Friday, January 11, 2013

Game Review: Forge

Hello my dear fans! I'm back from Czech Republic and I'm here to review Forge!

A bit about the game and developers.
Forge has been developed and published by a studio called Dark Vale games. For some reason I'm very sure that I've rode somewhere that they developed more games, but I can't seem to find that, and therefore I have no idea if they developed more games than just Forge.
Forge is a PvP oriented game in which you pick your champion and fight other players. It reminds me of Smite, but this game is more unique.

About Gameplay. 
Forge is a game in which you chose your champion and you battle other players. I'd say its something like SMITE because of it's third person camera, skills and so on and on, but in my opinion this game is better. You can jump from wall to wall like you're some kind of ninja, you can run over walls, run around and ambush your enemies!
The maps are rather huge, therefore, your options are huge too. There are three types of games for now, but more will come later. For now there are only Capture the Relic, Arena and Team Deathmatch  game types.
In Team Deathmatch your objective is to kill 40 enemies within 15 minutes. I have never played Capture the Relic due to lack of players, but as much as I've seen from running around maps (all by myself :P ) I'm guessing that it's just a normal capture the flag game. It seems fun, I wish i had the chance to play it!
I also never managed to play Arena either. Name of this game mode makes me think that this is 1v1 arena or something, but seeing that 16 people can join on each side made me very confused. Therefore, I really can't tell you much from this game mode.

As i said, there are various champions in this game. There is an Assassin, Pathfinder, Pyromancer, Shaman and Warden. Each of this heroes has his own bonuses and drawbacks.
Assassin is class which can go into darkness and ambush enemies, as well as drag one person with him to the "ghost arena" in which no one is except those two. That's a great bonus to Assassin since good assassin is deadly on 1v1!
Pathfinder is a ranger, who uses various traps and various arrows to stun / poison / slow down enemies. I mostly played this character because it seems the most fun to play. Though, it's kind of hard to aim at moving targets hehe.
Pyromancer is, in my opinion, overpowered class. You expect that Mage should have powerful
attack but should lack defence. Well not in this game. Every hero is kind of weak in this game, and therefore Mage is freakin hard to kill. He deals massive damage and if you get closer, he pushes you away. VERY far away.
Shaman is a healer class. If played well, he's great. If played by a noob such as myself, it's useless and terrible class.
Warden is the tank class. Her (its a woman. With boobies and everything.) hp is huge, and so is her defense, but her attacks are in my opinion useless. Her charge is great if you time it well, but she is very weak.
This game is very new and it requires a lot of fixes and boosts which, I am sure, will come with the next new patches!

The more you play, the more experience you gain to use them on any champion you want. That's how you level him up. The higher level your champion is, the more damage you do, the faster you are and more health you get. Also, very often I've heard that this game has customization. And that is true, but it is not look customization. It's customization of your speed, hp and so on and on. You upgrade it as you advance. I am pretty sure they might add some look customization as well.

Maps are very huge but there's only three of them that I've seen so far. As i said earlier, you can jump from wall to wall to get a higher altitude. You can run all over rooftops. Now, main drawback to this game is.. There are no players. I've put only 2 hours into the game because I could never find any server. And when ever i find a server, It's always with the same people.

Graphic and Audio
Now a thing that surprised me a lot. First of all, I wanna start by saying that i thought this game will not have any songs except in menu or what ever. I was wrong. There is a quiet background song that plays non-stop in game, and I love it. It doesn't annoy you, in stead it makes you calm but still fired up. It's very nice.
Graphic is stunning. I was also playing a bit with it, and the graphic is beautiful in both medium and high, so don't worry about that! The only bad thing is that it lacks resolutions. It's very limited. I don't have the one i need (1680x1050)... If you're curious if the game supports your window size, write bellow and I'll let you know!

 Pros, cons and final grade.


- Beautiful graphic and audio.
- Ability to jump from wall to wall.
- Large maps on which you play.
- All champions have their own unique abilities
- Unique leveling system.

- Lack of players.
- Lack of resolutions.

Overall grade: 7/10

Extra info: You can buy this awesome game by pressing THIS link. Come on, show some love to this new developers! They are very friendly. And as i said, this game is extremely fun to play! I just wish i had more people to play it with.


Thanks to our great Dark Vale studios, I got three copies of Forge to give away! All those from group go here: Forge giveaways
Thank you a lot Dark Vale!


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