so many different things to do, but it doesn't tell you what you need to make it. Luckily people are working very hard on the Wiki, so it's quite easy to find the needed information there.

Graphic and Audio.
Let's start off with audio this time! This game futures two different types of audios: 8 bit and Orchestral. Of course, Orchestral sounds much more beautiful, calm and makes you feel warm at heart, but the original, old 8 bit sounds just make you smile and make you feel happy. The songs are exactly the same in both 8 bit and Orchestral, so it's really down to personal preference. I liked 8 bit one more though! Now, graphically the game doesn't look like anything new. But I like it! It's small voxels with small 2D characters running around over your map. I found it interesting, and once you get used to it it actually becomes quite amazing!

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Beautiful voxel based strategy game.
- Something very unique.
- Sandbox.

- Not enough guides.
- Way too slow.

Final grade: 8.5/10

Extra info: I have to say I really enjoyed playing Gnomoria! If you are interested into games where gnomes do everything except listen to you, please don't hesitate to go buy it right here.

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