Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Real life update

Hello everybody!

I didn't write real life updates for quite a while O_O
Alright, so i have been reading a lot of your comments and I was thinking of them non-stop and thing that i wanna say.. Is that i do want to write more then one review a week, but i can't.
Out of few reasons.
First, I'm in my last year of high school, so I am very busy with preparing for prom.
Second, a lot of game developers / publishers do not respond to my email or they take a while to reply, so I usually don't have enough permissions to review games so fast.
And third, i recently got a copy of RIFT so  i was very busy playing that :P Now I got my hands on WoW so i'm very busy playing that as well! XD

Other thing i wanted to say is that i WILL start making videos, but not too soon. My clan is starting to fall apart very, very slowly and only because of real life and inactivity. Syphio left because he truly is busy (he's a leader of a new indie game developing group) while Merkava left cause of his personal problems which i will not talk about. Though, i will state that he had NO right to leave because of this and that I'm VERY angry at him. And honestly, I'm glad that he deleted me off his friend list cause I'd be very mean to him -.-
So yea, because of that I won't be able to make a Payday: The Heist video.

And final thing..
I'm gonna spend Christmas with June! I bought a ticket a month ago already. I'll be traveling to her 23rd of December and I'll stay there for 2 weeks. That means that there will probably be no reviews. Or there might be one, but it won't have any pictures.  I could, though, write a real life update every now and then to let you all know how is it going. How is it to go from city Xmas life to village Xmas life. How is ti to stare at the dog who wants to tear you apart, how is it to walk behind horses who can run over you when ever they feel like it, and how is it to wake up in the morning, bed heating because of June :3
There are a lot of things i can talk about on Xmas, but there are no many games i can review then. Just because i won't have time. June and I promised that we won't use pc.

Anyway, that's it for now!
The new game review will be up on friday! I'll be reviewing Chivalry: Medieval Warfare for those who are curious about it. And after that I'll probably do a re-review of Guns of Icarus Online now when it's fully out. Alright, thank you all for reading and I hope that you will all have a good day :)
Or night if you're from Europe as i am.

Have a great day!


  1. Have a nice time Wolfie...

    PS: Merk is dickhead.. but he is awesome as well..

  2. I know the same feeling. Have a nice holiday!