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Game Review: Chivalry: Medival Warfare

Hello everybody!
Today I'll be reviewing Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

A bit about the game and developers.
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a game made by indie game developing company called Torn Banner. They are pretty unknown.. Or at least they were until they made Chivalry!
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a first person slash-em-up game. You literally take any weapon you can ( greatsword, sword, dagger, bow and arrow, crosbow...) and just kill your enemy!

About Gameplay. 
As said above, Chivalry is a medieval slash-em-up game. On the beginning of each game you have to choose a side, either for the good guys who are also called Agatha Knights or the bad guys who are also called Mason Order. After that you are asked about what class would you want to be. Each class has its own weapons. All weapons have advantages and disadvantages.

Greatsword can kill you in three hits (or one if you aim at the neck / head ), but It's very slow and your enemy can block it. On the other hand, short swords are very swift but they take a lot of hits to kill somebody. Polearm is great at distance, but up close is almost useless. Bow and arrow or crosbow are very powerful and awesome, but extremely hard to use. You need to count how long does your arrow take to fly to your opponent, and then you need to count how high do you have to aim and so on and on. It's extremely hard.

There are several game modes in this game. I saw only three though, since people favor them the most. I saw siege, team death match and just death match. I never saw a siege, no matter how many times i've played it. I do, though, know that you use battle rams to brake the doors while enemy throws boiling oil on you from the above. Very awesome indeed! Since i was too slow, i never saw battleram in action.. But i do know that you have to run back and forth while using it! Team Death match is just as the name says, team death match. Blue vs the red. And death match is where every man is for himself (or herself). Your only mission is to kill everyone. In my opinion, this is great for training.

You can block every attack in this game, by holding right mouse button in last second, and looking at your opponent's tip of the sword. It's hard at first, but once you understand it, it's a piece of cake. Each weapon has three kinds of attack. Left mouse button (slash) mouse button up (thrust) and mouse button down (chop). Slashing is great when you are going against more then just one player, but be careful not to hit their shields or walls or trees. Chop and Thrust are mainly good if you are in a team fight and you don't want to harm your friends. Also, do note that team killing is allowed in this game. Once you hit your friend, he get's 100% of the damage, so be very careful!

You can unlock new weapons by playing one class and one weapon for a big number of kills. And don't worry, kills are stacked, and even if you choose different class and weapon, you will still continue from the same number of kills needed where you left off. You can also unlock different helmet styles but I don't know how. I've never even seen anyone with different helmet style than the normal one.

Graphic and Audio
Graphic in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is just stunning. Rain is awesome, grass is wonderful, buildings, all the details on character's armors, pieces of bones sticking out of neck and head after chopping, blood all over the floor and walls when you kill someone. It's just so stunning and great!
Audio, on the other hand is kind of a let down. Through all of my games, i've only heard maybe one song. And that was a very quiet song. Though, sounds of a person chocking in their own blood till death, or people who went "dumb" after getting hit with a warhammer in the head... Those sounds are awesome. Very, very awesome and stunning indeed.

Not much spoilers though. In this game there are two sides, Aghata Knights and Mason Order. Mason Order are people who don't like to listen to the king+s wishes and so on and on, and thus they are in the war with Aghata Knights. Very usual and normal Medieval story.

Pros, cons and final grade.
- Cheap, yet awesome!
- Beautiful, stunning graphic.
- A lot of players
- Sounds that remind you how cruel the reality was.
- Team killing.
- People who work together have more chance to win then some random people.

- No horses nor any kind of mounts.
- Way too much blood for someone who is under 16.
-  Not enough songs.
- No costumisation.

Final grade: 7/10

Extra info: First of all, i want to say that I'm VERY sorry, to Torn Banner, because they have been waiting for a review from me for almost two months. I was very busy at fist, then i had a death case, so i got even more busy.. So I'm very late. I'm very sorry Torn Banner studios. Except that, people, this game is awesome! If you wanted to buy War of the Roses but you couldn't because its way too over your budget, then this is the right game for you! I recommend it with all of my heart. You will definitely see me playing it more often!


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