Sunday, September 1, 2013

Game Review: Battlefield 3

Ladies and gentlemen, I am back! For my first review I wanted to review Kerbal Space Program, but that game is so complicated that I will need to do it next week, hehe. So instead, this week I'm bringing you: Battlefield 3!

A bit about the game and developers.
Battlefield has been made by Dice, and published by EA games. Both Dice and EA games are quite familiar with their Battlefield series and The Sims series. Let's not forget Sim City, hehe.

About Gameplay. 
As it was expected, Battlefield 3 is a very fun, fast paced First Person Shooter game. The game is awesome for the most of it, but on the other side... Okay, let's start out with the problems since there aren't that many of them. To start off, Co-Op is almost un-playable. There has been an error with the game that once you enter into Co-Op, if you leave you get bugged out. The bug is that the Battlelog (I'll talk about it later) keeps saying that you and your partner are in co-op with each other, and therefore you can't join any other Co-Op game. So you have to wait whole day for this to disappear so you could play another round of Co-Op the next day. That wouldn't be so big of a fuss if it was a new problem.. Sadly, this problem has been here for months already, and Dice nor EA ain't doing anything about it. And to make it worse, in 80% of cases the Co-Op won't even start properly. It sometimes crashes on start, and in the other times it is stuck on infinite Loading screen. Now, the Battlelog. Battlelog itself is not a problem, but waiting for it to start your game is very annoying. It's very fast with Co-Op start up and Multiplayer, but single player campaign is starting up so slowly that you lose whole interest into game by the time it launches.

And now the good parts... Battlefield 3 is extremely fun! Of course, as any other well made First Person Shooter game that involves some-or-a-lot of tactical approach, this game needs friends that you could play with. Without friends / clan members, this game is just boring to play multiplayer, and is very un-enjoyable. Battlefield 3 has a lot of different game modes, but the most fun three ( in my opinion, of course! ) are Rush, Team Deathmach and Conquest Large. My personal favorite of them all is Conquest, due to it's awesome large maps which allow your team and you to take various different tactical approaches to win over your enemy. Conquest also allows both sides ( US and RU ) to use jets, helicopters, tanks and other mobile units that will allow them to win. I don't know why, but a team-mate and I decided to try out the Jets once, and once you really get to understand them, they are very fun and quite easy to fly. I've spent quite a bit of my play time up in the air, supporting my troops with some rockets, or taking down enemy jets that were pinning down my friends. It's extremely fun and very fast paced!

Team Deathmach is extremely fast paced too, and only the team with good co-ordination will be able to win very easily. Our tactic is usually - everyone pick the assault class! Assault class allows you to heal your squad members, and once you level it up, it allows you to revive your fallen friends. That's awesome because if you manage to revive your fallen ally, the death will not count so the enemy team will not get one kill point. Only bad thing about this tactic is that you will either run out of bullets after a while ( No support = no bullets ), or the other people from your team don't know that you will revive them, so they respawn and enemy gets the kill point.

Rush is also fast paced mode in which one side has to attack the opposite side's "base", while the other side has to hold onto it for about 225 kills. In case they fail, they will be forced to retreat further into their base, and they will need to kill 225 more enemy soldiers to win. This mode is quite hard for the attackers, and only way to win is great teamwork.

Battlefield 3 allows 4 classes. Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon. Assault heals others and revives fallen allies as i said earlier, Engineer has a rocket launcher with which he can shoot down enemy tanks, helicopters, jets, and he can fix your friendly vehicles. Support's role is to run with their allies and give them ammo bags so they would never be empty handed, as well as set up mines for tanks, or claymores for other enemy units. And finally, Recon is the class that has to go with the more "stealthy" way. His specialty is to deploy a spawn beacon, which he can put in the back of the enemy lines which then allows his team mates to spawn directly behind the enemy.  Each weapon in Battlefield 3 has an "attachment" area in which the person can put tactical lights, or lasers to blind their enemy, silencers to hide them from the minimap, and handgrip to make the gun more steady. Of course, there are other attachments that you can put in stead, but these are the more used ones.

Graphic and Audio
Visual effect of this game are AMAZING. The sun shine bothers you ingame, the rifle doesn't have a "spark" on every bullet, just as it doesn't in real life, and there's tones of dust that appears after every explosion. Usually people are very annoyed by this, but this dust is here in real life too. Dice is trying to make this game as realistic in look as possible. The dirt on your protection glasses is extremely well made as well. I was insanely stunned when I was playing the game. But on the other hand... Game's main theme song is awesome, and I love the re-make of it. But in multilayer there is no audio in the background so it gets quite "lonely". Therefore, my team mates and I always need to have a music bot in Team Speak with us that will give us some good background music.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Amazing realistic graphic.
- The game forces you to use team work to win over your enemy.
- Maps are very well put together.
- A lot of different game modes.

- Barely working Co-Op.
- Not so awesome campaign.
- Lack of background music.
- Premium and DLC's are a money steal...

Final grade: 8/10

Extra info: This game is extremely fun, but hey it's just a normal FPS. It's not worth 100 € to enjoy it fully. If the game was 30€ with all DLC's in it, it would be good price, but anything above that is just too much over the top. If you can get this game within 30€ reach, and if you have friends to play with, i definitely recommend this game!

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  1. Nice review :) I love that game, but no time to play =\
    are you planning on buying BF4 ? :P

    1. Definitely! But once it becomes cheaper :D