Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Game Preview: Planets³

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
Today I will bring you a preview of one game that is currently on Kickstarter. I say preview because I can't review something that still didn't get out yet. So I can just preview the information about it, and then say my own opinion of it. The game I'm talking about is Planets³. And you read that as Planet Cube, not Planet Three.

Planets³ is a RolePlaying Voxel game. That makes the game unique! In this Multi-player voxel game you have the ability to advance by levels, discover new locations, build what ever you wish to, design your own weapons and even discover other Cubical planets! I mean, how cool is that?? Flying around the solar system from a planet to planet, finding people on it, building cities and maybe even making some Planet versus Planet wars! I have to say, for now I love the sound of that.

Players in this game have quests. Those quests allow them to level up, and to reveal the secrets of Planets Cube.There are also plenty of side quests which give you the opportunity to find rare items which can only be acquired over missions, more in depth story of the game and new locations which you maybe wouldn't have discovered on your own.

Crafting in Planets Cube is massive! You can literally build what ever you want, which even means you can
craft the weapons to look exactly how you want them to look. Do you want it to look like dragon tooth? Sure, no problem, do it! The same thing also goes with crafting vehicles for your journey over the vast universe. You can shape your vehicles to look exactly how you want them to look like. And I love that freedom.

This game really gives you the true form of freedom. IF you want to be a farmer, be a farmer. If you want to be a warrior, be a warrior. Make cities with other players or live on your own. Pact alliances with the kings or lords of other cities, while going into wars with other alliances. And if you put enough effort into it, who knows, maybe you'll even get to use guns and, who knows, spaceship battles!

The future of Planets Cube looks extremely promising. I mean, this is exactly the game that I have been
awaiting for years. I've seen many of them announced, but most of them got shut down. Or some are just much slower in progress. So Planets Cube is really giving me very high hopes. I think that Planets Cube is a perfect game to invest money into! And you can do so over their KickStarter page which can be found right here.

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