Sunday, December 15, 2013

Game Review: Battlefield 4

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
Today I'll be reviewing a long expected title, Battlefield 4!

A bit about the game and developers.
Battlefield 4 has been developed by DICE, and published by EA games. Both of these companies are very famous, so I don't think that I have too much to say about them! But when it comes to BF4 as a game, I honestly think of it as a just another DLC for BF3.

About Gameplay.
Battlefield 4 is one of those games that people buy just so they could play multiplayer. But, of course,
I did the single player game as well. Honestly, I wasn't impressed at all. In fact, it was so uninteresting that it felt like I am just wasting my time. The good reason to do the single player is to get the three guns which you can not get in any other way. Other than that, It is not too good.

Multiplayer on the other hand is awesome! The game feels very slow paced. Battlefield 3 had fast movement, shooting around every single corner, tones of explosions.. In this game, everything seems to be slightly slower paced. But the game is much smoother than Battlefield 3. the camera turning is beautifully smooth, and it just feels amazing. Great job there!

There are not too many maps, but there's a high number of weapons. But there is pretty much nothing
new. Most of the weapons are completely the same. Except for recon class. That one has been completely re-made. But, there is a huge twist! In this game, you unlock weapon items (silencers, flash lights...) from battle chests! Yes, it all depends on luck! You get one chest every two ranks (once you reach rank 50 you get chest every rank) and inside of it you can get items even for weapons that you do not own. You can also get other portraits, some emblem signs and skins for either character or weapons.

Luckily they did think through the skin system. There are so many skins that it would be a pain to gather every single skin for every weapon and vehicle. Luckily they made it so once you unlock one skin, it's available everywhere. Very interesting future is emblem system. Not only that your weapons and vehicles stand out due to your skin, they also stand out due to your emblem! Your emblem shows one each item you use. Which is, in my opinion, very interesting! And that makes me quite glad because that way I can show off my clan's (Division Gaming) logo!

You unlock different weapons, boosts for your class and different skills for your vehicle by using them. The more you use something, the more you rank it up. Of course, sometimes it knows to last way too long time to level something up, so it feels as if it lasted forever. Luckily, the game has that covered too! In the battle chests there's a chance to grab an experience booster, which actually helps a lot!

Graphic and Audio
Graphic of this game is so beautiful that it requires you a top end PC to run it smoothly on maximal
settings. Now, most of the people have those PC's but I do not. Not just yet. For now I've got only 4 Gb Ram, so I had a small graphical issue. So I was playing the game on low graphic, and I can say that it still looks amazing! Almost as amazing as Battlefield three on maximum details! Audio on the other hand is a huge let down. On most of the maps the vehicle sounds don't even work, sometimes weapons don't make any sounds, there is no background music...

Pros, cons and final grade.
- 5 member groups in stead of 4.
- Emblem can be very unique and can really make you stand out in the crowd.
- Many skins and things to unlock.
- Beautiful maps with tones of beautiful destruction.

- The game has so many errors that it feels as if it were still in alpha testing.
- They already announced way too many useless DLC's which should be free..
- Premium futures.
- You get items with luck, using Battlepacks, in stead of skill.
- No vehicle sounds on some maps.
- WAY too many bugs..

Final grade: 6/10...

Extra Info: I am a very big Battlefield fan... And I can really see that this game has tones of potential.. But they HAVE to fix these bugs. This game is so buggy that I do not recommend anyone to buy it. Save your money, buy it when it costs 10-20€. Or wait until they fix the bugs. If the bugs weren't present in this game, I would definitely give the game 8.5/10

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