Saturday, January 12, 2013

Blog experiments

Heya readers!

As you may have seen I've changed my background and some other stuff about my blogs look. That will keep happening from today and will change for few days. I want it to get a new, fresh, "cyber" look. But since I am no artist, i can't make it myself. I always loved honeycombs and therefore I would love to have a "cyber" looking honeycomb as a background, but I can't just steal someone's artwork. So yea, I'm sorry if the blog changes it's look few times a day, but I'd like to experiment until it looks.... "Pro", if you know what I mean!

Thank you all for bearing with me!


  1. Well this is...interesting. Wouldn't say it's pro though lol.

  2. o.O, i like this one better.
    yeah... there isn't much things i dislike.

  3. i will draw u something once i am more free :)

  4. a great background

  5. This is some really good stuff. BTW, I just recently bought a
    cabinet and the joysticks and screens are great. People should go and see it